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Oct 2013 guide

  1. 1. 1 of 30 Goornong Guide Your link to the Goornong & District Communities Publication with 300 copies produced each month, donations welcome! 1st October 2013 Inside this Issue * Local Community Groups * Commuity Notices * Community Venues & Services * Local Market Days * Garden & Recipes * Local Business Directory * Classifieds * Pet Page * Public Transport * COGB Media Releases * Heart Warming Story * Blast From the Past * Bush & Garden * Goornong Primary School News * Health * Goornong Police Report A heart-warming story of a boy and his horse... page 23 Volume 28 Issue 6 The Oberin Family History and reunion plans ... page 2
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  4. 4. 4 of 30 Well Spring has well and truly sprung. With the frequent falls of rain through the winter and early spring, and warmer days, there is a remarkable amount of lush green growth (including weeds as I’m sure any local gardeners would have noticed) and the wildflowers in our bushland areas are flourishing. The Rufous Songlark written about last month has completed its migration from the North and arrived right on cue. In fact I heard one singing on the 31st of August, one day before the beginning of Spring and the release date of the Goornong Guide containing the article about it! A favourable spring (so far) results in an explosion of life of all forms from plants to insects, birds and animals (including the ones we grow for ourselves such as crops and tasty fat lambs!) and it’s amazing to watch it all unfold. At the moment many birds around the area are in the midst of their breeding season. Birds are triggered to start breeding by changes in hormone levels particularly caused by increasing day length, but also temperature. Some birds are even triggered to breed by rain. If all goes well this hopefully means the birds can take advantage of the abundant food and available water to successfully raise their young. Some birds may raise two or three clutches if good conditions continue, and while spring is a key time for bird breeding there are birds that will breed at other times if resources are available. Different bird species have a variety of behaviours and characteristics when it comes to breeding, including courtship rituals, types of nests, and division of labour (eg: does the female do all the work or do they share duties?) The style and structure of bird nests is a fascinating subject of its own. A bird species usually has a particular style of nest and choose a particular spot to build it. Some recent ones that I have observed include a Brown Falcon with a large stick nest high up in a gum tree. A Wren (carrying grass and feathers) to build its small, well hidden dome shaped nest. It has a side entrance, built within a metre of the ground in a dense shrub. A yellow-rumped Thornbill, collecting cobwebs to bind together its dome shaped nest. It also has a side entrance plus the added feature of a fake nest on top to confuse predators, built in the foliage of a dense, sometimes prickly, medium shrub a few metres off the ground. Recently I also saw a white plumed Honeyeater collecting cobwebs for its small, delicate cup shaped nest, secretly hidden in a twining creeper. A Swallow was observed carrying feathers for its familiar mud nest and the other day I had a pair of Rosellas in the garden, feeding on some wild oats. These, like most parrots, nest in a tree hollow. I watched them as they fed and noticed the male frequently passing on his food to the female by regurgitation, presumably giving her the extra food to build up energy for egg production. I wonder in which tree they have made their home? Birds are usually very secretive about their nests, and they need to be. Predators often raid a high percentage of nests. Anyone interested to see what’s nesting in their own garden just needs to look out for the tell tale signs such as birds carrying nest material, and a bit later, carrying food regularly to the young, but be careful as birds may be sensitive to disturbance. Around Goornong in the Bush and Garden by Matt Comer
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  6. 6. 6 of 30 Enjoy your well deserved school holiday break, take care and stay safe. School resumes on the 7th of October. Term 4 7th Oct. - 20th Dec. GARDEN SCIENCE PROGRAM The students had a fantastic day on Monday getting ready to sell vegetables to the school community. Posters were made, recipes printed off, labels produced and many types of vegetables harvested and bagged up. A table was set up and when the home bell rang, the buyers came! The students enjoyed the experience of planning the event, setting it up and handling money. They made over $80. Well done! Thank you to the parents that supported this project by buying produce. This is all part of the students efforts to produce funds to buy a bird bath and bench seat for the garden. This has allowed the students to take ownership of fundraising and to get a greater understanding of the importance of reducing our food miles (buying local to minimise resource use). We hope to make this a regular event. Felicity Nicholls, Garden Science Project Coordinator.
