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Community magazine / newsletter for Goornong and local districts Victoria Australia

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Goornong Guide - September 2013

  1. 1. 1 of 26 Puggsley Pig from Murphy'sCreek Miniture pigs entertainsthe kids at Huntly Kinder Goornong Guide Your link to the Goornong & District Communities Publication with 300 copies produced each month, donations welcome! 1st September 2013 Inside this Issue * Local Community Groups * Commuity Notices * Community Venues & Services * Local Market Days * Garden & Recipes * Local Business Directory * Classifieds * Pet Page * Public Transport * COGB Media Releases * Huntly Kinder turns 20 * Blast From the Past * Bush & Garden * Goornong Primary School News * Health * Goornong Police Report Spring is here! This month Matt Comer brings us a great article about a spring time visitor, see Matt's article on page 4 More facinating information about the history of Goornong! Bernie's article appears on page 2 Volume 28 Issue 5 Eve Cail joins in the fun at Huntly Kinder's 20th Birthday Celebration
  2. 2. 2 of 26 his month we continue to bring you more details regarding the history of Goornong’s hotels of which there were many. Julie Howard has compiled a fascinating history of the local establishments complete with many pictorial records. She has generously loaned her compilation which has in turn had contributions from many enthusiastic locals. We start with the Railway Hotel, situated opposite the existing silos in Railway Place North. It was the site of the first building of the then tent town in the late 1850’s. It was known as Langdon’s Shanty. The name suggests it provided liquor to the thirsty travellers who had arrived on Old Murray Road, or from the diggings in the Whipstick and perhaps were heading farther afield to the likes of Rushworth. Mr Langdon’s son-in-law Mr Watson later sold the building to Messrs Edmund and Patrick Hayes. The Hayes brothers operated a general store most probably continued to sell liquor. When the railway line appeared in 1864 the brothers erected a substantial brick building and named it, naturally enough, The Railway Hotel. The Hayes family were related to the Mulcairs who later operated several businesses, including hotels in Goornong. In the 1880’s Patrick Hayes brought his nephews and nieces out from County Limerick in Ireland. One of the nieces married Pat Gorman who managed the business while the two younger Mulcair brothers were trained for the task. The hotel eventually became known as Mulcair’s Railway Hotel & Store. The building had an enclosed court yard which would have been beautiful and cool in the summer. Mr W. Slingo, a brick layer by trade had selected land in the area together with Mr H. Ansett (whose descendants gained fame by the development of an airline). Mr Slingo made bricks from Five Mile Creek clay and erected several brick homes in the area, GOORNONG’S HOTELS by Bernard Burke including the Railway Hotel. His sons Henry and William later carried on the business and many old homes in the Goornong area are testament to their workmanship. Patrick Hayes became Lord Mayor of Bendigo and his name is on the fountain in the middle of town, as he was mayor when it was opened in 1881, unveiled by Prince Albert and Prince George (later King George V) The façade of the Railway Hotel could still be seen in the 1980’s but all that remains today are a few bricks strewn here and there and the original well. Further acknowledgements. M. Shaw. H. Brewer. F. Mulcair Blast from the Past Above: the ruins of the old Railway Hotel August 1985. Thank you to Julie Howard for the use of these photos. T
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  4. 4. 4 of 26 Spring is here! There are many things going on all around us as spring arrives. One event which I look forward to each year is the arrival of the Rufous Songlark. When I first hear its amazing song in September it reminds me of the arrival of warm spring weather. The Rufous Songlark is a small, mostly brown bird, a little larger than a sparrow with streaky plumage and a rufous rump. It spends the winter in northern Australia and migrates to southern regions to breed in the spring and summer. The male has a long melodious song and often flies up into the sky as it sings. This is a habit shared by some other birds of open country with few trees to perch on. It allows them to throw their voice as far as possible to declare their territory or attract a mate. Sometimes the male may perch on a high branch of a dead tree to sing. You can easily hear samples of the song by searching for it on the web. For example the ‘birds in backyards’ website. The Rufous Songlark prefers open habitat with lots of long grass and a few trees. It builds a well hidden nest in long grass and mostly feeds on the ground on insects. I have seen them at numerous places around the Goornong district where suitable habitat