Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 1


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Day 1 begins, who is leading and who is falling behind?

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Loki's Bachelor Challenge: Day 1

  1. 1. “He’s cute, he’s shy, he knows every digit of Pi, and can really boogie when he wants to…” Loki: Let’s not make a spectacle of me Voice, this is embarrassing enough as is. *record scratch* Aww… *hangs head*
  2. 2. Loki: I just want to go home. Well, about that you see…you’re not going home…exactly. Loki: WHAT??!! Trust me.
  3. 3. Gabriel: Great…just what I DIDN’T want to do. Loki: So…you’re the Voice? Gabriel: No dumbass, I have to obey the Voice. She uses me, irritates me, pushes me around and GIVES ME NOTHING IN RETURN!! Now, now Gabe. Be nice. Or no hot spare for you, I’ll give them all to Thai.
  4. 4. Loki: So I have to live with you? Gabriel: Hell no. I’d kill you after the first hour for being too damn perky. Ask Mean Green, your grandfather. Loki: Oh, so you’re Elf Freak, so nice to meet you. Gabriel: Call me that again and I really WILL kill you, to hell with what Ani-Mei says.
  5. 5. Loki: So why am I here? Gabriel: Look, Mutant Ani-Mei has it in her head that you need a true lover, not some sorority bus that EVERYONE rides, so she scoured the Internet and found you seven chicks whose sole purpose here is to win your heart. It’s called a Bachelor Challenge and you’re the prize.
  6. 6. Loki: My what now? Gabriel: Bachelor Challenge!! Are you deaf too? Loki: I heard you, I just can’t believe she did that. I said I didn’t want to be such a bother to her…I mean… I’m a spare, not the heir.
  7. 7. Gabriel: Urge to kill rising…look, I don’t care about your whiny little pity party I want you outta my mansion right now, but since I LOST to that feathered freak I have to tell you about it… Loki: Tell me what? Gabriel: You have seven days to find a girl, I’ll email you what you gotta do every day and how to eliminate the losers got it?
  8. 8. Loki: Eliminate the losers? Oh I couldn’t do that, it’s mean. Those girls have feelings and I don’t want to hurt them. Gabriel: Oh dear gods…you really are a freak. You have to eliminate six of them, those are the rules. They’ll understand, they know the rules. Loki: But… Gabriel: No buts, rules are rules.
  9. 9. Loki: Oh. I see. So where are they? Do I get to meet them? Gabriel: Not here, thank the gods. I don’t like people in my space, and six women crying over you is NOT MY IDEA of solitude. The Feathered Freak will tell you more, this is the address of the bachelor mansion. Now get out. Go. Loki: Well thank you for filling me in. Gabriel: Shut up. Out. Now.
  10. 10. Loki: So you must be the Feathered Freak, it’s so nice to meet you. I’m Loki. Cupid: It’s Cupid, not Feathered Freak. Didn’t Gabby tell you that? Loki: Gabby? Oh, no his name was Gabriel. Cupid: Oy vey…really? Loki: Something wrong?
  11. 11. Cupid: So he gave you the rules then? Loki: Seven women, seven days, I have to eliminate six of them. Cupid: And? Loki: There was an and?
  12. 12. Cupid: You have to marry the winner. Loki: M-marry? But how can I marry someone I’ve only known seven days? Cupid: Love knows no time constraints. Trust me, I am the God of Love. I’ve made two very successful marriages work!! Loki: Only two? That sounds like a pretty poor record for someone claiming to be the God of Love.
  13. 13. Cupid: I can’t believe I was just stealth burned…by a Jedi. Hera give me strength. Loki: I’m sorry? Cupid: Look, I’ve matched up a much meaner legacy brat than you. Loki: I’m a spare. Cupid: Doesn’t matter, I know my job. And you will find your true love.