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  10. 10. 10 of 30 Police Report In early August 2013, Offenders have removed and stolen Insulated Electrical Copper Wire from a Property/Shed under construction in Bendigo - Murchison Road, Goornong. The value of the theft is in excess of $8000, but the replacement value is much higher. Bendigo Crime Desk attended and processed the scene for the theft. In early September 2013, Offenders have again attended at the same construction site and removed dug in Insulated Electrical Copper Wire from the property. The theft of the copper wire is in excess of $1000, but replacement value in a much higher. Anyone with any information surrounding these thefts or who have noticed suspicious vehicles hanging around the area, are urged to contact L/S/C SCHERGER at the Goornong Police Station ( 5432 2207) or the Bendigo Crime Scene Office, or Criminal Investigation Unit on 54481300. On 3rd September 2013, Goornong Police intercepted a 41 year old Bendigo man for Unlicensed Driving and Drink Driving. The unlicensed man recorded a breath alcohol concentration of 0.078, and was summonsed to appear at the Bendigo Magistrates court at a later date. On 7th September 2013, a Police attended a rear end collision where a 20 year old Bendigo man collided with the rear of another vehicle. No one was injured in relation to the collision, but the male was summonsed to appear at the Bendigo Magistrates Court in relation to Careless Driving. The collision was caused by inexperience, and distractions whilst driving. A reminder to all drivers that distractions; both inside and outside the vehicle, can be deadly. Please ensure mobile phones and other distractions are dealt with before starting your trip to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. Unregistered Motor Vehicles: In recent weeks there have been several unregistered motor vehicles have been detected. Registrations labels will cease being issued by VicRoads at the end of 2013, so a reminder to all to ensure their vehicles registrations have been renewed and paid prior to the expiry date to avoid the embarrassment of being pulled over and receiving a $722 fine for driving an unregistered motor vehicle. Not counting the additional expense of having to have to get a Roadworthy Certificate to re-register your vehicle. The Victoria Police State Highway Patrol (marked and un-marked Police motor bikes and cars) has been utilised over recent weeks targeting motorist on highways and in small towns, for safety related offences. These targeted offences include speed, seat belts, insecure loads and other offences. Please ensure your abiding by the Road Rules and Regulations, and avoid paying the fines related. DRIVE SAFELY. Thank  you  to  Darren Scherger, the Station Commander at the Goornong Police Station, who has kindly provided us with the above information.   Humour * My wife claims her car is so old, that the panels aren't dented, they're wrinkled ! * Confucius say: "Man who runs in front of car will soon get tired", and "Man who run in back of car gets exhausted." * Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a moron.
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  12. 12. 12 of 30 Gardening & Recipes Portuguese-style BBQ Chicken Ingredients 2 1kg (no.1) chickens Lemon wedges and hot potato chips, to serve Chilli sauce 5-7 small fresh red birdseye chillies, roughly chopped 2 long red chillies, roughly chopped 3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped 60ml (1/4 cup) olive oil 2 tbs fresh lemon juice 1 tbs sea salt To make the chilli sauce, place the chillies and garlic in the bowl of a small food processor and process, scraping down the side occasionally, until chillies are finely chopped. Add oil, lemon juice and salt and process until just combined. Transfer to a screw-top jar or plastic container. Place 1 chicken, breast side up, on a clean work surface. Use poultry shears to cut breast in half, splitting breast bone. Press chicken to open flat. Cut on either side of backbone and discard backbone. Remove breast bone halves and tuck under wings. Pat dry with paper towel. Repeat with remaining chicken. Preheat barbecue grill on high. Use a knife to make 5mm-deep and 4cm-long cuts into chicken flesh. Reserve 2 1/2 tbs chilli sauce. Brush underside of chicken with some remaining chilli sauce. Reduce heat to medium. Place the chicken, skin-side up, on the preheated barbecue grill. Cook for 10 minutes, brushing occasionally with a little of the chilli sauce. Brush the top of the chicken with the remaining chilli sauce and then turn over. Cook for a further 8 minutes or until the juices run clear when the thickest part of the chicken is pierced with a skewer. Transfer chicken to a plate, cover loosely with foil and set aside for 5 minutes to rest. Brush chicken with reserved chilli sauce and serve immediately with lemon wedges and chips.