occurs, ie; long grass with a few scattered trees. The land along the railway line provides suitable habitat and I once counted 14 different males with territories set up every hundred metres or so along the line towards Elmore. Often a pair takes up residence just opposite the shop/post office, so next time you stop in for the papers, listen out for the song. They may also be seen at other grassy places such as creek/ river reserves and even the edge of tall crops. Their numbers vary each year depending on the season. If it is dry around our area they may move onto other districts. Along with the Rufous Songlark there will be other migratory birds arriving in the spring. These include some species of Cuckoos, the Sacred Kingfisher, and the Rainbow Bee-eater. As these birds arrive we also bid farewell to some winter migrants such as the Flame Robin which many locals will be familiar with, often seen perched on fences. The Flame Robin leaves our area in the spring and heads to the alpine regions to breed. It is usually much easier to notice when a bird species arrives in the area (you suddenly start hearing the calls) than it is to notice when a species quietly slips away. In the garden! It's time to start planting vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, beetroot, and onions. These particular vegetables are known as Bi-ennials. They originally came from the northern hemisphere where their life cycle revolves around surviving harsh winters. Our winters are not so harsh but we still grow them to the same cycle. They germinate in spring, grow through the summer and develop a food storage organ such as a root or bulb to tide them over when they go dormant in the cold winter. They then use the stored energy to grow flowers and seeds the following spring, thus completing their life cycle in two years. We harvest them when the root/bulb is at its best after the first season. These plants are governed by temperature and day length. If we plant them too late (once the days start to shorten in the autumn) they may skip growing a root/bulb and ‘bolt’ straight to seed. Likewise if we harvest them too late (after the shortest day, as the days start to lengthen) then they may start to ‘go woody’ and lose food value as they prepare to flower and go to seed. Spring is therefore the optimal time to plant this particular group of vegetables, though successive sowings can be done into summer to stagger the harvest. Around Goornong in the Bush and Garden by Matt Comer
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  6. 6. 6 of 26 TERM  THREE We   have   had   a   great   start   to   term   three.   This   term   we   have   had   a   range   of   special   ac7vi7es   planned  for  the  students,  as  well  as  focussing  on   our   core   subjects   of   Literacy,   Numeracy,   Art,   Physical   Educa7on,   Garden   Science,   Music   and   MARC  library. THE  ANNUAL  BOOK  WEEK  DAY On   the   19th   August   we   had   the   annual   MARC   Library   Book   Week   Day,   where   students   come   dressed   as   some   form   of   book   character.     The   students   all   did   a   fantas7c   job   dressing   up   in   their  favourite  character. CLUSTER  SCIENCE  DAY We   also   have   the   Cluster   Science   Day   for   all   students,  where  we  will  travel  to  Elmore  Primary   School  to  par7cipate  in  Science-­‐related  ac7vi7es   with  the  other  Cluster  schools. BIKE  EDUCATION Bike  Educa7on  has  started  at  the  school  for  the   Grade   3-­‐6.   The   children   will   be   prac7sing   their   road   safety   skills   during   the   next   three   weeks.   They   will   be   using   these   skills   when   riding   to   Englishs  Bridge  on  the  final  day  of  the  program.   GRADE  3/4  CAMP In   September   the   Grade   3/4   students   go   on   a   three-­‐day   adventure   camp   to   Koolamart   Scout   Camp   in   Spring   Gully,   along   with   other   schools   from  the  Campaspe  Cluster. CLUSTER  ATHLETIC  SPORTS  CARNIVAL Finally,  in  the  last  week  of  term  the  students  in   Grades   3-­‐6   will   travel   to   Bendigo   for   the   Campaspe  Cluster  Athle7c  Sports  Carnival. CLUBS  PROGRAM In  Term  Three  the  students  again  par7cipated  in   the  Clubs  Program  at  school.  Thank  you  to  the   many  parents  who  volunteered  in  running  an   ac7vity.  The  students  had  a  great  7me   comple7ng  arts  and  craWs  ac7vi7es  including   mosaics,  environmental  art,  digital  art,  buXon   art,  paper  craW,  scrap  booking  and  quil7ng.   ENROLMENTS Enrolments   are   taken   right   throughout   the   school  year.  If  you  have  a  child  beginning  prep  in   2014,   are   new   to   the   Goornong   area   or   are   searching  for  a  school  for  your  child,  feel  free  to   contact   our   school.   We   will   be   happy   to   show   you  around  our  wonderful  school  and  talk  to  you   about  how  our  school  can  support  your  child.
