A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 1


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We all live in a Pokemon world!!

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A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 1

  1. 1. We all live in a Pokemon world…and cut. Yes, it’s true I am insane doing an Alphabetacy on top of my plot-heavy legacy, and my OWBC (which seems to be suffering from an unfortunate, unshakable bout of writer’s block) I don’t have the cool Pokemon font to use however, (is phail at trying to put new fonts into Office to get them to show up). But this is the Prologue/Chapter 1 of my new bout of insanity, let’s meet our lucky contestant. But first my rules:• Gens. A-E: Kanto Pokemon• Gens. F-J: Johto Pokemon• Gens. K-O: Hoenn Pokemon• Gens. P-U: Sinnoh Pokemon• Gens. V-Y: Unova Pokemon• Gen. Z: Random region- 1 new EP area added after the birth of the last child in a generation. (except Uni it was added early to provide spouse material for the founder)- 1 vacation destination added after the founder’s elder birthday and subsequent heirs until Gen. C- Must have 1 supernatural per generation (or until I get bored of them)- Sim binners to be placed once per generation (to clear them out and to add genetic variety to the line)- Spares’ kids named with the next letter in line after them for a region that is not the same as theirs. (i.e. Gen A spares have kids with B names from Johto or Hoenn region Pokemon)
  2. 2. “Welcome to the Hoenn Region, everyone meet Dawn Trainer, Dawn, meet everyone.”Dawn: Oh no, the awful Banette is back…that Ghost Pokemon loves to drive me crazy and haunt me!! “Banette? Me? Sure…we’ll go with that.” 
  3. 3. Dawn: The Banette says I have to dig for a shiny. I wonder what that means. “Treasure chest, it means treasure chest!!”Anyway Dawn here is a Pleasure/Knowledge girl and an Aquarius 6/2/4/8/5 and wants *whine* 50 First Dates. I will attempt it, but no guarantees I’ll retain my sanity long enough to get much past ten.
  4. 4. Dawn: Look!! The local trainer named Rod Humble gave me a computer!! How nice of him!! “He gives them to everyone, honey.” Dawn: You are so mean Banette!! “Right…”
  5. 5. Dawn: Oh wow!! I have heard about you Psychic Pokemon trainers!! I’ve always wanted to meet you. Gypsy: For the love of Mew…I am not a trainer, I am to give you a date yes? Dawn: Sure!! “Bring on First Date #1…”
  6. 6. Meet Komei Clone 1 of La Fiesta Tech, whose name I didn’t bother to remember. Only two bolts, okay then, Hello/Goodbye. Komei Clone 1: Hey babe, call me some time. Dawn: Umm, maybe. Banette says I have to keep looking. Komei Clone 1: Banette? Dawn: Don’t ask…
  7. 7. Dawn: Ooh one more please! Fighting Team Magma all day is hard work. Gypsy: You Pleasure types sure keep me in business.
  8. 8. Dawn: Ooh say do you know any good Poffin recipes and where to find good berries around here Mr. Chef Guy? I love them so much.Cuisine Hobby Dude: Not sure what a Poffin is, how long have you been out in the sun? First Date #2: Cuisine Hobby Dude = 2 bolts. Dawn: Aww, Banette says I have to say hello/good bye Mr. Chef Guy.
  9. 9. “So endeth First Dates 1&2. But look!! Dawn found a shiny!! I—I mean a treasure chest…yeah…go founder!!” Dawn: Banette, as much as I distrust Ghost Pokemon in general, you are one Ghost Pokemon I can learn to like I guess. “Thanks, I think…”
  10. 10. Next day, First Date #3: Random Dormie.Dawn: Come on sing it!! Articuno, Jynx, Nidorina, Beedrill, it’s easy!! Random Dormie: Arti-something, Jynx…umm Bee— Dawn: Articuno!! Beedrill!! It’s really not that hard.
  11. 11. “Random Dormie was only 2 bolts so I sent Dawn down to H&M New Bark Town to scope potential mates…but NOT HIM!!”Dawn: Are you a Gym leader? Banette is rather adamant that I not try to have a date with you. Reias: Banette? Oh right. Yes…I am…I guess. “I see those three bolts, PUT THEM AWAY!!”
  12. 12. Dawn: Any advice on who Banette wants me to find? I am confused. Reias: Well, she likes to see triple bolts so I’d suggest looking for anotherPleasure trainer or a Romance one. They are usually good for triple bolts. As for me, aside from being Knowledge, I am a Gym leader so you can’t have me. Dawn: Thanks that helps a lot. Reias: You’re welcome.
  13. 13. Reias: Don’t give up Dawn, you’ll find him. I know it. Dawn: You’re a really nice guy Reias. Reias: I try.