  13. 13. 13 of 30 Repairs & Alterations NOW AT TWO LOCATIONS admin@pristinedrycleaners.com.au If it's not Pristine, it's just not clean! Pristine Drycleaners (Head Office) 5444 4691 Pristine Drycleaners Strath Village 5441 8263 2 Hour Drycleaning Shirt Laundary Wedding Gowns Suede & Leathers Doonas / Blankets Bedspreads / Curtains Table Linen Laundry Service feel - timing - balance Warren Cochrane & Bronwyn Daube 0458 406 750 or 0400 027 474 * Professionally starting young horses under saddle including thouroubreeds and sporthorses * Educating standardbreds and pleasure horses to harness * Re-education * Float training * Weanling & yearling handling * Farrier Services
  14. 14. 14 of 30 Symptoms of allergies Symptoms depend on the allergy, but may include: • Sneezing • Runny nose • Red, watery and itchy eyes • Wheezing • Coughing • Breathing problems • Headache • Skin rash • Stomach pains • Vomiting and diarrhoea. Do not self-diagnose. The symptoms and signs of allergies are common to many other medical conditions. It is important to see your doctor for professional diagnosis and treatment. Common allergens A substance in the environment that can cause an allergic reaction in susceptible people is called an ‘allergen’. There are many different allergens, but they all share one thing in common – protein. Some allergens don’t contain protein to begin with, but bind with protein once inside the body to provoke the allergic reaction. Common allergens include: • Food – such as crustaceans, eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, tree nuts (for example, almonds, cashews, pecans and walnuts), sesame and soy products • Plants – pollen from grasses and plants • Medicines from some prescription drugs (such as penicillin), over-the-counter medicines (such as aspirin) and herbal preparations • Insects – such as dust mites and the venom from bees, ticks and wasps • Moulds – such as mushroom and mould spores • Animal dander – such as the fur and skin flakes from domestic pets like cats and dogs • Chemicals – including industrial and household chemicals and chemical products such as latex rubber. The immune system reaction Allergy is the result of mistaken identity. An allergen enters the body and is wrongly identified by the immune system as a dangerous substance. In response, the immune system makes an antibody to attack the allergen. These are specific antibodies of the IgE (immunoglobulin E) class. When an allergen is found, IgE antibodies trigger a cascade of immune system reactions, including the release of chemicals known as mast cell chemicals. These are substances that the body normally uses to destroy micro- organisms. The most common of these is histamine. In small amounts, histamine causes itching and reddening of the local area. In large amounts, the nearby blood vessels become dilated and the area swells with accumulated fluid. The immune system’s tendency to overreact to a harmless substance is thought to be genetic. The term ‘atopy’ describes this genetic tendency. Doctors describe a person who has an allergy as being ‘atopic’ – such people usually have raised levels of IgE in their blood. Where to get help • Your doctor • NURSE-ON-CALL Tel. 1300 60 60 24 – for expert health information and advice (24 hours, 7 days) • Nutrition Australia (Victorian Division) Tel. (03) 8341 5800 • Dietitians Association of Australia Tel. 1800 812 942 • Allergist • Dermatologist • The Asthma Foundation of Victoria Tel. 1800 645 130 or (03) 9326 7088 Things to remember • An allergy occurs when the body overreacts to an allergen or ‘trigger’ that is typically harmless to most people. • Examples of allergies include hay fever, asthma, eczema, hives and food allergy. • The symptoms and signs of allergies are common to other medical conditions, so always see your doctor for professional diagnosis and treatment. Health
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  16. 16. 16 of 30 Pets & Livestock 01/10/13 - 07/10/13 is Be Kind To Animals Week Honour the animals of this world that have stood by us; who have been loyal, loving and protective of their human friends. Inspire people to create change to make this world a better place for animals. Educate and promote awareness of some of the issues faced by animals in our community Encourange kindness to all animals - including humans. For all your Postal, Bill Paying and Banking needs We have an extensive Giftware Range and offer FREE gift wrapping. We have Load & Go cards available for sale, and also stock some Local Produce. Art and Craft. If anyone is interested in having their goods for sale at the post office please contact me. The Book Exchange is going really well Please return the books after you have read them or replace them with another book to