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  8. 8. 8 of 26 hat a great way to spend a Sunday. The inaugural Goornong primary School Market Day organised by a group called Friends of the School and held at the Memorial Hall. Raising over $1700 for the school the market attracted lots of locals and other visitors passing by on the day. There were heaps of interesting stalls and one of the most popular was that manned by the lovely ladies from Gaffney’s Bakery, Heathcote. A very tempting display of cakes and breads soon sold out and they were very happy with the response. Some of the great items on sale included children’s clothing, jewellery and home decor items. A multitude of smiling faces greeted everyone as they entered the hall and the cooking demonstrations were very popular too. So after purchasing a couple of items, including a bunch of beautiful leucadendron, (freshly picked from someone’s garden that morning) a lovely roast beef lunch was partaken next door at the Drover’s Arms. A perfect finish to a lovely winter’s day MARKET DAY A HUGE SUCCESS A  keen  group  of  primary  school  students  were  very  busy  on   the  day  collec7ng  dona7ons  for  their  school.  Well  done  kids! Some  very  happy  stall  holders. ANNUAL  GENERAL  MEETING Goornong Community Guide Inc. No7ce  of  the  12 th  AGM  to  be  held  on: Monday  23rd  September  2013  at  the: Drover’s  Arms  Hotel Midland  Highway Goornong   Commencing  at  7.30pm  sharp. he Goornong Guide would like to acknowledge the wonderful contribution made by Mrs Lorraine Leheney to our publication. Over many years Lorraine served on the Guide Committee as Secretary. She helped print an collate the paper up unti 2012, but she and her husband Barry have now re- located to Elmore. Both have given numerous hours of volunteer work during their years as residents of Goonong, and their invaluable contribution will be sadly missed. Thank you Lorraine and Barry and all the best for your new life in Elmore. T W
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  10. 10. 10 of 26 Police Report On Saturday 20/07/2013, a 21 year old Bendigo man was apprehended for possessing ecstasy tablets and driving under the influence of drugs. He failed a Preliminary Oral Fluid Test and was conveyed to Bendigo Police Station for processing. He was released pending a summons application to attend Bendigo Magistrates Court in relation to Possessing a Drug of Dependence (Ecstasy), Using Amphetamine, Failing an Oral Fluid Test, and driving in Breach of Licence Conditions. On Thursday 01/08/2013, a 34 year old Bendigo Man was intercepted riding an unregistered motor bike. The male was spoken to about his riding and it was ascertained he was Unlicensed, and riding an Unsafe and Unregistered Motor Bike. It was later ascertained that the male had failed to appear at the Bendigo Magistrates Court for other matters, so he was arrested the following day and was remanded into custody. On Friday 02/08/2013, Police were called to a Goornong address in relation to a possible firearms incident. A 26 year old Goornong man was taken into custody and had 3 firearms seized as a result of the investigation. The male was later released pending a summons application to attend the Bendigo Magistrates Court at a later date in relation to Firearms Offences. On Sunday 04/08/2013, a 33 year old Broadford man was intercepted driving a motor vehicle whilst intoxicated and disqualified. He was conveyed to the Heathcote Police Station for the purpose of a breath test, and processing. He was released pending a summons application to attend the Bendigo Magistrates Court in relation to Drink Driving, Driving Whilst Disqualified, Driving an Unregistered Motor Vehicle, and Fraudulently Displaying Number Plates. On Friday 08/09/2013, a 25 year old Bendigo man was failed to pull over for Police resulting in a Police Pursuit around the White Hills area, Due to the safety of the public, the Police pursuit was terminated, and the vehicle located abandoned approximately 30 minutes later. The following day a 25 year old Bendigo man was arrested in relation to the incident, and remanded to appear at the Bendigo Magistrates Court for offences of Reckless Conduct Endangering Serious Injury, Driving in a Speed and Manner Dangerous and other related traffic offences. The man was further remanded into custody yesterday. The usual amount of penalty notices are still being issued for speed related offences. Approximately 15 penalty notices for exceeding the speed limit by up to 25 km/h. $289 and 3 demerit points, a reminder for everyone to watch their speeds. Thank  you  to  Darren Scherger, the Station Commander at the Goornong Police Station, who has kindly provided us with the above information.  
