A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 6


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A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 6

  1. 1. Where have I been? Off doing things like finishing my legacy *sobs*,starting thespin-off series *yay*,beginning another OWBC *awesomeness* and generallydoing other stuff.So now here I am back on my Pokemon Alphabetacy,this isChapter 6.Last time we saw the first few births of Generation C and the main line’s first Ckid,Charmander.There are two more main line births required before thisgeneration can get going so once we take a detour to visit some of the others,we’ll get to that.
  2. 2. A mysterious new fortress suddenly appeared in Hoenn,one that made you walkquickly to avoid staying too long in front of it…“What is this?? It’s all sand!!”“I know sir, things kinda happened…”“We can still salvage this…”
  3. 3. Archie:Well then Grunt 1, what do you propose we do about this?Grunt 1: Umm, show the new kids on the block that we’re the only ones whoshould be controlling Hoenn?Archie:Very nice!! I’m glad I thought of it.Team Phoenix…pshh.They will beextinguished by the waters of Team Aqua once again!!Grunt 1: Of course sir, brilliant plan as always.
  4. 4. Grunt 4: Should we say something?Grunt 2:You want to lose those dreads? I say we let him go on.Grunt 4: Probably a good idea…Archie has the temper of a hungry Sharpedo.Grunt 2: Don’t we know it…
  5. 5. They need skills to face Team Phoenix so let the marathon skilling begin.Have tobe Creative to think of a good plan and to escape without bringing the enemyhome with you.
  6. 6. Archie: Grunt 3, make sure those slackers are doing what I told them to.Grunt 3:They are sir, I’m watching them. Nice shot by the way.Archie: Shut up; don’t Jynx me…Grunt 3:Yes sir , sorry sir.We’ll see these guys later…but in the mean time…
  7. 7. My wittle Char-Char is growing up…*sniff*Charmander: Hi Banette!! You back?Yes dear…I have returned.Charmander: I gets big now?Yes dear.Go on,then,evolve for me.
  8. 8. She grew into her eyes…I am shocked…she’s actually cute…considering where she camefrom.Charmander: I can hear you…I know dear, sorry.But it’s true, I was worried for a while there.Charmander: Can I be heiress now?You mean you actually want to? 0_0
  9. 9. Charmander:Yeah, I mean fortune andglory, all the money I could want…just lookat this pinball machine, it PAYS you to playit. Can’t go wrong with that right?Right…fortune and glory…Charmander: And I’ll be old and decrepitonce we have to downgrade whenGeneration E gets here so I won’t careanymore.Have you been Shadow Sneaking a look atmy rule book?Charmander: I’m a Fire type, I can’t learnShadow Sneak…I am surprised, I was expecting anotherpotential heir to whine about me in theirheads…I guess Char-Char is making a goodcase for heirship. But we still have two morekids to go so she’ll have competition.
  10. 10. Speaking of competition…Charmander: No mother!! Put them back in!! I need to be heiress!! *Fire Blasts*Keely: No can do!! Bulby!! Where are you??Bulbasaur: Coming dear!!And by them…I mean
  11. 11. Twins…meet Caterpie* and Charmeleon*Charmeleon is the darker Dawn skinned one with red hair,and Caterpie is the S3girl.
  12. 12. Bulbasaur: Now no more Fire attacks on the babies, it’s not nice Char-Char. Iwant to see all of you happy.Charmander: And I want to be heiress, why do you need them?Bulbasaur: Ask Banette, she makes the rules.Charmander: Banette wants me to be heir too.
  13. 13. Keely: Did your father talk to you Char-Char?Bulbasaur: I did.Charmander:Yeah, yeah, no more Fire Blasting the babies…ruin all my fun.Keely:That’s a good dear.
  14. 14. Time flies when Banette is impatient…Arti: Ooh, grandbabies, I love grandbabies!! Are you having any more son?Bulbasaur: Moomm…we only need three. And we have three.Keely:Yeah, at this rate I’ll never get my dream job.Arti: Psh, grandbabies are better we don’t need anymore money.
  15. 15. Keely: Shouldn’t we be doing this Bulby?Bulbasaur: It’s okay, let my parents have their simple joys.Arti: Grandbabies…David:They are precious aren’t they?
  16. 16. Well there are nine “C” names in Kanto that I could use…but maybe one more will beenough.Charmeleon TrainerPisces3/6/7/3/7Caterpie TrainerSagittarius5/8/10/10/1Caterpie has a mean Bite…
  17. 17. David: Say grandpa Charmy.. GrandpaCharmeleon: CHARR!!David: Grandpa…grand-pa…Charmeleon: CHARR!! MELEON!! CHARR?David: Is that all you can say?
  18. 18. Arti: Say grandma, Cutie-Pi…grandma.Caterpie: Pi?Arti: Ignore your brother; say grandma and prove I’m the better grandparent.David: Hey!!Caterpie: Cater pi-pi-pi!! *giggles*
  19. 19. The twins prefer not to speak…which could be a good thing…saves me fromhaving to come up with something witty.Caterpie: Pi??Charmeleon: Char, meleon, char…Caterpie: *nods* Pi…They heard me? 0_0…
  20. 20. But the day before they “evolved” into kids,there was one more C baby to add.Meet Clefable; the last of the C generation.Only because I don’t want ninekids…and doesn’t daddy Bulby look thrilled by the birth of his fourth born.
  21. 21. Caterpie: Pi!! Pi!! Pi!!Charmeleon: *nods* Char.That sounded more like an evil cackling in my head…Caterpie is planningsomething for poor Clefable,who’s a boy by the way.Caterpie wins most evil Ckid this generation.Char-Char better watch her back.