  14. 14. Cupid: Point is, Ani-Mei wanted me to help you out and since I adore her, I agreed. She likes you and only wants you to be happy. Loki: Yes, Voice did say that. Cupid: You are the Nicest guy I’ve helped so I want to make this three for three, don’t let me down. Don’t let the old phrase Nice guys finish last, apply to you k darling? Loki: Umm, sure…
  15. 15. Loki: Are you staying when they arrive? Cupid: No I have to go, the girls will be here soon. Just watch out for a guy in a red pirate coat…he’s…sneaky. Loki: Pirate coat? Cupid: Yes, he goes by the weird moniker The Thai. He lives across the street in that black thing called the Simself Club.
  16. 16. Loki: Right. Got it. Watch out for the red pirate coated Simself called The Thai across the street. Anything else? Cupid: Be yourself, the ladies are all here for you remember that. And don’t feel bad if they get eliminated, they know the rules and are willing to try anyway. Here’s there bio cards so you know who’s who. And most of all, have fun. This is for you k darling? Loki: Alright, and stop calling me darling, it’s creepy. Cupid: Sorry, force of habit. Good luck or rather May the Force Be With You.
  17. 17. Loki: Okay, bio card, bio card…ah here we go. Name: Camilla Cooke Homeverse: Miri’s Unpublished Prosperity Challenge Background: Is a zombie/alien in her homeverse due to her father Julien Cooke’s misunderstanding of how to resurrect her after she drowned. Pros and Cons: Is also a Star Baby like the Bachelor, common ground there. Cons, if she wins she will be zombied as per her story goes. So child bearing will fall to the Bachelor.
  18. 18. Name: Ivysaur Pokemon Homeverse: Pony’s The NEW Pokemon Legacy Background: Second of six children born in generation 2, has an older sister Bulbasaur and four other siblings named Venusaur, Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard. Pros and Cons: Has grown up in a large family, is a spare, has Simself blood, and cons, is on the messy side.
  19. 19. Name: Cube Stone Homeverse: Superfr0g’s A Towering Legacy Background: Second of three kids, spare, father is an alien Townie, recessives Pros and Cons: Clone of her older sister Jazz (heiress), legacy spare, but still cute. Cons a little on the lazy side, Bachelor is full Active.
  20. 20. Name: Aphrodite Wrongway Homeverse: Superfr0g’s Wrongway Legacy Background: Twin sister of Lee, daughter of legacy villains Ralph and Ariel, she has been in a Bachelor Challenge before coming in second for Virgil Reed. Pros and Cons: A real contender, usually does well, Cupid knows her. Cons, may be tough to beat given her success record.
  21. 21. Name: Ellesmere (Ella) White Homeverse: Keika’s The White Legacy Background: Sixth generation heiress, alien twin, Star Baby like the Bachelor, twin brother is married to the Voice’s avatar in Duality A. Pros and Cons: A Star Baby like the Bachelor, has the twin gene, common ground Cons on the Sloppy side, Bachelor is full Neat (may be contention).
  22. 22. Name: Maddie Wrongway Homeverse: Superfr0g’s Wrongway Legacy Background: Fifth generation heiress, oldest of three kids, loves to explore the world. Pros and Cons: Heiress so she knows responsibility and familial obligations, independent, strong-willed. Cons, has a wandering soul and does not like to settle her issues, she would rather run away.
  23. 23. Name: Aria Chun Homeverse: Miri’s Miri Tries a Legacy Background: Cured pod baby, spawned to keep her father out of Aspiration failure. Aria still sticks to her Pod Baby roots with wearing green and leaf motif clothing. Pros and Cons: Shares common supernatural origins with the Bachelor, uniquely pretty looks. Cons, could want to revert to her Pod Baby roots.
  24. 24. Seems we have visitors…looks like the Simselves had to stop by to check on them…if you’re here then… Keika: Of course I’m here, I have to see my girl Ella to the end right? If she gets that far. Keika: Oh she will, Ella gets what Ella wants…count on it.
  25. 25. You too? Here to rig the challenge in favour of Ivy? Pony: Would I do that? Come now, you know me better than that… Uh huh…no simself cheaty powers from you or Keika k? Pony: I make no promises.
