A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 3


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We All Live in a Pokemon World!!

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A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 3

  1. 1. It’s college time!! Yep, once again we have to see how much trouble Arti will get into while at college and most importantly, who the spouse for Gen. B will be!! Who will it be? What will we see? Let’s press on shall we?
  2. 2. Strange lighting is strange. This is what happens when you pause right beforesundown and you get all sorts of weird looking light effects. This is the house where Gen. A will be for the next 24 days, it’s the Craftsman’s Pride house.
  3. 3. We begin with the pairings, Arti and her stalker-boy David Ottomas, Abraand llama mascot Sam McGowan, andArcanine is paired off with her first kiss, Trace Poole. She’s also my witch for this generation. I had not intended for Arti to get involved with David but the Power of Three Bolts was undeniable.I wanted to pair her with Whitaker…but Arti loves to defy me as you well know…
  4. 4. And David, my stalker Knowledge seeker, is going to open the door for my alien baby of Gen. B. I figured out what was breaking my alien abductions, I haddefaults in and didn’t take the other ones out before I added a new one. He will now be chained the telescope until they come for him.
  5. 5. David: And the aliens will take me up into their ship and…Arcanine: Really fascinating, truly, but I don’t really want to know what they do to you. Sam: You have such lovely nails my dear Abra. Abra: I know. Aren’t they though? And then they proceed to ignore me…*haunts*
  6. 6. Abra: Now who made the evil Snover? “Who do you think? Though that looks nothing like a Snover…” Abra: *gasps* Banette followed us!! “Duh.” Abra: And I can hear it!! “Poor dear. *pats head* You’ll be alright.”
  7. 7. Anyway, after several tries the aliens finally come for David!! David: Here I come!! “Bye dear. *waves* “ David: Going up!!
  8. 8. They bring him back, with the usual disgraceful exit…Arti laughs like the evil sim she is…
  9. 9. David: That was so COOL!!“Of course it was dear…he can’t hear me though, not yet anyway.” David: *rolls want to meet aliens again* “Typical.”
  10. 10. Articuno: What did they do to him up there? *worry hands* “I thought you were supposed to be mean?”Articuno: Family sim Banette. Not cool with aliens. *red memory* “I see. Well carry on then.” Abra: Woo!! They took you!!
  11. 11. It was kinda sad to see so many non-platinum portraits around so I fulfilled some long locked wants for my girls.Phear my triple engagement shot… Igot all three at once to make them all happy.
  12. 12. Simultaneous jump-into-arms shot too. I love the blue light trails coming off Arcanine in this picture, it’s so neat looking.
  13. 13. Arti: I am the most awesome IcePokemon there is, take that!! RAWRR!! “Oh noes!!”Snover and Abomasnow have fainted.
  14. 14. So there I was trucking along, trying desperately to remain interested in thenever-ending college days when I see three of them roll up a want to Be Struckby Lightning. So I figured, what the hell might be fun to do…it was until Arcanine died!!
  15. 15. Trace: Please, by all that is Mew, spare my Archy!! I love her!!Grim: And why should I? Kids these days, always playing with lightning. Trace: Please!!!
  16. 16. Grim: Uhh, fine. With Reias breathing down my neck I am obligated to offer youthe Shiny Blue Orb choice. Get the Shiny Blue Orb and your girl lives, if you don’t get it, I take her. Ready? Trace: Yes!! Grim: Fine…
  17. 17. Trace!! Yay!!Grim: Yeah, yeah. Don’t let it happen again. You get your girl back…this time… “Okay, freak-out moment over.”Articuno: You see? That’s what you Knowledge sims get for messing with nature. “It was me…” Articuno: Bad Banette!! Shoo ghosty, shoo!! “Nope, you’re stuck with me til you die Arti!!”
  18. 18. Arcanine: You saved me lover!! C’mere!! Trace: Mmhmph!! Arcanine: I love you. Note to self: Don’t do that again.
  19. 19. It’s now their Senior year, and the placeholder is moved in. I forget his name buthe has my favourite face template and here he is breaking in the hot tub with JanTellerman. Honestly, I played this a while ago so I don’t remember why the adult townie was on their college lot…
  20. 20. Have fun Meadow Thayer face boy…
  21. 21. First born Abra gets to leave college in that…but she’s off to wait for Sam on Spares Road back in Hoenn Region.
  22. 22. Next is Arcanine. I don’t have a shot of her in the horrible outfit but it was like she was channeling Goopy…she’s off to Spares Road to wait for Trace.
  23. 23. “And then it was Arti’s turn. Love the bomber jacket and pink cargos dear.” Arti: I’ll have you know that I will from now on be ignoring you. “Aww, well I still like you…” Arti: You will miss talking to me, I know you will. “Maybe…I can always harass your kids.”
  24. 24. And Trace proves his awesomeness with picking a good outfit to go out in.
  25. 25. David too, surprisingly. He can keep that one just like Trace can keep his.
  26. 26. And last but not least, Sam. I didn’t take an exit shot but he got a fairly decent one too.
  27. 27. Ani-Mei: We got no face time this chapter!! Reias: I at least got a mention.Abra: Why is Cynthia even here? All she does is argue and complain… Reias: I do love it when you serenade me. Ani-Mei: I know you do.
  28. 28. *door slams*Ani-Mei: Did Abra just lock us out? Reias: She did. Ani-Mei: Aww…*haunts again*
  29. 29. And that will about do it for the short college chapter this time. You can probably tell how much I hate going through Uni, lack of good dialogue and plot is evidence of that. But next time, we get to see the first of Generation Bee!! Hope to see you all come back again.