Altered Fates An AU Legacy: Chapter 3


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More of the Kiaras, because you know you love them.

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Altered Fates An AU Legacy: Chapter 3

  1. 1. Welcome back, I did some playing and took some pics and thought it was about time to make a chapter. Once again we head back to Duality A and B to see what the Kiaras are up to this time…
  2. 2. As promised kid pics of Kitian and Jewel Alpha. Hope you get a good look because this is all I have of them as kids. Yep, no pics mostly just play at least at this earlier point in the legacies…
  3. 3. Kiara: How come there aren’t any cute widdle matching pics of them in their private school uniforms? Because… Kiara: And who is this woman?
  4. 4. Random Townie Kid: YES!!! This is my ticket to get out of eternal childhood!! Kitian: YES!! This is my ticket out of the shortest childhood in history. Lee: YES!! I stuck with Politics since my dream job as a Cr—I mean a Culinary Mastermind hasn’t shown up yet…*cough* Kiara: *cheers obliviously*
  5. 5. Kitian: WOO!! New house and I got the cool LTW!! Jewel: You cheated!! I don’t know how but you did… Kitian Alpha K/PO Cancer 8/7/4/3/7 LTW: Be Criminal Mastermind (just like daddy *sniff*) Jewel Alpha R/FO Taurus 5/6/4/10/7 LTW: Have 20 Lovers (*yay*/ sarcasm)
  6. 6. Kitian: Since I won three times out of five, I get to decide who gets to be heir and who has to come back here and live with mom and dad. Jewel: You wouldn’t dare… Kitian: Oh dear twin of mine, would I do that to you? Of course not. I’ll take the heirship and keep all the family money. Jewel: *Fortune half wails in agony* Kitian: Hehehe.
  7. 7. Jewel: YOU BASTARD!! I WANT THE HEIRSHIP TITLE!! Kitian: No way sister. You get to live forever in unplayed limbo; that means no money, no lovin’ just nothing… Jewel: *screams* *sounds of crashing and breaking windows* Kiara: Aww the kids are playing honey…how cute. Lee: Hmm, well as long as they don’t break anything expensive.
  8. 8. Jewel: I’ll show him, I got me a Townie boy…mom says only Townies are allowed. You really want a clone of your father? Like BV boy Abjiheet Turner here? Jewel: *kissing sounds* I tried…you saw me. I did…
  9. 9. Kitian: So little sister thinks she can out do me huh? I’ll show her, I got me a Townie girl too. Umm, honey…Michelle is an NPC cashier, not allowed in this universe…and you’re twins, not--hello? Kitian: *more kissing noises* I tried…he’ll see.
  10. 10. Kiara: So… Lee: So… Kiara: Kids are at school… Lee: Yeah they are… Kiara: And we’re all alone here…
  11. 11. Kiara: House is quiet… Lee: It is…I have a day off today. Kiara: Oh yeah? Me too… Lee: Want to paint another Masterpiece? Cuz I do, I never lose the want to paint one. Kiara: Yeah…painting…that’s what I wanted to do today with the house to ourselves… Lee: Really? Cool, I love how we still know what the other is thinking! Kiara: Sure…yeah…
  12. 12. Kiara: Now, can I ricochet this pool ball just right so it’ll knock my stupid husband in the head…or should I just use the cue instead? Lee: Oh, so close I’m still going to win this game honey and you owe me $200. Kiara: *scratches table* Lee: Okay…$150 and that’s my lowest offer…I’ll take the $50 as a down payment for replacing the felt you scratched. Pool tables are expensive you know.
  13. 13. Kiara: Or out the window, yeah…maybe that would work… Lee: Honey? You know talking to yourself is a bad thing right? Kiara: Grr…too many Nice points…urge to kill dumb as a stump husband is fading… Lee: You okay?
  14. 14. Lee: OH!! OH MAN!! I GET IT NOW… Kiara: Took you long enough. Lee: Sorry honey… Kiara: I SUPPOSE I can forgive you… Let’s go see what Dark Kiara is up to hmm?