keep them turning over. CONTACT Cheryl O'Brien 5432 2295 GOORNONG POST OFFICE Open Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday: 9:am - 12 noon SALT & PEPPER Salt & Pepper are 2 female sister rats. They are both white with tan/cream patches. Salt has red eyes and Pepper has black. They are lovely girls and are very clean. Pepper is more outgoing than the shy Salt but Salt does come out of her shell if given time (usually about 2 days). They are very friendly girls and our now looking for their forever home. They are both very well handled and love cuddles and attention. They are also great with children! They will come with their cage. If you wish to apply for them please email secondchancepetsbendigo@bigpond.com
  17. 17. 17 of 30 Calendar of Events Local Community Groups Local Community Groups Contact Number GOORNONG RURAL FIRE BRIGADE 0431 695 984 COMMUNITY & DISTRICT PLAN 5432 2202 ELMORE CUBS & SCOUTS 5432 6387 GOORNONG CEMETERY TRUST 5432 2236 GOORNONG GALS 5432 2248 GOORNONG GUIDE 5432 2202 MEMORIAL HALL & HISTORIAL SOCIETY 5441 2809 RECREATION RESERVE 0431 695 984 SWIMMING POOL 5432 2220 CRICKET CLUB TBA You are welcome to join us! Please advise of changes or if you wish for your community group to be added to this directory. Email: goornongguide@gmail.com Day Date Committee Venue Time Monday 07/10/13 Goornong & District Community Group AGM Rec. Reserve 7.30pm D.A.H = Drovers Arms Hotel B.O = Brigade Office @ Bagshot St Country Women’s Association Due  to  the  increasing  number  of  members  in  the  Bendigo  Northern  Group  we  would  like  to  gauge  the  amount  of  interest  in  star:ng  up   new  Branches  in  the  different  suburbs  and  surrounding  areas  so  members  don't  have  to  travel  a  great  distance  and  can  meet  locally.  To   start  a  new  Branch  requires  6  members  and  a  mentor  from  another  Branch  will  con:nue  helping  at  Mee:ngs  for  as  long  as  you  wish.  At   present  the  areas  of  Huntly/Epsom,  Strathdale  /Strathfieldsaye  are  being  looked  at.  Mee:ngs  can  be  held  in  private  homes  if  members   wish  to  do  so.  The  Administrators  of  the  Facebook  page  are  Bev  Sutherland  and  Zeila  Lynch  and  are  only  too  happy  to  meet  anyone   interested  to  have  a  chat  over  a  cup  of  coffee. To  follow  what  the  Branches  are  doing  go  to  “Facebook  CWABendigoNorthernGroup” Mee#ngs: • Bendigo  Branch  –  first  Friday  of  the  month  at  1pm  at  St.  Andrews  Church • Axedale  Branch  -­‐  first  Wednesday  of  the  month  at  the  Axedale  Tavern  at  6pm. • Kangaroo  Flat  –  third  Thursday  of  the  month  at  1.30pm  at  Uni:ng  Church.  Kangaroo  Flat • Sedgwick  –  Second  Wednesday  of  the  month  at  1.30pm  at  Sedgwick  Hall. • Golden  Square  night  Branch—  second  Tuesday  of  the  month  at  7pm,  323  High  Street,  Golden  Square.  (in  the  old  Post  Office), Mee:ng  :mes  may  vary. For  more  informa:on  about  Mee:ngs  ring  Jessie  on    0407527551
  18. 18. 18 of 30 Local Markets Bendigo Community Farmers Market Regional food, wine, coffee, plants, breakfast stall, cooking sessions and music. Held Every second Saturday of each month from 9am to1pm at Sidney Myer Place (Rosalind Park end of Williamson Street), Bendigo. Email Michele info@bcfm.org.au Castlemaine Farmers Market Local cheeses, prosciutto and smoked sausages, award winning olive oil and the apples, berries and stone fruits that Harcourt is famous for. Held the first Sunday of each month from 9am to 1pm (except January). at Mostyn Street, Castlemaine (alongside Castlemaine Market building) Contact 03 5470 6340 or 03 5472 5472 Elmore Community Market Held on the second Saturday of every month at the Elmore Trotting Track on Elmore-Raywood Rd in Elmore. Stalls are $20 per 4x4m site and stall holders can set up from 7am-8am. The is open to the public from 8.30am to 3pm and will feature crafts, home made goods, entertainment, farmers and home grown produce, trash and treasure, collectables, local wines and there will be entertainment, face painting for the kids and more. Contact Lyn on 54326544 or 0490 012 544 Goornong Market Will be held each long weekend during the year at the Drovers Arms Hotel, Midland Highway, Goornong, the next one will be in November 2013. Heathcote Region Farmer’s Market Stalls showcase what the region has to offer such as local pork, beef , award winning handmade , walnuts, wines and olives, fresh fruit and veggies, heritage vegetable seedlings, flowers, honey, sourdough bread, a diverse range of preserves, jams, sauce, relish, mustards, pies, cakes, biscuits, sweet treats, take-home foods and many more. Also live alpacas and chickens! The Farmers' Market is "plastic free" so bring recyclable shopping bags. The market is held Every third Saturday of each month from 9am -1pm at Barrack Park Reserve, High St, Heathcote. Wesley Hill Market Held every Saturday from 7.30am–1pm at the Public Hall Reserve, Duke Street, Castlemaine
