Wise 2013 oct 31 anil gupta frugal, flexible and friendly innovations for inclusive education and development


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Wise 2013 oct 31 anil gupta frugal, flexible and friendly innovations for inclusive education and development

  1. 1. an initiative of
  2. 2. Learning to be Frugal, Flexible and Nature-Friendly: Grassroots Innovations for Inclusive Education and Development Anil K. Gupta, IIMA and Honey Bee Network anilg@sristi.org
  3. 3. How educated are we, really?
  4. 4. Encounter with a shepherd in the desert “How to trace your sheep when they get mixed with sheep of another herd?” The shepherd took a shodh yatra brochure from my hand and said: “To me all the letters on your paper look alike”
  5. 5. the teacher Within the teacher Around (peers) the teacher in Nature the teacher among Common People Shodhyatra every summer, every winter
  6. 6. Frugality is to affluence what wisdom is to knowledge
  7. 7. Learning to unlearn
  8. 8. The Honey Bee Network – Repurposes the inquiry – Redefines the norms of accountability – Redesigns pathways for the future Honey Bee Network
  9. 9. Sounds of silence… Repurposing the inquiry – Asking questions about accountability towards oneself – Share of private, common and public goods in one’s production and consumption basket: portfolio of purposiveness – Did we create any open source content for children, whom we love, in local language – Did we dispense with at least one need, living with less to have more
  10. 10. Why does education reinforce inertia and not innovation ?
  11. 11. Social Inertia: why do certain problems remain unaddressed persistently?
  12. 12. http://www.singingsandsbb.com/starfish-lg.jpg
  13. 13. Saga of the starfish “What are you doing, trying to throw them back into the sea? It are too many!”, exclaimed the lady on the shore. “You cannot save all of them!” she insisted. “True, but I can at least save this one”, said the man while throwing it back into the sea.
  14. 14. Knowing Feeling doing
  15. 15. We know so much, feel only about a little and act on even lesser
  16. 16. Learning from my naiveté, foolishness “Why did you pluck this twig?”, asked Karimbhai “But are there not so many of these „weeds‟ on the roadside?” “Nature has never anything too many or too much”, he said.
  17. 17. From Inertia to Institutionalisation of Innovative Mindsets Learning from Grassroots Teachers
  18. 18. Technology is like words, institutions are like grammar and culture is like thesaurus Meghalaya Three pillars of sustainability
  19. 19. Institutional heuristics Creating open source standards of excellence Meghalaya
  20. 20. A public innovation for public use Jharkhand
  21. 21. When things fill our mind, thoughts don’t find much place
  22. 22. Take home library in a box by Pritiben Gandhi
  23. 23. « Postcard Project » by Thakarshi P Kunbar Solving problems with frugality
  24. 24. IGNITE Learning from Creative Children
  25. 25. Arnab Chakraborty Class 12, Kolkatta
  26. 26. NIF engaged a design firm to develop a prototype Shalini Kumari Class 8, Patna, Bihar
  27. 27. Blending of Passion Purpose Performance and Persistence Through Platforms SRISTI, GIAN, NIF, Techpedia.in
  28. 28. 1) Artefactual as a simple replication of idea 2) Analogic metaphor to inspire 3) Heuristic as a model or principle 4) Gestalt configurational level institutions, technology, culture Dimensions of learning
  29. 29. National Innovation Clubs • Search: Celebrating the decade of innovation by scouting and mapping the creativity and innovations in the hinterland • Spread: Disseminating/cross-pollinating innovations across spaces, social segments and sectors • Sense and benchmark: Identifying the roots of persistent problems and the mindsets that trigger their continued tolerance in society to solve problems • Celebrate: Recognising achievers in different social spheres
  30. 30. Shanu Sharma, Vardan, IITK
  31. 31. Image, Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis For people with hearing and speaking disabilities Saurabh Saket and Rahul Ranjan Bhutta College of Engineering & Technology, Ludhiana
  32. 32. Has any big company given you a fridge also provides hot water, keeps food warm and consumes less electricity? by Dhruv Mesana
  33. 33. Head load carrier by Raghunath Lohar « Vazra »
  34. 34. Lao Yang Zhang Xingming Wang Fuhe Shan Dong Province Shaanxi Province Miyun County, Beijing Bicycle hoe Gopal Malhari Bhise Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
  35. 35. Innovations and Traditional Knowledge Enterprise Investment Golden Triangle of Creativity
  36. 36. Distribute open source, multimedia, local language content in every school Have a wall with folk art in every school UnLearning inertia Redesigning pedagogies Celebrating grassroots Creativity Internalising a frugal future
  37. 37. Teachers learn from students Children learn from four teachers Communities create open source standards of excellence, empathy, equity, and efficiency………… Authentic Leadership through Learning to be vulnerable Role Reversal to role peripheral
  38. 38. Cross-pollination will cultivate diversity Diversity will lead to pluralistic passions Platforms for distributed learning which is frugal, friendly and flexible Dissolving learning costs across civilsations through open innovation and learning platforms such as the Honey Bee Network Cross-Pollination
  39. 39. Joy of Discovery Creativity pervades Innovation instigates Knowledge humbles Wisdom sustains Creativity pervades Innovation instigates Knowledge humbles Image: Eric Comstock www.ericcomstock.us Wisdom sustains
  40. 40. – On halloween day, children will see pumpkins at home, to ward off evil spirit, but in school they were taught, believe only in rationality, – How do they blend sacred and secular – How do we respect diversity of cutlures, institutions and technological approaches around the world to make our society more creative, compassionate and collaborative
  41. 41. anilg@sristi.org