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  12. 12. 12 of 26 Gardening & Recipes 2 tbs Sunflower Oil A small whole Chicken chopped into 8 peices 1 Onion Chopped 1 heaped tbs minced garlic (Gourmet Garden) 1 heaped tbs mild chilli (Gourmet Garden) 2 heaped tbs corriander (Gourmet Garden) 1 heaped tbs ginger (Gourmet Garden) 2 - 3 heaped tbs hoyt's mild curry powder 6 Curry Leaves 2 medium Potatoes cubed 2 medium Carrots cubed 1/2 cup of Peas or Beans 2 heaped tbs Massell Chicken Stock 400g can chopped Tomatoes 200g coconut cream 2 tbs Crunchy Peanut Butter 2 cups of Water 1 cup of Rice (to serve) 1 tsp Tumeric Powder Heat sunflower oil in a deep saucepan, brown the chicken pieces on med-high. Remove the chicken pieces after browning and add the chopped onion cook till transparent on medium heat, then add the garlic, ginger, mild curry powder, curry leaves stir for about a minute then add the carrots, potatoes and peas, the chicken stock the can of tomatoes and 2 cups of water and stir well to release any browning from the bottom of the pan. Add the peanut butter, coconut cream and the browned pieces of chicken and mild chilli and coriander. Push the vegetables and chicken so that it is mostly submersed in the liquid. Add a little more water if necessary, however you may need to add a little more stock depending on the amount of water you add, so don't forget to taste your food to see how it is. If it tastes well seasoned, then put your heat on low, place a lid to half cover your saucepan, and simmer slowly on low, until the veggies are cooked and the chicken starts to fall away from the bone. Rice: Whilst your curry is simmering, place one and a half cups of rice in a small saucepan, add a teaspoon of tumeric powder, and a tablespoon of chicken stock. Add two cups of water and stir in. Half cover the saucepan with a lid and cook on medium until the water starts to bubble, then turn down your heat to very low, cook until rice is soft and all the water is absorbed, turn off the heat and leave to sit with the lid on until your curry is cooked, recipe by Susan Pintos Quick Chicken Curry with Yellow Rice Hardenbergia Violacea The beautiful Hardenbergia Violacea is an Australian native climber can be seen in Goornong area and surrounding districts. It is a hardy evergreen, twining, woody stemmed climber, which has dark green leatherly leaves and produces a mass of dark purple pea like flowers in winter-spring. Hardenbergia like a sunny or semi shaded position. It flowers better in full sun and needs well drained soil and preferably a frost free site, although it tolerates some frost. Like many climbers it has a tendancy to run up walls or fences and ball at the top and be leggy below, but regular pruning after flowering will ensure a compact growth and an even fence coverage, photo supplied by Glen Peters
  13. 13. 13 of 26 Repairs & Alterations NOW AT TWO LOCATIONS If it's not Pristine, it's just not clean! Pristine Drycleaners (Head Office) 5444 4691 Pristine Drycleaners Strath Village 5441 8263 2 Hour Drycleaning Shirt Laundary Wedding Gowns Suede & Leathers Doonas / Blankets Bedspreads / Curtains Table Linen Laundry Service
  14. 14. The urinary tract is our body’s plumbing, filtration and liquid waste disposal system; and it’s critical to health and well being. The recent “Wee Week” organised by Kidney Health Australia has once again stressed the need keep our insides well hydrated to ensure we have a healthy urinary tract, free from infection. Better hydration (drinking sufficient fluid) will also help prevent the formation of kidney stones; and whist steak and kidneys normally go well together, stones in kidneys are definitely things to be avoided. These hard rock-like crystals can vary in size from as small as a grain of sand to as big as a golf ball. Not surprisingly, pain is often the first sign of a kidney stone – gripping pain in the back just below the ribs, sometimes spreading to the front of the body and towards the groin. Other symptoms can include blood in the urine, nausea and vomiting, and sweating and fever. Kidney stones are one of the commonest conditions affecting the urinary tract with the lifetime risk of developing kidney stones about 1 in 10 for men and 1 in 35 for women. The cause is sometimes difficult to determine. Often there are high levels in the urine of certain chemicals such as calcium, oxalate, cystine and uric acid; but stones can also form when levels of these substances are normal. Even more common than kidney stones are urinary tract infections, generally called simply UTIs. And with these kidney problems, more women than men are affected. UTIs can involve just about any part of the urinary tract. The kidneys and the bladder can be affected, as can the ureter and the urethra – the “pipes” which carry urine to and from the bladder. Bacteria which normally live harmlessly in the intestine or the bowel are the usual suspects for causing UTIs. If these bacteria manage to spread from the anus (the back passage) into the urethra and then further into the urinary system, they can cause some rather nasty and discomforting conditions. Urethritis is the medical term describing the infection when just the urethra is affected. If the infection spreads to the bladder