  19. 19. 19 of 30 Community Notices Community Venues & Services GOORNONG & DISTRICT COMMUNITY GROUP Tourism & Heritage Signs Project Meeting 2nd September 2013 at 7.30pm Recreation Reserve Hall Bagshot St. Goornong Goornong & District Community Group Annual General Meeting October 7th 2013 at 7.30pm Recreation Reserve Hall Bagshot St. Goornong. CHURCH SERVICES ST GEORGE’S ANGLICAN CHURCH GOORNONG WHEN: 2nd & 4th Sundays SERVICE TIME: 8.00am Holy Communion CONTACTS - Rev Ross Craven: 44 Michie St Elmore 3558 PH: 03 5432 6058 or 0409847630 (Thursday off) Mark Taig: PH: 03 5432 2459 ST MARTINS OF TOURS CATHOLIC CHURCH MUSKERRY WHEN: SUNDAY SERVICE TIMES: 8:30 am CONTACTS – Lyn Harrop PH: 03 5432 2281 for Church Bookings. PLAYGROUP WHEN: Monday 9th September (fortnightly during school term only). DATE: Recreation Reserve SERVICE TIME: 10:00 am CONTACTS : Claire Ellis PH: 0459 330 070 Venues  &  Services Contact  Person Contact  Number Goornong  Recrea#on  Reserve  Hall Kirsten McFadden 5432  2271 Soldiers  Memorial  Hall Kath  Read 5441  2809 (Keys  can  be  collected  at  the  Post  Office) Mobile  Library 5449  2790 Mondays  4:00  pm  –  4:30  pm   The  mobile  library  stops  outside  Goornong  Primary  School,  come  along  and  support  our  local  library.     There  are  plenty  of  books  to  choose  from.    Requests  and  holds  can  be  sent  out.    You  can  also  order  online   at:    www.ncgrl.vic.gov.au
  20. 20. 20 of 30 Goornong Classifieds AUTOMOTIVE Datsun Sunny Sedan 1979 Dual Fuel No Rego/RWC comes with spare motor & another 1978 model car. No Rego/RWC $1500 0408 038 232 - Deb 2004 Harley Davidson Sporty $10000 0438 326 089 Hoden Commodore 1998 $1300 ono No Rego/RWC 0408 038 232 - Deb Holden Crewman Spare Parts 0405 002 377 – Susan Holden Statesman Caprice Sedan, Silver $4000 0438 881 635 – Ray CLOTHING & JEWELLERY Soccer boots $35 Red - As new - men’s size 7 Ladies size 8 0430 318 544 - Jess ELECTRONICS & COMPUTERS HP Photosmart Inkjet Printer $80 0434 977 429 HOME & GARDEN Rosmary Plants $5 each 0405 002 377 - Susan FREEBIES Fax Machine 0405 002 377 In Jet Printer 0438 334 001 JOBS Harvest Turck Driver (MC) Hay cartage, October start for min 8 weeks. 0428 601 806 Leadership Development Co seeks talented professionals 5432 2278 LIVESTOCK Poultry for sale Various breeds 0410 006 183 - Judy 2 x Isa brown Pullets $60 for pair at point of lay Free rooster if wanted 0438 169 828 Pet Lambs & Goats From $80 0438 334 001 Egg Incubator $150 5432 2264 Western Saddle $200 0439 888 870 Riding Pony Gelding 13hh $1600 0439 888 870 Large Rabbit Cage $95 neg 0413 025 202 MISCELANEOUS GOODS Car DVD Roof Mounted $120 5432 2264 Kick/Boxing Bag $45 neg 0413 025 202 Avabti Carbonio 2011 road bike full carbon frame & forks $1400 0428 148 125 PETS Burmese Cats x 2 Free to Good Home desexed $ FREE 0405 002 377 Princess Parrot $ 50 Believed to be male 0488 481 259 WANTED Kid Goats on the bottle 0438 334 001 VOLUNTEER WORK Goornong Guide: Volunteers required to help put together the Goornong Guide, please call Bernie on 5432 2210 BAGSHOT ANIMAL FARM PARTIES Celebrate your child's party at our farm with lots of cuddly farm animals and ponies 0405 002 377 For more information
  21. 21. 21 of 30 ACCOMMODATION Bendigo Farm Stay Susan & Jason 0438 334 001 ANIMAL CARE Cobé Lodge Farrier Services & Equine Educators 0458 406 750 - Warren Cochrane Licenced Master Farrier Specialising in hoof problems, founder & laminities 0438 334 001 - Jason Peters Glad Wags Dog Grooming Sharon 5439 5687 BUILDING SERVICES Brick Laying 5432 2205 Elmore Sand & Soil Phone before collection of any material 0418 351 418 CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINMENT Animals 2U Mobile Farms & Pony Rides 0405 002 377 Face Painting & Balloon Bending Jessica Pintos 0430 318 544 ELECTRICAL 1-Step Pty Ltd Residential & Commercial Electrician David 5432 2596 or 0400 578 192 FARMING GE Silos 5432 2384 FENCING CV Fencing Carol Bennett 0428 397 494 FLORIST The Petal Factory 5443 5519 GAS SUPPLIER Sandhurst Gas 5447 0520 or 0417 559805 United Gas 5432 2248 FAST FOOD, GROCERIES & CAFE Goornong General Store 5432 2203 Huntly Café 5448 7077 HEALTH Elmore Pharmacy 5432 6600 White Hills Amcal Pharmacy 5442 4244 Melinda’s Skin, Beauty & Body 5432 2440 Fun Fitness Clair Ellis, Personal Trainer 0459 330 070 HOUSE & GARDEN Glen Forge Carpenter/Handyman 0429 077 441 Dingo Mini-Digger Fencing, trenches Electronic Detection & Tracing Kel O’Brien 5432 2295 or 0418700554 Narellan Pools Peter Reidy 0418 996905 Pristine Dry Cleaners Bendigo & Strath Village 5444 4691 or 5441 8263 LOCAL PRODUCE Bridge Ward Grove Olives and Olive Oils 5432 2291/0417 521409 MECHANICAL Farm & Diesel Mechanical Mainteneance 5432 2583 or 0467 554 302 Tractor Truck & Trailer Mechanical Repairs 0419 106 894 PLUMBING Kevin Hayes Plumbing 0417 114 603 POSTAL & LOGISTICS Goornong Post Office 5432 2295 Echuca Post Office 5482 1178 Huntly Post Office 5448 8200 Epsom Post Office 5448 4200 PUBS & CLUBS Drovers Arms Hotel 5432 2210 REAL ESTATE Ray White Rochester 5484 2400 WASTE Liquid Waste 5448 8478 Goornong Recycling & Transfer Station 0458 346 652 Johno’s Scrap Pick up 0408 508273 Local Business Directory ANYONE  FOR  GOLF?     