  14. 14. Dawn: So even though you were the weird 6 pm guy who called me out of the blue one day I think I can take a chance to get to know you better, you see Banette approves of you, we have three bolts. Christian Love: Well I am glad I took the chance to call. Dawn: So do you know this song?
  15. 15. Dawn and Christian: Articuno, Jynx, Nidorina, Beedrill!! “We have found the founding spouse. With the help of the magic of SimBlender, Elder Christian Love gets a new lease on life. Meet the founding spouse.”
  16. 16. Christian Love: AL townie, and Blond Goopy. Romance/Pleasure and a playfulTaurus 5/5/3/8/4, LTW: 50 Dream Dates!! *cries in agony* If there ever was a time that I wish desperately for a genie lamp it is now.” Dawn: Banette approves, I think.
  17. 17. As you would expect, Blond Goopy’s aka Christian’s first power want is Woo Hooand the eye burning fuchsia maternity PJ’s are proof that we have Generation A on the way. Then Banette, I mean me, remembers the two are not married. Soshotgun founder kitchen wedding FTW. Christian Love becomes Christian Trainer. And I do it now before the red memory of death appears in his panel.
  18. 18. Dawn: Oh sweet Mew!! Paiiinn!! Christian: *stands as still as a Sudowoodo* *A Sudowoodo is a pure Rock Pokemon from Johto that like to pretend to betrees so they don’t get caught. For those who wanted to know*/Pokedex entry.
  19. 19. Christian: Woo!! Baby!! Dawn: She is beautiful isn’t she?Christian: And woo for no Aspiration failure from realizing that my life as a Romancer is officially dead and buried!! Dawn: Honey? What does that mean? Christian: Nothing dear… *whistles innocently*
  20. 20. Meet the first of Generation A: a baby girl named Abra. The one PsychicPokemon that had me tearing out my hair in Red/Blue when I tried to catch one in Victory Road, they Teleported away almost immediately whenever Iencountered them. This was of course, before the move Mean Look came outthat made the wild Pokemon stay put. Don’t ask how I finally caught the damn thing… I don’t remember now.
  21. 21. Dawn: Who’s mama’s widdle Abby, you is, yes you is…*blows raspberry on belly* “Aww, motherhood becomes you Dawn my dear.” Dawn: You’re so sweet Banette!! “We need two more kids…I mean Pokemon. Hop to it.”
  22. 22. “Good girl.” Christian: More noo boos…aww.“A Romancer who doesn’t fear babies? Observe, this is truly a rare species.”
  23. 23. Christian: Seriously, who doesn’t love my little girl? She looks exactly like me. “I’ve noticed.” Christian: And I am pretty smokin’ myself.“I see the opinion of your appearance has not changed much from a Romancer.”
  24. 24. Birthdays for babies are fast, as you can see, Dawn is no longer preggers. In the background she’s wearing her everyday clothes. But this is Abra, looks like her daddy. Dawn did have the baby, the night before.
  25. 25. Or rather, babies, plural. Yes twins. And I seem to have lost their pics. She had twin girls. Dawn: Banette!! Is this the last few Pokemon you wanted? It is really rather painful.. “Yes dear, three Pokemon is all we need.” Dawn: Thank Mew!!
  26. 26. I do have birthday pics of said twin girls and finally the two parents can toss them together.
  27. 27. Meet Articuno and Arcanine. The last members of Generation A. Articuno was my favourite Pokemon, I loved how pretty it was. And with the usage of the old Master Ball/Missingo glitch of Red/Blue I was able to get an unlimited supply ofMaster Balls to catch it with. Articuno is an Ice/Flying Pokemon and Arcanine is aFire Pokemon. They look exactly like their father only with Dawn’s elf ears. Abradidn’t get the ears so my heir choice is between Articuno and Arcanine. I want to see how long the elf ears and the pink eyes last before they get buried in the recessives.
  28. 28. Reias: Are you ever going to let Dawn know you’re not a Banette? Ani-Mei: Naw, I’ll let her have her delusions; it amuses me. Reias: She thinks I’m a Gym Leader, do I carry on that too? Ani-Mei: Of course. Otherwise I’d have to fight her for you. ^_^Reias: I don’t think so. You know I’ve always had a mad crush on you. Ani-Mei: I know. >_^
  29. 29. Ani-Mei: Now come here, let’s add to the neighbourhood population you sexy hunk of god you. Reias: You read my mind. That’s all Poke Fans! Next time, who knows what will happen?