  22. 22. Custom hair does not stay…I get Caterpie and Charmander mixed up if theydon’t have their hair when they grow up.If not for the skin tone,I’d never tell themapart.Charmeleon is easy,he got Dawn’s skin.Must be recessive in Bulbasaur.Speaking of Bulbasaur,he does have a business to attend to…
  23. 23. Welcome to Bulbasaur’s Bulbs.A flower shop,of course.He takes hisGrass/Poison type srsly.It looks like a tulip when you pull back enough but thoseOFB windows don’t come in green *sobs*,so it looks clashy against the greenwalls of the store.His first customer is Marisa *Hawk Nose* Benedict.
  24. 24. Bulbasaur: Ah, surrounded by plants…a Grass type’s dream come true…And very successful too,already rank 7 and it’s hardly been open that long.Iadded my maxmotives mirror so he never gets motive decays.Bulbasaur: I need more employees…So hire some more…
  25. 25. Bulbasaur: Are you new around here? I don’t remember your face.Grunt 2: Uhh, sure.Well it’s a big place hehe…Bulbasaur:That’s true.Grunt 2: Got any water plants?Bulbasaur: Sorry, no. But if you want I’ll look into it.Grunt 2: No, that’s fine; was just asking.
  26. 26. Unbeknownst to Bulby,he had met the notorious Team Aqua at his store that daybut it was time to toss Clefable into toddlerdom anyway.Will he be cute? Let’ssee…
  27. 27. Eh,he’s okay.I just wonder how long it will take to kill that Goopy nose Christianinflicted on the family,and the Ottomas squinchy eyes...I could be doing a Prettacyin with this…well we have 23 more generations to go so a lot can happen.Clefable TrainerPisces4/3/7/4/7
  28. 28. Charmander: Hey!! Banette!! Pay attention to the next heiress here!!You aren’t the heiress yet honey…Charmander: But I’m CLEARLY the best one for the job.Two words: Squinchy. Eyes. Remember those?Charmander: Psh, I make them look good.For one with the lowest Outgoing points, she sure is confident…
  29. 29. Charmander: ARGHH!! Water colours!! Get them off!! Get them off!!And that hair…oi.Charmander Trainer FO/KGemini7/2/9/5/8LTW: Be Mad Scientist
  30. 30. Arti?Why did you stop? Arti… oh noes… *lip quiver*Arti:Yeah, it’s time.Time for me to meet the Dusknoir who took mom.But…but…you won’t see Clefable grow up.He’ll be crushed.Arti: My HP is in the red Banette.
  31. 31. David: Arti!! Noes!!!Charmander: Someone is route blocking me!! *Flamethrower*Arti: Dusknoir…Reias: If you must call me that…Arti:What else could you be?
  32. 32. Bye-bye pretty Ice birdy…my favourite Flying type.
  33. 33. Articuno TrainerAged: 80 DaysSpouse of: David OttomasMother of: Bulbasaur, Blastoise, ButterfreeGrandmother of: Charmander, Caterpie, Charmeleon, Clefable,Chikorita, Corsola, Crobat and CroconawArticuno Trainer has fainted.
  34. 34. KEELY!!!Keely: Oh don’t mind me Banette, just photo-bombing your perfectly timedshot of Clefable growing up.HISSS!!
  35. 35. Charmander:Water colours!!! AGAIN!!Clefable:Wow, my first line of the whole chapter!!YAY!!And probably your last too so enjoy it.Clefable: But, I’m cute…right?Yes honey,you didn’t get the squinchy eyes but the nose instead.
  36. 36. When Arti went, David’s life bar glitched again so he gained extra days. He did get to see thetwins teen though. I didn’t take a pic though but here’s Caterpie smooching one of Erenn’salien twins Lunar.Caterpie Trainer R/PLSagittarius5/8/10/10/1LTW: Be Hall of FamerCharmeleon Trainer R/POPisces3/6/7/3/7LTW:Woohoo 20 Sims
  37. 37. He glitched so much that he actually lived long enough to see Clefable teen.Yeah,I know he just turnedchild two slides ago but you can see this never die thing of David’s was irritating so I had to watch him andnot take pics.Clefable: Another line!! Yay!!Clefable Trainer FA/GCPisces4/3/7/4/7LTW: Be Eco GuruDavid: I am immortal…I have inside me the blood of kings…Not for long…
  38. 38. David: Aww, damnit Banette!! Is it too late to say I’m sorry?I hate to ruin Clefable’s teening but you’re lagging up my lot something fierce soyou must go.(It’s true,once he went my game was miraculously faster)
  39. 39. Reias:There, there David. Banette issorry but she fears the BSOD youmight bring down on the Hoennregion with your never dying HP bar.It’s nothing personal.David: It blood well is; I’m DYING hereDusknoir!! How is that NOT personal?Reias: Don’t be difficult.David: Fine…Bulbasaur: Daddy!! WAHHH!!!Now I do feel bad… 
  40. 40. David TrainerAged: 83-86 Days (glitching)Spouse of: Articuno TrainerFather of: Bulbasaur, Beedrill, BlastoiseGrandfather of: Charmander, Caterpie, Charmeleon, Clefable,Chikorita, Corsola, Cyndaquil, ChinchouDavid Trainer has fainted.
  41. 41. Well,with my A generation heiress and her glitched out spouse joining Dawn andChristian in the Pokemon Center of the Sky,we end this chapter.Next time the fourC kids head to college and we’ll see how long I can tolerate them there.I get antsyfor the next generation to begin…speaking of which… Generation D has ten Kantonames in it so I’ll be doing a Ten Kid Challenge with whoever is going to be my Cheir.Hope they like nooboos, cuz there will be a lot of them.And I guess I shouldcatch up the spares kids too…