An  enthusias:c  group  of   residents  is  considering   restar:ng  the  Goornong  Gold   Club,  which  previously  played   on  the  course  at  the  Recrea:on   Reserve.    Are  you  interested?     Would  you  like  to  help?    Let  us   know  by  emailing,   goornongguide@gmail.com   or   ph:  Kirsten  on  0439  906  007
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  23. 23. 23 of 30 NATHAN CARTY STORY by Christine Downing
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  25. 25. 25 of 30 EDITORIAL POLICY 1. To provide a means of communication for all community and sporting groups in the Goornong and surrounding districts. 2. To produce a newsletter by members on a volunteer basis. 3. The Goornong Guide accepts no liability for views submitted by the public. 4. The Committee reserves the right to refuse to publish any articles, which they consider to be unsuitable. 5. The Guide is available FREE of charge, but donations will be gratefully accepted. DONATIONS Go towards helping to cover the costs of producing the Goornong Guide & new projects. Donations can be placed in boxes at the Goornong Store, the Drovers Arms Hotel and the Goornong Post Office. Future donations will be gratefully received to ensure ongoing production.
  26. 26. 26 of 30 City of Greater Bendigo Media Releases Draft health and wellbeing plan out for public comment Residents are being encouraged to have their say on the draft Greater Bendigo Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-2017. Council last night approved the draft plan to go out for public comment until October 10. Mayor Cr Lisa Ruffell said improving the health and wellbeing of Greater Bendigo residents is a top priority. Some 300 people were involved in providing over 1250 thoughts and ideas during the development of the draft Plan. Their priorities included increased levels of service, more accessible active transport options and access to more diverse and sustainable housing. Cr Ruffell encouraged residents to read the draft Plan and to provide feedback. “Council is actively engaging with the community to ensure they have ample opportunity to have their say on the issues that matter to them,” she said. People can view the draft Plan at www.bendigo.vic.gov.au/ healthandwellbeing and have their say by providing comments in writing by October 10. Council Appoints Farming Advisory Committee The Greater Bendigo City Council has appointed nine community members and three Councillors to its new Farming Advisory Committee. Community members Maurie Sharkey (Barnadown), Ross McKinstry (Goornong), Craig Sharam (Epsom), Jim Long (Knowsley), Michael Crapper (Raywood), Alan Stevens (Huntly), Courtney Smith (Leichardt), Rodney Luke (Mandurang South) and John Scott (Wilson’s Hill) will join Greater Bendigo Councillors James Williams, Rod Campbell and Elise Chapman on the new committee. Committee Chairman Cr James Williams said he welcomed the community representatives to the committee which is set to provide a new voice for farm families and rural communities throughout Greater Bendigo. He said in previous years the Farming Consultative Committee has guided important Council and Federal and State Government rural initiatives and was instrumental in the relocation of the Bendigo Livestock Exchange. City To Trial Closure Of One Tree Hill Road The Greater Bendigo City Council has agreed to a three month trial closure of One Tree Hill Road to traffic between Mandurang Road and the One Tree Hill summit for safety reasons. City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Lisa Ruffell said a number of crashes in recent years on the approaches to One Tree Hill has prompted the trial. “Between 2005 and 2009 four serious injury and four other injury accidents have occurred She said traffic monitoring on One Tree Hill Road found that while between 100 and 150 cars use the road each day, very few stop at the summit with the majority using the road as a through route. “Motorists wanting to access One Tree Hill can still do so via Edwards Road. Council believes the closure of One Tree Hill Road