Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 5


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Candle Lights & Virgil: Day 5

  1. 1. Day 5 begins as usual with breakfast and the Final Four. But by noon, there will be three, who will they be?
  2. 2. And Polly learns the hard way, do not challenge Virgil to a punching game. Polly: OWW!! Hey!! Virgil: You brought it on yourself. I always win.
  3. 3. He makes it up to her with some gossip about his great-uncle Xenon.Virgil: Hey did I ever tell you that my great-uncle Xenon has wings like mine, only they’re white. Course we all know black is way more cool. Polly: Oh totally, it’s so much more bad-ass than white. Virgil: Yeah I know right? I’m totally bad-ass.
  4. 4. And then on to some red hands with Miranda. She was waiting patiently for her turn. It’s one game he can’t cheat at. Miranda: You can’t really cheat at this, but knowing you, you’ll find a way to. Virgil: I’m resourceful baby, what can I say?
  5. 5. Virgil: So whatcha think? Could I be an awesome rock star or what? Miranda: You really could… Virgil: I can so do rock and roll, I got the look and everything.Miranda: Uh huh. You sure do. Those wings and the black totally rock.
  6. 6. However, noon came and one had to leave. Today it was Isabella, expect the unexpected right? She was the early favourite having the highest Day 1 score ofeveryone and lasting this long. But sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be socializing with your competitors or missing most the crucial early morning breakfast time…
  7. 7. The other girls were already downstairs by 6 am and Isabella…was here.  Scores will be at the end today this time.
  8. 8. Isabella: I do hope my Lord finds his princess, it was not meant to be meunfortunately. But the adventure was more than worth it, I got to do things and meet people I would never have dreamed existed in my Veronaville. I am saddened that I lost but that does not mean I am going to be forgotten.
  9. 9. Virgil: At least you got to enjoy the ride. Call me?Isabella: I shall maintain relations, but only as a friend. I am sure you understand. Virgil: Of course, see you around. Isabella: Farewell my Lord.
  10. 10. Cupid: And I thought you would for sure make it to Day 6, you were the early favourite.Isabella: Aye, tis true. But my Lord’s heart was not meant for me to care for. I shall miss him. Cupid: You get the same choice though: stay playable or become a Townie. Isabella: I am not sure at present, perhaps once I mull it over.
  11. 11. Cupid: If you want, we can find you some more modern clothes…Isabella: What is so wrong with my dress? You sir are wearing a toga, that does not leave much to the imagination. Cupid: Ah, touché. Isabella: Indeed.
  12. 12. Isabella: But perhaps…you are right. I should invest in some proper attire for this climate and place. Cupid: I didn’t want to upset you, honestly. Isabella: I know. I do not hold a grudge. Cupid: Good to know.
  13. 13. Cupid: Well, it’s dark out now and you probably want to get settled in. I won’t keep you any longer. Isabella: I thank you my Lord. It is starting to chill a bit.
  14. 14. And time warps, I loves them. Now we see the rest of Day 5 with the Top Three; Polly, Aphrodite, and Miranda.
  15. 15. Virgil: So you three lasted the longest, things will get tougher for me from now on Ican bet. I suppose it’s time to tell you about what you’ll be facing if you end up with me. Our family has its own enemy; a demon named Xylen. He’s been trying to kill off my family line for seven generations now and he nearly did when I was incollege. He sent me and four of my cousins into the Den of the Lotus Eaters; which was meant to make me forget everything I was chosen to uphold, he failedobviously thanks to one girl who told me the truth. So what I’m saying is that when you leave here with me, odds are that you’ll be facing off against one of Xylen’s minions, he will try to stop me from carrying on the legacy…
  16. 16. Miranda: Wow…I had no idea.Virgil: Yeah, that’s what you’ll be facing if you end up with me. I hope that doesn’t change any of your minds about staying in this. We can’t let him win, not when we’re so close to the end. Miranda: If we do quit then he wins anyway right? So I’m sticking it out.
  17. 17. Aphrodite: I know what it’s like to be part of a legacy where someone or something is trying to kill you…my father happened to be that one thing that was trying to killit. I never followed his path, I spent some time with the other side, the one trying to fight back. I’m not going to quit. Polly: Well neither am I; I’m no quitter. I’ll stick this out to the bitter end.
  18. 18. Virgil: It does mean a lot to me that you three are willing to stick it out. I will be honest; I hated Cupid for throwing me into this thing, I felt like he was mockingmy ability to find someone on my own. But…after five days, I now think he mighthave been onto something with this. At least you understand what it’s like to be in a familial quest, all of you do. A Townie or Dormie wouldn’t get it. Miranda: We’ll stay here with you.
  19. 19. There was one more thing to do before the day was out; Virgil got out of the hot tub and got dressed, he had to kiss each of them today. Virgil: Damn…I hate frizz…
  20. 20. Aphrodite: I was waiting for this moment. Virgil: Really now? I would never have guessed.Aphrodite: *squee* Oh dear, did I squee? I squeed didn’t I? Virgil: Yes. Yes you did. It’s okay though…
  21. 21. Virgil: If I weren’t a manly man I’d be doing that too. And we have our first Crushes.
  22. 22. Because we needed to get to this point here. Way to go. 
  23. 23. Yes, they’re triple-bolters. Synchronized heart-farting FTW.
  24. 24. Miranda: Ooh, such a charmer. Virgil: I try. Miranda: You do; well.
  25. 25. Crushing take 2. And surprisingly, they are triple-bolters too…I sense an issue on Day 7…
  26. 26. Miranda: Well, not quite what I wanted for a First Kiss memory, but I’ll take it!! Virgil: That was your First Kiss? Miranda: Yep, in this world of course. Virgil: Funny, my First Kiss was with a red head too…
  27. 27. Virgil: Worth the wait? Polly: Of course.Virgil: That’s good to know. Polly: I don’t mind.
  28. 28. Hmm…crushing take 3. These two are only two-bolters, mainly due to aspiration.Popularity and Family are okay together, but not phenomenal like with Knowledge or another Family. Miranda and Aphrodite are both Knowledge.
  29. 29. Not that she minds of course, she still adores him. 
  30. 30. Virgil: I think this challenge just got three times harder…Polly: I don’t know how you’ll choose. Of course I root for myself, but you know…it’s really about who you want the most. Virgil: I know, that’s the problem; I don’t know who I want. Polly: You have two more days to decide. Things will work out. Virgil: Let’s hope so.
  31. 31. And so ends Day 5, Virgil has a tough choice now, who does he want the most? Let’s see how everyone did: 1. Aphrodite: 135 Crush, Tripler-bolter  Bout time. 2. Miranda: 135 Crush, Triple-bolter ZOMG!! We has a tie!! 3. Polly: 134 Crush, Two-bolter Oh…so close… 4. Isabella: 75  Major ouch there…missing the hot tub dates and sleeping in too long really hurt her chances.Days 6 & 7 will be posted together since I slacked on the Day 6 picture taking and went overboard on the Day 7 ones so look for it soon!!