A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 4


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We all live in a Pokemon world!!

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A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 4

  1. 1. Arcanine: How long have we been frozen like this?Trace: Far too long, my hand is cramping and I can’t feel anything else below my shoulder blade. Shut up, I was busy…haunting. Arcanine: I suppose we’re stuck with Banette again… Ingrates.
  2. 2. There, happy now? *Mean Looks them* Arcanine: Yes, very. Trace: Agreed my love. Anyway, we finally return to the Hoenn region after a length of absence and avacation in Hyperia. Now, let’s see what everyone’s been waiting in anticipation for… GEN B!!
  3. 3. Trace gets his little Knowledge sim butt stolen by aliens I mean the Clefairy and breaks his knees in the process, that looks Mightyena painful there Trace my boy…are you sure you want to go with the Clefairy? Trace: Oh sweet Mew yes!! Take me away Clefairy!! Well okay then, buh bye *waves*
  4. 4. Trace: Yay!! Baybee!!And yet I still make you go to work. Aren’t I a dear? Trace: Who cares? Alien Baybee!! He’s thrilled as you can see. Good for him.
  5. 5. He even looks pleased to have the little alien Clefairy come out from Mew knows where too…I think I might actually like Trace some more… Trace: Alien baybee!!! Yes, there’s a dear. *pats head*
  6. 6. Meet the little alien spawn (a.k.a. Clefairy) Bagon. This little dude eventuallyevolves into a Salamence, one of the few Hoenn Pokemon I NEVER managed to get. He’s a pure Dragon type, Bagon is, Salamence is Dragon/Flying. If I could have found the patience to evolve this little dude, Salamence is a truly powerful Pokemon to have, only it happens to be 4x as vulnerable to a well-timed Ice attack.
  7. 7. Here he is Bagon, the Noseless in all his glory and a true alien right down to his personality: Bagon Poole Aries 5/7/7/6/0Yes, my little green Dragon has a nasty temper and all the Outgoing and Playful points to good use.
  8. 8. Bagon does have an older sister, (as seen here with still pregnant daddy) named Beautifly. She got her daddy’s nose and is a little sweetheart. Beautifly Virgo 8/1/10/1/7
  9. 9. And the youngest of Arcanine’s pups is little Beldrum here. Their second boy. He’s nothing like his older sister and much more like his middle brother. Beldrum Scorpio 10/3/9/3/1
  10. 10. A quick visit across the street to visit Abra and her only child, a little girl named Bayleef. She has daddy’s black hair and brown eyes and S3.
  11. 11. I think she’s a real cutie, little Bayleef. But appearances can be deceiving… Bayleef McGowan Scorpio 10/4/9/5/1Just as mean as her cousins Bagon and Beldrum, will poor Beautifly be all alone as the only Nice Gen. B child?
  12. 12. Let’s check in on heiress Articuno and find out… David: Honey, Banette is back. Articuno: Yes…I know…>_< You all missed me and you know it :P
  13. 13. Arti: Did you get too close with the telescope again Davie? David: Yes… Arti: Why?David: Knowledge sim, can’t help it. And it was the dance sphere not the telescope this time.
  14. 14. Two pregger sims and only hoursbetween their births, David went first. Meet baby Beedrill, a girl… Beedrill Trainer Libra 5/0/7/3/7
  15. 15. And baby Bulbasaur!! A boy. Bulbasaur Trainer Gemini 4/5/9/6/1
  16. 16. Well aside from that, Arti went and turned herself into a walking Leafeon andspawned the third kid required in an Alphabetacy, Butterfree. I also wanted David and Arti to have another one of their blood so she sports the maternity wear for another. Butterfree is a lovely little girl, but she won’t be staying a Plant spawn for long, neither will Arti for that matter, I has a cure… Butterfree Trainer Libra 7/8/10/5/6
  17. 17. And last but not least, the fourth Gen. B baby, Blastoise!! Another boy. Blastoise Trainer Leo 4/10/4/8/1
  18. 18. I am at a loss for many pictures of their toddlerhood, I was too excited to have Gen. B around so I spent more time watching them instead of documenting…*sigh* Kinda hard to do a chapter with no pics isn’t it? But anyway, Beedrill and Butterfree started the toddler wiggle and jiggle into childhood.
  19. 19. They were followed soon by Bulbasaur ( I think that’s Bulbasaur)…can’t tell it’s been too long since I was in their house.
  20. 20. Yep. It was. He got the pink eyes but not the ears. However, Butterfreehad the ears but not the pink eyes. I did say heirs had to have both to carry on, but genetics has a way of messing up my plans.
  21. 21. It was after that when I moved them to a new house, a smaller lot since the one it was on was suddenly lagging. It was time for Blastoise to join his older siblings. He was in need of a hair but and new clothes though.
  22. 22. Blastoise: I think Banette likes me the best.Butterfree: Nuh uh!! Me!! I’m cute and have the ears!! Bulbasaur: But I have grandma Dawn’s eyes. Beedrill: And I don’t care.
  23. 23. Bulbasaur: I’m going to win.Beedrill: Then you can live with the narration all your life. Butterfree: I wouldn’t mind it. Good to know. ^_^ Blastoise: Neither would I. I want to be heir too!!
  24. 24. Blastoise: See? See my tower Banette? Isn’t it great? Sure. Lovely. Blastoise: *beams* Butterfree: Mine is the same. Bulbasaur: I’ll build a better one.
  25. 25. I know, it was a shorty chapter. But I really must head back into Hoenn and take some more pictures. I wanted to have all of Gen. B as kids for a while before Ihave to endure another long, long, college run for them…if I can pry myself awayfrom my RKC long enough to that is. I swear that is so addicting there should be a BaCC withdrawal group or something…until next time!