to motorists will also make the area even more attractive to cyclists, runners and bush walkers. “The City will seek feedback from the public regarding any impacts the closure may have on them and will consider a further report when the trial is completed,” Cr Ruffell said. Bendigo Features In New Victorian Cultural Guide Attractions in the Bendigo region have featured prominently in the new Victoria’s Cultural Guide 2013-14 which was recently launched by Minister for Tourism and Major Events the Hon Louise Asher. City of Greater Bendigo Manager of Tourism Kathryn Mackenzie said the new edition of Victoria’s Cultural Guide 2013-14 showcases the rich diversity of cultural attractions across the state’s tourism regions. “Bendigo has the strongest regional presence in the guide complete with wonderful images of some of our iconic cultural attractions. “It’s great to see that we are now well and truly a force on the cultural trail and we are looking forward to welcoming even more visitors as a result,” said Ms Mackenzie Seniors Festival Program Available The 31 st Annual Victorian Seniors Festival will run from October 6 to 13, 2013 and the full program of local activities is now available. Copies of the program can be found at the City of Greater Bendigo offices in Bendigo and Heathcote, Bendigo Visitor Information Centre, libraries, local seniors’ clubs, Bendigo railway station, local supermarkets and chemists, and online at www.bendigo.vic.gov.au Mayor Cr Lisa Ruffell said the Victorian Seniors Festival is a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate senior members of our community. The theme for this year’s festival is ‘It’s Your Time,’ so I encourage all of our older citizens to join with friends and participate in some of the many activities on offer and have some well-deserved fun.” Other events include the Veterans Tennis Tournament, Tai Chi at the Bendigo Art Gallery, Zumba and Bendigo Gem Club Open Day. Discount Cat Desexing Vouchers Available The City of Greater Bendigo is offering residents discount vouchers which will save $40 on the normal cost of having their cat desexed. From Monday September 16, 150 vouchers will be available to owners of registered cats on a first come, first served basis from the City of Greater Bendigo’s Lyttleton Terrace and Heathcote offices.
  27. 27. 27 of 30 The voucher must be used by December 13, 2012 and can be redeemed at the following participating vets: • Bendigo Animal Hospital • White Hills Animal Hospital • McIvor Road Veterinary Centre • Passionate Vetcare, Eaglehawk Road • Kangaroo Flat Veterinary Clinic Council To Consider Support For Bendigo Vfl Team Council will be asked to formally endorse its support for Bendigo continuing to have a VFL team at this Wednesday’s Greater Bendigo City Council meeting. A report to be tabled at the meeting states that Council has invested significantly in supporting a VFL team in Bendigo since the inception of the then Bendigo Diggers in 1998. This support has included: • Access to premier sporting facilities such as the Queen Elizabeth Oval (QEO), Tom Flood Sports Centre and Epsom Huntly Recreation Reserve • Assistance via the City’s marketing and events staff through promotion and advertising • Financial support through waiving of some hire fees and funding contribution to the Bendigo Bombers to conduct community programs The City has also contributed to the upgrade and redevelopment of the QEO which included match standard lighting, an AFL quality surface, spectator terracing and an electronic scoreboard. The report to Council states that Bendigo Gold Football Club (BGFC) recently approached City officers seeking access to facilities at Epsom Huntly Recreation Reserve including ground usage, change rooms and amenities, and most importantly access to the function room facilities as a source of revenue raising. New Toilets And Shower Facilities For Huntly Equine Centre The City of Greater Bendigo has constructed a new $165,000 toilet and shower facility to serve users of the Huntly Equine Recreation Reserve in Millwood Road Huntly. City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Lisa Ruffell said the new facility has replaced a temporary portable toilet at the centre and is a much welcome addition to the Huntly Equine Recreation Reserve. Sensor lighting, water-saving devices and a fully functioning waste water treatment system have also been installed to reduce ongoing maintenance costs. “This has been a very important and much appreciated project for the ongoing development of the Huntly Equine Centre and its user groups which include the Huntly Equine Recreation Reserve include the Huntly/Spring Gully Pony Club, Huntly Social Riding Club and Central Highlands Pleasure Harness Club,” said Cr Ruffell. She said this is the final piece of infrastructure to be constructed as part of the agreement to relocate the Spring Gully Pony Club to the Huntly site. ! "#$!%&&'(&()!*+,--,()!.&&/!! ! 0((12/!%$($'2/!3$$4,()! ! "1$5627!894&:$'!;4#! <=>?@-! ! A'&B$'C5!0'-5!D&4$/! %&&'(&()! ! !""#$%"&'(%)# ! ! Claire  Ellis Personal  Trainer Fitness  Australia  Registra#on Classes  now  held  in  Goornong Telephone  for  session  details 0459  330  070 • Ladies  Evening  Classes • Day  :me  Mums  &  Kids  Classes