  15. 15. Tyrone and Tybold: Play with us Tommy… *shivers* Well here they are the evil, identical creepy eyes twins of Dark Kiara and Warlock Dougie…and that was a Shining reference by the way, a creepy 70’s Stephen King movie. Look it up.
  16. 16. And like the Alpha side, I just have those two pics of the Terror Twins as kids. They’re still creepy… Tyrone and Tybold: Come closer camera lady…we just want to play with you… *backs away further*
  17. 17. Tybold: Hey good lookin’ just back up about ten feet… Yeah right… Tybold Beta R/K Leo 6/10/5/5/0 LTW: Be Rock God
  18. 18. Tybold: Oh please, I wasn’t talking to you camera lady, I was talking to Blacky. She’s so cute running with a stick that’s bigger than her whole body. I wanted a cool shot of her tripping over the stick. Oh…I see. Well carry on then. Tybold: But—I’m free later if you are…know what I mean doll? Ewww….*coughjailbaitcough*
  19. 19. Oh you poor dear, you got your daddy’s nose on your mama’s face…that looks so odd.. Tybold: I call it character, my nose is perfect. Poor, poor deluded child…*tsktsk*
  20. 20. Hey Tyrone!! You know that’s not an NPC right? Tyrone: Oh god, not you again… What? Tyrone: Are you gonna make fun of my nose too?
  21. 21. No…but I’ll tell everyone your stats: Tyrone Beta PO/K Leo 5/10/4/5/2 LTW: Be General Oh dear…
  22. 22. Tybold however, gets it right. Amy Jones could work… Tybold: Oh hey doll…don’t mind her she’s just fodder…say, where do you live? Oh god…*jailbaitjailbait* Tybold: I got plenty of lovin’ to go around doll, don’t ya worry.
  23. 23. Hey would you look at this? It’s Duality B!! I have placed most of the Bin Sims in houses, as seen behind the trees. And I have two more to go, the Travellers and the Ottomas demon spawn…but there’s something else back there too…did you see? And no I don’t mean the glitching water and sand from the obviously messed up Desiderata template…I swear it always happens when I put lots on the road close to the water, I have no idea why.
  24. 24. “We’ve been spotted!! Abort telescopes!! Abort telescopes!!” Keika: Oh look!! Pony: What? Where? *moves telescope*
  25. 25. Pony: Hehe, that’s so wrong. Thai: Come ladies you know that binoculars are so much better for spying incognito… Keika: You know if we cut down those trees we’d have a better view. No tree cutting. And Kiara’s house is THE OTHER WAY just so you know…
  26. 26. Thai: Yep, way better. Again, Dark Kiara’s house IS THE OTHER WAY!! Man you’re lucky Ani-Mei doesn’t run this hood…she’s too nice. But don’t be spying on Gabriel, he hates that. Thai: Who wants to spy on a guy? Thai likes the ladies…and the less the ladies wear, the better Thai likes it… And weird third person speak is a REAL turn on too…*eyeroll*
  27. 27. Thai: Kiara is Romance, Thai is Romance…we’re made for each other…now where’s my Dark Kiara fan club shirt? Sam said she can’t find the male mesh for it, sorry. Thai: Drag. *Dark Kiara fan club shirts made by Sam, AKA SuperFrog*
  28. 28. Pony: Welcome Wagon is here!! Julien: Are you new around here? Pony: Yeah.. Julien: I like the shirt. Pony: Everyone likes the shirt…
  29. 29. Pony: So umm…you end up on the wrong end of a telescope or something? Julien: This? No, it’s a Social Bunny experiment…The Voice has a sick sense of humour and loves to torture me with Social Bunny babies… Pony: Why? Julien: Damned if I know. Mary: *stares creepily*
  30. 30. Cyd: I know it was you spying on me pirate freak!! Thai: Prove it. Cyd: I don’t need to I KNOW by some law of Wright it was you… Thai: The Thai wasn’t looking for you, the Thai wanted to see Kiara in her skivvies…
  31. 31. Thai: And no this icon is not because of you!! Now leave before the Thai shows you what the Thai can do with a sword!! Cyd: *shocked face* Thai: Yeah fear the Thai peon…fear the Thai.