causing the bladder lining to become raw and inflamed the condition is known as cystitis; whereas pyelonephritis is the name for the infection if it spreads to the kidneys. Kidney related infections are potentially very serious and need prompt treatment to avoid kidney damage. Women, generally, are more likely than men to suffer with UTIs because the urethra is so short. Also, female hormones can affect urine acidity making it more likely the offending organisms can thrive. Older people, or people with another chronic medical condition such as diabetes, where the immune system is already under stress, are also be more likely to get UTIs. The White Hills Pharmacy has a Urinary Tract Infection card which has some self help hints on how to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. And it starts with drinking enough water. There’s no specific amount to drink each day – it will vary from person to person; a good guide is sufficient to satisfy your thirst. However, beware carbonated drinks containing phosphoric acid. They may make some kidney stones more likely. Most importantly, if you think you have a UTI and the simple non-prescription products are not successful, see your doctor promptly. An appropriate antibiotic will usually give the desired results quickly and safely. And you’ll avoid any possible serious consequences. Yours in good health Ann, Mary, Megan and Girls at The White Hills Pharmacy Health
  15. 15. 15 of 26 Glenn Forge ABN 23 024 776 299 Carpenter House & Garden Maintenance Service Quality Work Reasonable Rates 0429 077 441 * Carpentry * Painting * Plaster Repairs * Fence & Gate Repairs * Lawn Mowing No job to small! Trenches, Footings, Postholes, Ripping & Leveling Picket, Pailing & Colourbond Fences Dingo Mini Digger Electronic Water Leak Dectections Location & Tracing For All: * Domestic Water Pipes * Septic Tanks & Pipes * Stormwater & Sewer Drains * Power Cables * Telephone Data Cables * Pool & Spa Leaks Kel O'Brien Ph: 03 5432 2295 or 0418 700 554
  16. 16. 16 of 26 Pets & Livestock Gertie is a 2 year old female torti, she is a very pretty girl with some gorgeous markings. Gertie can be a little shy to start with but is super cuddly and lovesssss pats. She has been raised around kids and is a real sweetie. She is getting along well with the resident cat (who isn't the nicest of cats!!). Gertie loves to just laze around and find a place to soak up some sun. Gertie is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped, flea & worm treated. Please contact: for more information Gertie is looking for a new home, can you help? For all your Postal, Bill Paying and Banking needs We have an extensive Giftware Range and offer FREE gift wrapping. We have Load & Go cards available for sale, and also stock some Local Produce. Art and Craft. If anyone is interested in having their goods for sale at the post office please contact me. The Book Exchange is going really well Please return the books after you have read them or replace them with another book to keep them turning over. CONTACT Cheryl O'Brien 5432 2295 GOORNONG POST OFFICE Open Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday: 9:am - 12 noon
  17. 17. 17 of 26 Calendar of Events Local Community Groups Local Community Groups Contact Number GOORNONG RURAL FIRE BRIGADE 0431 695 984 COMMUNITY & DISTRICT PLAN 5432 2202 ELMORE CUBS & SCOUTS 5432 6387 GOORNONG CEMETERY TRUST 5432 2236 GOORNONG GALS 5432 2248 GOORNONG GUIDE 5432 2202 MEMORIAL HALL & HISTORIAL SOCIETY 5441 2809 RECREATION RESERVE 0431 695 984 SWIMMING POOL 5432 2220 CRICKET CLUB TBA You are welcome to join us! Please advise of changes or if you wish for your community group to be added to this directory. Email: Day Date Committee Venue Time Monday 02/9/13 Goornong & District Community Group Rec. Reserve 7.30pm Monday 09/9/13 Information Night Incorporation Act Rec. Reserve 7.30pm Tuesday 10/9/13 Swimming Pool Rec. Reserve 7.30pm Thursday 12/9/13 Rec. Reserve D.A.H 7.30pm Monday 16/9/13 Goornong Guide AGM D.A.H 7.30pm Monday 23/9/13 C.F.A. B.O 8.00pm Monday 07/10/13 Goornong & District Community Group AGM Rec. Reserve 7.30pm D.A.H = Drovers Arms Hotel B.O = Brigade Office @ Bagshot St
  18. 18. 18 of 26 Local Markets Bendigo Community Farmers Market Regional food, wine, coffee, plants, breakfast stall, cooking sessions and music. Held Every second Saturday of each month from 9am to1pm at Sidney Myer Place (Rosalind Park end of Williamson Street), Bendigo. Email Michele Castlemaine Farmers Market Local cheeses, prosciutto and smoked sausages, award winning olive oil and the apples, berries and stone fruits that Harcourt is famous for. Held the first Sunday of each month from 9am to 1pm (except January). at Mostyn Street, Castlemaine (alongside Castlemaine Market building) Contact 03 5470 6340 or 03 5472 5472 Elmore Community Market Held on the second Saturday of every month at the Elmore Trotting Track on Elmore-Raywood Rd in Elmore. Stalls are $20 per 4x4m site and stall holders can set up from 7am-8am. The