  28. 28. 28 of 30 Community Safety Month is held every October and reminds us that we all have a role in making our communities safer. Local communities, groups, schools, regional services, businesses, state and local government departments and agencies, are encouraged to build community safety partnerships by organising safety activities with other organisations and groups. For those with established partnerships, Community Safety Month provides an ideal opportunity to showcase existing safety programs or develop new ones. Participation in Community Safety Month will demonstrate your commitment to maintaining Victoria as the safest state in Australia. By promoting safety and safe practices within your community, you will be contributing to increasing the confidence of Victorians about safety. THE  BENDIGO  TO  THE  MURRAY  RIVER  RAILWAY  CELEBRATES  150  YEARS  IN  2014. The  Huntly  and  Districts’  Historical  Society  Inc.    is  colla:ng  the  history  of  the  Railway  from  Bendigo  to  the   Murray  River  built  between  1862  and  1864. The  book  will  be  in  full  colour,  and  is  being  compiled  to  commemorate  the  sesquicentenary  (150th   anniversary)  of  the  final  sec:on  of  the  railway  from  Melbourne  to  the  Murray  River.  This  was  the  first   railway  line  to  join  two  colonies  of  Australia,  a  great  feat  of  the  1860s. The  first  sec:on  from  Melbourne  to  Bendigo  held  its  sesquicentenary  in  October  2012. This  new  book  will  include  the  social  history  of  the  lives  of  people  connected  to  the  railway  since  1862:   the  contractors,  the  workers,  the  accidents,  the  gangers,    sta:on  masters,  mail  runs,  train  staff,  and  the   passengers,  plus  many  other  relevant  stories. The  railway  allowed  the  countryside  to  be  opened  up  and  was  a  vital  link  for  the  people  and  industries   across  northern  Victoria  and  southern  NSW. Historical  Socie:es  and  many  individuals  have  given  informa:on  from  as  far  as  Deniliquin  and    Mathoura,   the  Cohuna  lines,  the  building  of  Torrumbarry  Weir,    Rochester,  Elmore,  Goornong,  Lockington  and  out  to   Heathcote,  but  there  probably  is  more  that  could  be    included. If  you  would  like  to  have  your  informa:on,  story  or  perhaps  a  photo  included,  please  contact  the  Huntly     and  Districts’  Historical  Society  Inc.  through  any  of  these  channels.  Please  submit  by    31  October  2013. Email                    huntlyheritage@hotmail.com Or  phone  0429  488  237                           or  write  to Esma  Turner,  Secretary,  Huntly    and  Districts’  Historical  Society  Inc.,  HUNTLY,  Victoria  3551
  29. 29. 29 of 30 Bendigo Agricultural Show When: 9:00am October 25 - 5:00pm October 26, 2013 Location: Bendigo Showgrounds Cnr Holmes Rd and Havilah Rd, Bendigo Victoria Website: www.bendigoshow.org.au Phone: 03 5444 4646 The Society was established in 1859 and proudly presents the show each year for the community. The event is attended by approximately 20,000 people which showcases the regions finest livestock and produce. The Show promises to be another great two days of action and entertainment for the whole family, featuring a range of attractions considered to be the best the country has to offer. Australian Alpaca Associaton National Show 2013 When: 8 am October 10th -13th 2013 Location: Bendigo Showgrounds Cnr Holmes Rd and Havilah Rd, Bendigo Victoria Website: http://viccentral.alpaca.asn.au/ Exciting New Program Alpaca Fashion & Food Fiesta Big Shed Gourmet BBQ Bash 20 Years of Champions Celebration See and compete with the best Huacaya & Suri in Australia Art, Craft and Photography Competitions Extensive Breeder & Trade Displays National Classic Alpaca Auction Elmore Field Days When: 8:30am October 1 - 5:00pm October 3, 2013 Location: Elmore Events Centre 48 Rosaia Road, Elmore Victoria Website: www.elmorefielddays.com.au Phone: 5432 6176 Email: info@elmorefielddays.com.au This year sees the staging of the 50th Elmore Field Days event. Elmore might be small, but come October more than 40,000 visitors flood into the town for the annual 'Field Days' which is Victoria’s oldest and largest agricultural exposition.