15 Top Seo quotes
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15 Top Seo quotes



SEO Tips and advices from 15 experts from the search engine marketing industry. This will help you to understand SEO more deeply and closely.

SEO Tips and advices from 15 experts from the search engine marketing industry. This will help you to understand SEO more deeply and closely.



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15 Top Seo quotes 15 Top Seo quotes Presentation Transcript

  • 15 Top SEOQuotes and Advices
  • ―SEO is only notseen as rocketscience by thosewho already knowit.‖Danny Sullivan
  • ―It doesnt matter ifa link is paid for ornot. Important is ifthe end productlooks like a paidlink or not.‖Patrick Altoft
  • ―Does an affiliatemarketing programcause a trafficdrop? No, but pureaffiliate sites areunlikely to rank.‖Luisella Mazza
  • ―Trust is the #1 SEO rankingfactor. Earn trust from yourvisitors (through providinggreat content) and searchengines will followsuit. Establish yourself asan expert — createexcellent content thatpeople will want to link toand share. Keep a longterm focus; tricks andshortcuts are not the way toearn trust.‖Matt McGee
  • ―Websites dontlink to otherwebsites.People point toother peopleswork.‖Lyndon Antcliff
  • ―It’s much easierto double yourbusiness bydoubling yourconversion ratethan by doublingyour traffic.‖Jeff Eisenberg
  • ―The objective is not to ―make yourlinks appear natural‖; the objective isthat your links are natural.‖Matt Cutts
  • ―Links to your site fromother sites are crucial. Adiversity of linksources/techniques isimportant – amongthem: creating linkbaitcontent; bloggeroutreach; guestblogging; articlemarketing; and nichedirectory submissions.‖Will Spencer
  • ―Start with a good descriptive domain name. You spendless to market & brand descriptive URLs. Plus, they aregood for search engines and for humans. Look atpremium domains – you will pay more initially butthereafter the cost to renew is exactly the same.‖- Aaron Wall
  • ―SEO is amarketing functionfor sure, but itneeds to be bakedinto a product, notslapped on likeicing after thecake is baked.‖Duane Forrester
  • ―Trying to increasesales simply by drivingmore traffic to awebsite with a poorcustomer conversionrate is like trying tokeep a leaky bucket fullby adding more waterinstead of plugging theholes.‖ BryanEisenberg
  • ―Even the best SEOs are notmagicians. They cant simplyplace a site at the top of theengines when there arehundreds of thousands (if notmillions) of others that offerbasically the same thing, andprovide basically the sameinformation. If they could,youd see a whole lot moremillionaire SEOs.‖Jill Whalen
  • ―My rule of thumb is build asite for a user not aspider.‖ — Dave Naylor
  • ―If you have sufficientPageRank and you regularlypublish new content – yes,Googlebot will returnfrequently to your site to crawlyour articles, which will thenbe indexed. But if you justhave plenty of content – evenif you publish 5 new unique,original articles a day –Google doesn’t care. No onehears your tree falling…‖Gab Goldenberg
  • ―Google onlyloves you wheneveryone elseloves you first.‖Wendy Piersall
  • SEO Quotes compiled byKothapally Arun – choosyinfo.comFollow kothapallyarun on Twitter