is open to the public from 8.30am to 3pm and will feature crafts, home made goods, entertainment, farmers and home grown produce, trash and treasure, collectables, local wines and there will be entertainment, face painting for the kids and more. Contact Lyn on 54326544 or 0490 012 544 Goornong Market Will be held each long weekend during the year at the Drovers Arms Hotel, Midland Highway, Goornong, the next one will be in November 2013. Heathcote Region Farmer’s Market Stalls showcase what the region has to offer such as local pork, beef , award winning handmade , walnuts, wines and olives, fresh fruit and veggies, heritage vegetable seedlings, flowers, honey, sourdough bread, a diverse range of preserves, jams, sauce, relish, mustards, pies, cakes, biscuits, sweet treats, take-home foods and many more. Also live alpacas and chickens! The Farmers' Market is "plastic free" so bring recyclable shopping bags. The market is held Every third Saturday of each month from 9am -1pm at Barrack Park Reserve, High St, Heathcote. Wesley Hill Market Held every Saturday from 7.30am–1pm at the Public Hall Reserve, Duke Street, Castlemaine
  19. 19. 19 of 26 Community Notices Community Venues & Services GOORNONG & DISTRICT COMMUNITY GROUP Tourism & Heritage Signs Project Meeting 2nd September 2013 at 7.30pm Recreation Reserve Hall Bagshot St. Goornong Goornong & District Community Group Annual General Meeting October 7th 2013 at 7.30pm Recreation Reserve Hall Bagshot St. Goornong. CHURCH SERVICES ST GEORGE’S ANGLICAN CHURCH GOORNONG WHEN: 2nd & 4th Sundays SERVICE TIME: 8.00am Holy Communion CONTACTS - Rev Ross Craven: 44 Michie St Elmore 3558 PH: 0354326058 or 0409847630 (Thursday off) Mark Taig: PH: 0354322459 ST MARTINS OF TOURS CATHOLIC CHURCH MUSKERRY SERVICE TIMES: SUNDAY 8:30 am CONTACTS – Lyn Harrop PH: 03 5432 2281 for Church Bookings. PLAYGROUP WHEN: Monday 9th September (fortnightly during school term only). DATE: Recreation Reserve SERVICE TIME: 10:00 am CONTACTS : Claire Ellis PH: 0459 330 070 Venues  &  Services Contact  Person Contact  Number Goornong  RecreaAon  Reserve  Hall Kirsten McFadden 5432  2271 Soldiers  Memorial  Hall Kath  Read 5441  2809 (Keys  can  be  collected  at  the  Post  Office) Mobile  Library 5449  2790 Mondays  4:00  pm  –  4:30  pm   The  mobile  library  stops  outside  Goornong  Primary  School,  come  along  and  support  our  local  library.     There  are  plenty  of  books  to  choose  from.    Requests  and  holds  can  be  sent  out.    You  can  also  order  online   at:
  20. 20. 20 of 26 Classifieds ANTIQUES, ART & COLLECTABLES Cast iron single bed $40 Antique Coat & Hat Stand $150 0424 274 724 AUTOMOTIVE Datsun Sunny Sedan 1979 Dual Fuel No Rego/RWC comes with spare motor & another 1978 model car. No Rego/RWC $1500 0408 038 232 - Deb Hoden Commodore 1998 $1300 ono No Rego/RWC 0408 038 232 - Deb Holden UTE Tub Liner 0405 002 377 – Susan Holden Crewman Spare Parts 0405 002 377 – Susan BABY & CHILDREN Jolly Jumper $10 0427 099 376 BOOKS, MUSIC & GAMES Book - Ghost towns of australia $2 54462468 CLOTHING & JEWELLERY Soccer boots $35 Red - As new - men’s size 7 Ladies size 8 0430 318 544 - Jess ELECTRONICS & COMPUTERS HP Photosmart Inkjet Printer $80 0434 977 429 HOME & GARDEN Rosmary Plants $5 each 0405 002 377 - Susan FARMING MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT International Tractor 45hp - New Motor $7500 0416 210 717 FURNITURE 3 Seater Couch & 2 Seater Lounge Chairs $60 0408 038 232 FREEBIES Fax Machine 0405 002 377 In Jet Printer 0438 334 001 GARAGE SALES Huge Garage Sale & Charity Event 7 September 7 Essex Court, Strathdale 5444 5311 - Elaine JOBS Bricklaying apprentice or labourer for immediate start 0418 129 242 - Russ Prefer a labourer who can lay a few and has own ABN LIVESTOCK Poultry for sale Various breeds 0410 006 183 - Judy Pet Lambs & Goats From $80 0438 334 001 MISCELANEOUS GOODS Spinning Wheel & Acces. $300 0417 115 890 PETS Red Healer Pups Females Microchipped and Vaccinated 0448 674 919 REAL ESTATE Room Availalbe to rent close to Latrobe Uni $175 (3 bedroom house) 0428 257 252 - Wayne TICKETS WANTED Kid Goats on the bottle 0438 334 001 VOLUNTEER WORK Goornong Guide: Volunteers required to help put together the Goornong Guide, please call Jason on 0438 334 001 ATTENTION  all  Members  of   INCORPORATED   ASSOCIATIONS. The  Model  Rules  are  changing  on   26 th  November  2013. Learn  how  these  changes  affect   your  Associa7on. A  Guest  Speaker  experienced  in   this  area  will  outline  the   impending  changes  and  explain   how  to  deal  with  your  par7cular   situa7on. Mee7ng  to  be  held  7.30pm   Monday  9th  September    Goornong  Recrea7on  Reserve   Hall,  Bagshot  St. This  Service  is  ‘FREE’  