  26. 26. Oh no… Thai: The Thai sees ladies here, the Thai hasn’t had any lovin in forever. And no Dark Kiara shirt for the Thai either…cruel the Thai says, cruel. Well the Thai is not going to steal any of Loki’s girls okay? Thai: The Thai makes no promises. Who can resist the Thai in a pirate coat? Everyone. So say I Empress Ani-Mei.
  27. 27. Keika: So…here to help out Ella? Thai: The Thai would love to “help out” but Ani-Mei won’t let the Thai near them. Keika: Oh, well we could… I CAN hear you two you know!
  28. 28. Pony: It’s so nice to meet you Loki, we love you over at the Simself Club. Loki: Really? How nice of you, but you’re wearing a shirt with my grandmother on it, if you were a fan, why isn’t my face on it? Pony: Oh we love your grandmother too, she helped bring you here. Loki: Oh I see. That makes sense.
  29. 29. Pony, what are you doing to my bachelor? *is suspicious* Pony: Just talking. *eyelash flutter* Uh huh, do I need to sic Tybold on you? Pony: No, but Loki maybe. *grins* No interfering with the challenge!!
  30. 30. Maddie: So you’re from my homeverse too? Can I travel to see your home? Cube: Umm, I don’t know…I just met you. Maddie: I love to see new places and everything. Don’t you? Cube: This place is new. Maddie: That’s true. Aria: Hey…I’m from a different place too…
  31. 31. Angree Black Wolf: My blond chew toy!! *grrr* Aria: Wha? What? You talk? Angree Black Wolf: Podling!!! Grrr, leave my chew toy alone!! Aria: Is it too late to go home?
  32. 32. Well, this is interesting… Ivy: She has a plant name, like me. But you’re named after a Pokemon… Ivy: Plant. Name. Camilla: Don’t know why I’m accepting this hug…I barely know her.
  33. 33. Cube: So I’ve never seen or met my Creator, but you say she’s here? Keika: Oh yeah, we left her tied up in the Simself Club. She has a three to one advantage over me and Pony…can’t let her mess up my plans for Ella. Cube: What? You tied her up? Keika: It was Thai, he did it. He wanted to come here instead of Sam. Thai: The Thai has no comment on that accusation.
  34. 34. I see Pony finally let you go huh Loki? Loki: Who is that dazzling ebony beauty? Why not go talk to her and find out? Loki: Oh, I wouldn’t want to interrupt. 10. Nice. Points… >_<
  35. 35. Aria: I love cloud watching it’s so soothing. Loki: Oh really? Me too! Trying to find shapes in them, much more fun with another. Aria: I know right? That’s the best part.
  36. 36. And the others? Ignoring Loki for each other. Aphrodite: It’s kinda hard to talk to Ella with you sitting right in the middle… Camilla: Yeah? And? Aphrodite: And, it’s kinda rude. Camilla: And you’re in the middle of me trying to talk to Ivy, so we’re squared.
  37. 37. Ivy: Well that was rude, interrupting my passive aggressive cattiness back there. Loki: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, are you mad at me now? Ivy: What? No defensive reply? Loki: 10 nice points, sorry.
  38. 38. Ivy: Sorry about that back there, I must be hungry. Didn’t mean to snap. Loki: It’s alright, I should set out the buffet table anyway. Gabriel told me I had to. Ivy: Gabriel? Loki: The local simself here.
  39. 39. Loki: I guess it wasn’t just Ivy who was hungry. Ohh looks like we have some serious progress on Day 1…that’s new. Loki: I think this is great, getting to know you girls. Ella: I hope I don’t get a sunburn…it would not look good on my skin tone.
  40. 40. Maddie: What did I miss? Aphrodite: Nothing much. Cube: Mmm, Jell-O. Sam, your girls are serious contenders… 0_0
  41. 41. And here is a good place to end Day 1. No stats because Ani-Mei was playing at 1 am and didn’t think to write them down. >_< But it looks like Sam’s girls are setting the bar high with being close to Loki. Things are bound to be interesting in the next few days… See you soon!!