  32. 32. Elenor: Boy did I pick the wrong house to wander by… You came with the Wagon, it’s your own fault. Elenor is a custom sim I made using some of my cool purple CC I found. And she’s also named after my grandma, whose middle name was Elenor. I hope one of the Terror Twins takes a shine to her…and stops bugging me. Good thing I gave Gabriel the watch for this hood…hehe.
  33. 33. Hey!! What are you doing here? Pony: I had to see Dark Kiara up close, and this widdle poopsie-poodle is so cuutee…yes she is, yes she is… Real Pony loves dogs too…and this was freewill.
  34. 34. Pony: Widdle Blacky-wacky…poopsie pooh…. Back away from the poodle…nice and slow.
  35. 35. Doug: Hey…who’s the blond? Pony: And I just had to come by and see you.
  36. 36. Kiara: Why yes, I AM awesome enough to have my own band of minions…that shirt really shows one of my best sides you know. Took you all long enough to notice my awesomeness. Pony: I know right? And your puppy is the cutest thing!! Kiara: She totally is, and she’s a star too just like me.
  37. 37. Pony: And Thai, man is he going to be jealous I got to meet you first. Kiara: Is he hot? Pony: Umm, he’s Romance… Kiara: Even better. Send him my way huh?
  38. 38. Pony didn’t leave, she just sat down and started hanging out…stalker much? Kiara: I don’t care, I like having willing minions to do my evil bidding. Okay then…
  39. 39. Oh yeah…forgot…never invite an NPC Grand Vamp to your house after dark… Kiara: I want her to immortalize me. So I can bask in the glory of my minions’ praise and worship forever. Well your husband is a warlock…and vampires are cool…so…sure thing.
  40. 40. Whoa…you look awesome as a vamp. Hey Keika, you want another vamp for the White legacy? *wink* Kiara: Now I can truly be Dark Kiara…Dark Mistress Kiara to be precise. All hail Dark Mistress Kiara…
  41. 41. ARRGHH!!! DEMON!!DEMON EYES!! Crap on a stick…
  42. 42. Countess Vanessa: BLEH!! Now, why did you go and do that? Countess Vanessa: I BELIEVE THE BLEH SAYS IT ALL!! Tyrone: -5000!!! Vampires AREN’T Popular!!! Yeah, they kinda are… Tyrone: I’ll be a social reject!!
  43. 43. Tybold: You know…having three of my family members suddenly dead makes me feel…nothing. Yep, no aspiration drops for me. Doug: -1000? Kiara: -1000. Time for Bitey McHappy to leave me thinks…
  44. 44. Doug: This won’t do!! I can’t see my gorgeous self in my primping mirror anymore!! IT’S A SACRELEGE !! Good thing I’m a warlock…I can make cures.
  45. 45. Hehe, a teal coloured warlock…it’s a good colour on you Dougie. Doug: Bite me. Nope, someone already did. *smirk*
  46. 46. Doug: Here son, I made us a cure. Tyrone: Thank god…my social life is saved. Umm, well it could have gotten you $1500 more in scholarship money for being Undead…
  47. 47. Tyrone: Damnit, is it too late to undo it? Doug: Down the hatch boy. Yes. Yes it is. Or Kiara could always bite you again if you want…
  48. 48. Tyrone: It’s good to be alive again. Doug: You’re telling me boy. ******
  49. 49. Yes, again I took too many pictures of Dark Kiara’s house. I really gotta stop doing that. I feel bad that Pink Kiara wasn’t getting a fair share of the chapter but they just don’t do anything that interesting…*sigh* Anyway, bye-bye for now.