  21. 21. 21 of 26 ACCOMMODATION Bendigo Farm Stay Susan & Jason 0438 334 001 ANIMAL CARE Cobé Lodge Farrier Services & Equine Educators 0458 406 750 - Warren Cochrane Licenced Master Farrier Specialising in hoof problems, founder & laminities 0438 334 001 - Jason Peters Glad Wags Dog Grooming Sharon 5439 5687 BUILDING SERVICES Brick Laying 5432 2205 Elmore Sand & Soil Phone before collection of any material 0418 351 418 CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINMENT Animals 2U Mobile Farms & Pony Rides 0405 002 377 Face Painting & Balloon Bending Jessica Pintos 0430 318 544 ELECTRICAL 1-Step Pty Ltd Residential & Commercial Electrician David 5432 2596 or 0400 578 192 FARMING GE Silos 5432 2384 FENCING CV Fencing Carol Bennett 0428 397 494 FLORIST The Petal Factory 5443 5519 GAS SUPPLIER Sandhurst Gas 5447 0520 or 0417 559805 United Gas 5432 2248 FAST FOOD, GROCERIES & CAFE Goornong General Store 5432 2203 Huntly Café 5448 7077 HEALTH Elmore Pharmacy 5432 6600 White Hills Amcal Pharmacy 5442 4244 Melinda’s Skin, Beauty & Body 5432 2440 Fun Fitness Clair Ellis, Personal Trainer 0459 330 070 HOUSE & GARDEN Glen Forge Carpenter/Handyman 0429 077 441 Dingo Mini-Digger Fencing, trenches Electronic Detection & Tracing Kel O’Brien 5432 2295 or 0418700554 Narellan Pools Peter Reidy 0418 996905 Pristine Dry Cleaners Bendigo & Strath Village 5444 4691 or 5441 8263 LOCAL PRODUCE Bridge Ward Grove Olives and Olive Oils 5432 2291/0417 521409 MECHANICAL Farm & Diesel Mechanical Mainteneance 5432 2583 or 0467 554 302 Tractor Truck & Trailer Mechanical Repairs 0419 106 894 PLUMBING Kevin Hayes Plumbing 0417 114 603 POSTAL & LOGISTICS Goornong Post Office 5432 2295 Echuca Post Office 5482 1178 Huntly Post Office 5448 8200 Epsom Post Office 5448 4200 PUBS & CLUBS Drovers Arms Hotel 5432 2210 REAL ESTATE Ray White Rochester 5484 2400 WASTE Liquid Waste 5448 8478 Goornong Recycling & Transfer Station 0458 346 652 Johno’s Scrap Pick up 0408 508273 Local Business Directory ANYONE  FOR  GOLF?     An  enthusias7c  group  of   residents  is  considering   restar7ng  the  Goornong  Gold   Club,  which  previously  played   on  the  course  at  the  Recrea7on   Reserve.    Are  you  interested?     Would  you  like  to  help?    Let  us   know  by  emailing,   or   ph:  Kirsten  on  0439  906  007
  22. 22. 22 of 26 Public Transport Timetable
  23. 23. 23 of 26 Huntly Kindergarten is celebrating it’s 20th birthday this year! 2013 marks the 20th year of a functioning kindergarten at this site; however it was a long process leading up to 1993 before a kinder was established here. A small group of determined parents who wanted their children to attend a local kindergarten set the ball rolling. It was a long process – a couple of years of negotiations with the Shire of Huntly and many thousands of dollars in fundraising as well as many hours of meetings. This dedicated group of parents made it possible for many hundreds of children to attend kindergarten in their local area over the last 20 years. To celebrate this milestone in our history we had a community party! The whole community was invited, and we hosted some of the parents who pioneered our kinder as well as many past children and their families. We also had many of our current children and their families attend – and we have 52 families this year! It was wonderful to see our kindergarten full with so many people, all coming to celebrate with us. A highlight of our party was the petting farm from Animals 2U. The children enjoyed patting, cuddling and feeding the lambs, chooks, geese, piglets, kids, rabbits, guinia pigs, dog, chickens, chicks, cat and even the miniature pony. The animals were a hit with the adults as well! Susan from Animals 2U also painted the faces of the children – they looked gorgeous with the flowers, butterflies, spiderman and crocodile faces. Our birthday cake was made by one of our kinder mums from De Lish Cafe in White Hills. Yum! Another one of our kinder mums put together a video of people from the original parent group as well as our current kinder children – they are media stars! Another parent put together. A photo exhibition of all the children who have attended Huntly Kindergarten over the years. We also invited anyone at the party to contribute to our mosaic stepping stones we are making to decorate the front of our kinder. It was such a great party, and many thanks to all who contributed to make it such a fantastic day. Ali Bullen, Huntly Kindergarten Huntly Kindergarten Turns 20!
  24. 24. 24 of 26 EDITORIAL POLICY 1. To provide a means of communication for all community and sporting groups in the Goornong and surrounding districts. 2. To produce a newsletter by members on a volunteer basis. 3. The Goornong Guide accepts no liability for views submitted by the public. 4. The Committee reserves the right to refuse to publish any articles, which they consider to be unsuitable. 5. The Guide is available FREE of charge, but donations will be gratefully accepted. DONATIONS Go towards helping to cover the costs of producing the Goornong Guide & new projects. Donations can be placed in boxes at the Goornong Store, the Drovers Arms Hotel and the Goornong Post Office. Future donations will be gratefully received to ensure ongoing production.
