All My Children: A WYD Chapter 3


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E-volution is Taking Place

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All My Children: A WYD Chapter 3

  1. 1. Welp, I’m back on Sims 2. Sims 3 has finally pissed me off with its lagging and dragging on my poor laptop. I installed Island Paradise and well it confuses me, how do you chart those fogged out islands all over the place? I don't know, and don’t care right now. Time for a chapter.
  2. 2. Clamperl: *sigh* No one remembers me… I do. You try having five birthdays in one day and see how many things you miss. Clamperl: I’m going to close my shell now. *clamps* You don’t have a shell…
  3. 3. See? Someone remembered. Clamperl: Who? Not Daddy? Well I guess he’s better than nothing. I said I was here… Clamperl: Banette, you don’t count. Well then…
  4. 4. Abby: Woo go little sis!! Clamperl: Yay!! I can go to school!! Arti: Can we go to college yet? No, the B-team needs to teen first then you can go.
  5. 5. And the only picture I have of Deoxys as a toddler happens to be his transition picture to childhood. Deoxys Scott Leo 8/10/5/6/5 Deoxys: You think you’re the only one Banette forgot? Two insolent kids, lovely.
  6. 6. Breloom: *slouch* Blaziken: *stiffens up* The last two (for now)…then the A-Team can get out. Blaziken: Time to evolve twin. Breloom: We’re already fully evolved. Blaziken: I meant time to MEGA evolve!
  7. 7. Breloom: Wait, Breloom can Mega Evolve? Not that I know of, but then again CoroCoro is pretty good about hiding the Pokemon that can Mega Evolve in ORAS coming out in November… Breloom: One can hope right? Right.
  8. 8. Blaziken: Blaziken’s Blazenkenite is reacting to Banette’s Mega Ring… I don’t have one. And how do you know that? 0_o? Blaziken: I’m Super Chicken remember? Sure…
  9. 9. Arti: BWAHAHA!! Clamperl: What’s so super about dork shorts and a polo shirt? Blaziken: I look good…shut up. No, you don’t change. NOW.
  10. 10. And since I didn’t take make-over pictures of the B-Team, have a shiny house shot instead. Blaziken Scott FA/K Aries 8/6/4/10/5 LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary Breloom Scott R/PO Libra 6/10/1/8/10 LTW: Have 20 Lovers
  11. 11. So now that the oven (see what I did? A pun :P) is empty, time to find Baby Daddy E, and here he is. NPC Chef Helios Cross. Now if this were a legacy, he would be worth three huge points if you land one since they can’t be interacted with while at their stove on community lots. I wonder if he’ll have the red hair I was jipped with when I went for Herbert Goodie.
  12. 12. Whimsy: See this plumbbob? It’s green, I like white. Can you help me make it white again, do you like what you see? Helios: Do I like what I see…hmm. Whimsy: *sweats*
  13. 13. Helios: I sure do, I love a strong, limber woman. Whimsy: Well after six kids I’m glad to hear that. Helios: Six what now? Whimsy: Six skids, yeah skids. I rollerblade you see and a good skid is an art form. Helios: Oh I see, my hearing is not so good anymore.
  14. 14. I just looked away for a second, where’s Helios? Whimsy: He snuck off. Must be that soufflé he was talking about or something. But, look vampire! Count Curt: Are you new around here? I love new blood. *licks fangs* Whimsy: I’m out on the town, meeting people and things. So Count, do you like what you see?
  15. 15. Count Curt: Oh good lord, no. I can’t stand a woman who paints up her face like whore. Whimsy: But…it’s whimsical. I’d burn him up outside in a pen, but I need a vampire and of course it’s not the RED HAIRED one…*sigh*
  16. 16. Well since I’ve been looking for a vampire and couldn’t find one until now, Count Crabby will be Baby Daddy G, I have plans for the G baby. As for Baby Daddy F, while Whimsy was hanging out with the chef here the Slob joined her and he just volunteered for Baby Daddy F. So time to build a relationship up with Baby Daddy E here. *prays for good genes*
  17. 17. And it worked. So here comes Baby or Babies E… Whimsy: How many more?!! Let’s see…*counts* 19 more. Whimsy: ARGHH!!
  18. 18. Tucker: I’ll never get used to this… Whimsy: *whimpers* I might…eventually. Whimsy: You’re both useless!!
  19. 19. Let’s see here… black hair? Aww..  Whimsy: Oh he’s so cute!! Baby E, also known as Eevee!! The Evolution Pokemon, Dex number 133 (Kanto) X: A rare Pokémon that adapts to harsh environments by taking on different evolutionary forms. Y: Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions.
  20. 20. Anyway, I didn’t take that many pictures since Sims 3 has been stealing my attention. I kept looking for the Tilt button on the Build screen and trying to click on them to change clothes. Does not work. >_< Anyway, summary: Bab(ies) A: Absol and Articuno (female) Father: Tucker Gray (NPC), Blond hair, dark blue eyes Bab(ies) B: Blaziken and Breloom (male) Father: Victor Aspir (playable), Black hair, brown eyes. Baby C: Clamperl (female) Father: Hayden Long (Downtownie), Brown hair, light blue eyes. Baby D: Deoxys (male) Father: Herbert Goodie (Elder), Brown hair, green eyes. Baby E: Eevee (male) Father: Helios Cross (NPC Chef), Black hair, brown eyes.