  25. 25. 25 of 26 City of Greater Bendigo Media Releases WELLSFORD ESTATE PLANNING CONTROLS ON COUNCIL AGENDA Council will this week consider a report recommending changes to Wellsford Estate planning controls and will allow for increased employment opportunities in Bendigo. The Amendment proposes removing land use restrictions relating to food manufacturing or related businesses to make way for a full range of industrial activity. Eleven submissions have been received that either supported, or had no objection to, the proposed changes. Director Planning and Development Prue Mansfield said the updated amendment would help diversify the land. “The Estate is in a prime location to make the most of nearby transport routes and expand Greater Bendigo’s industrial development away from residential areas,” Ms Mansfield said. BUDGET 2013/2014 – Striking the right balance Mayor Cr Lisa Ruffell says last night’s adoption of the Budget for 2013/2014 will unlock much-needed funds for “grassroots” infrastructure projects across Greater Bendigo. “Council was elected on a platform of investing in roads, drainage and footpaths and this Budget delivers in spades,” Cr Ruffell said. “I am thrilled that we can provide over $5M for drainage projects, especially given the impact flooding has had on our community during recent years.” The rate increase of 6.0 per cent is in line with forecasts in Council’s 10 year financial plan and equates to $1.40 per week for the average home valued at $293,000 (including bin charge). The rate increase for farmers is proposed to be 4.0 per cent; less than for others in recognition that farmers continue to face significant hardship. The Budget for 2013/2014 is available online at SPORTS FACILITY UPGRADES ON THE WAY The City of Greater Bendigo will invest more than $500,000 on a range of sporting facilities across the municipality, after Council formally adopted the 2013/2014 Budget. Cricket, baseball, athletics, netball and lawn bowls facilities will be upgraded through a mix of state government, local government and club funding. Mayor Councillor Lisa Ruffell said the general up-keep of all sporting and recreation reserves across Greater Bendigo was important. Funding is also allocated each year to complete various works on the municipality’s small town recreation reserves, which can include repairing unsafe equipment, installing signage or fixing playing surfaces. WORKS TO ROLL ON FOR THE BENDIGO TRUST The City of Greater Bendigo has allocated $450,000 in its 2013/2014 Budget to The Bendigo Trust, as part of an annual funding agreement to complete various capital works improvements. Following Council’s decision to formally adopt the Budget, the funding will be spent across the Bendigo Tramways, the Discovery Science and Technology Centre and Central Deborah Gold Mine. Works include the renewal of Tram No. 7, assembly of a tram storage shed at the Bendigo Tramways’ Gasworks Depot, energy efficiency projects at Discovery and a new mine workshop at Central Deborah Gold Mine. SAFETY AND LIGHTING PROJECTS FOR EPSOM HUNTLY RECREATION RESERVE Bollards, rail fencing and overflow car parking will be installed at Epsom Huntly Recreation Reserve following Council’s decision to adopt the 2013/2014 Budget. The safety works are part of the $59.9M capital works budget, which confirms the City of Greater Bendigo’s commitment to ensuring its facilities are kept well maintained and upgraded as required. Mayor Councillor Lisa Ruffell said it was important to install safety infrastructure at sports grounds due to the number of children and families that use these facilities. Soccer competition lights will also be installed on pitch five of the recreation reserve. A State Government grant of $100,000 will be put towards the project and user groups have also contributed $37,500. PETER KRENZ SPA PROJECT TO BE COMPLETE BY SEPTEMBER The City of Greater Bendigo’s development of a new 12-seat spa at Peter Krenz Leisure Centre is nearing completion. The $382,700 spa upgrade, including new pumps, filters, electrical plant and enhanced lighting, is expected to be finished late September following the delivery of aquatic tiles from Spain, which have been delayed. It was originally intended for the works to be complete by the end of the 2012/13 financial year. COUNCIL ADOPTS CITY’S THEMATIC HISTORY REPORT Council last night adopted the City’s Thematic Environmental History, in keeping with its commitment, as expressed in the Council Plan, to conserve and enhance buildings and areas that have scientific, aesthetic, architectural, historical or special cultural value.
  26. 26. 26 of 26 Guided by the Heritage Council’s Victorian Framework of Historical Themes, the Thematic Environmental History identifies what is historically distinctive and significant about how Greater Bendigo was developed, the major themes that drove the development of our City, and what makes this City different from others. It also sets out areas that need further investigation and study. City of Greater Bendigo 2013/14 Community Grants Program The City of Greater Bendigo 2013/14 Community Grants Program is open and will have two funding rounds. Round 1 – Opens 5 August 2013 and closes at 5pm on 30 August 2013 (For projects commencing after November 1, 2013) Round 2 – Opens 17 February 2014 and closes at 5pm on 14 March 2014 (For projects commencing after June 1, 2014) Grants of up to $5,000 can be applied for under the following categories: • Community Assistance „ • Recreation • Environmental Sustainability • Community Newsletter • Arts and Culture „ • Healthy Community • Community Events A group may submit multiple applications, however the total amount of funding sought across all categories may not exceed $5,000.Please Note - the Community Newsletter Category is not included in this total.Groups who are successful in obtaining funding in Round 1 will be ineligible to apply for funding in Round 2. How to apply Application kits will be available from August 5, 2013 at the City Of Greater Bendigo Municipal Offices in Lyttleton Terrace, Bendigo, City of Greater Bendigo Heathcote office, Main Street, Heathcote or online. Further information please contact City of Greater Bendigo’s Community Grants Officer, Narelle Lyle on 5434 6214 or email: CITY TO ISSUE FINES FOR LATE PET REGISTRATION FEES The City of Greater Bendigo will next week fine pet owners who have failed to pay their pet registration fees. There are approximately 1000 pet registration fees outstanding and owners will be fined $289 for each unregistered pet from August 12. CARERS PROGRAM Bendigo Community Health is conducting a fantastic program for carers called, The Carer Wellbeing Program. The program is FREE and provides a comprehensive health and wellbeing assessment and follow-up health coaching session for carers. Contact details are: Bendigo Community Health Services Phone: (03) 54 344 300 Email: Claire  Ellis Personal  Trainer Fitness  Australia  Registra<on Classes  now  held  in  Goornong Telephone  for  session  details 0459  330  070 • Ladies  Evening  Classes • Day  0me  Mums  &  Kids  Classes