Seven habits - how to be  effective
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Seven habits - how to be effective



Nice Habits to become effective in society

Nice Habits to become effective in society



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Seven habits - how to be  effective Seven habits - how to be effective Presentation Transcript

  • What is Purpose of your Organization ? What is Main Strategy to accomplish the Purpose? What is Goal of your Life ? What is Main Strategy to meet the Goal ? Ask Two Question to yourself Then More Important Question arises To finalize this strategy these 7 Habits Help
  • No Involvement No Commitment No Commitment No Result! UNDERSTAND To get Result soon, Need to add a Catalyst
  • Catalyst
  • Don’t do different thing, they do things differently Effective People Remember !
  • 7 Habits of highly Effective People 1 Be Proactive 2 Begin with “End in Mind” 6 Synergy 4 Think Win-Win 5 Seek first to Understand then to understood 3 Put first thing First 7 Sharpen Saw Initiative Taker
  • 1 Be Proactive Ability to act based on Value & Principle Rather than based on Emotion & Circumstances How to be Proactive ? Achieving this ability by Developing human gifts 1 To be Proactive Stimulus --------------------- Response Freedom to Choose To be Proactive, one shall develop an (Habit to take Initiative)
  • Human Gifts, which animal don’t have ? Self Awareness: Observe our thoughts & change or improve to become effective. Conscience: Listen inner voice Imagination: To envision entirely different ( Out of Box) Self Will: 1 To be Proactive
  • Use of this Proactiveness To accept the things which I cannot change , courage to the change the things I can & To have wisdom to know the difference between two Circle of Influence Circle of Concern 1 To be Proactive
  • 2 Begin with “End in Mind” 2 Begin with “End in Mind” Suppose you are enter in car & ask driver to proceed….. What he will ask ? What will happen if don’t answer his question correctly ? What an drawing artist does before starting drawing ? What a Speaker does before starting a speech ? What a director does before starting a shooting ?
  • 3 Put first thing first 1 Important & Urgent 2 Important, but not Urgent 3 Not Important, but Urgent 4 Neither Important nor Urgent 3 Put First thing First
  • 4 Think “Win Win” Seek Solution good for both Understanding & co-operating Creatively This is a root for 5 th Habit which need to develop This is a condition, situation where both the party Wins in Business & Day –to-day life Respecting other’s thought & Listening Emphatically Closing EGO button
  • 5 Seek first to Understand then to understood By developing Capacity to: 1 Step out of our own perception 2 To see world through others eyes To develop authentic relationship & have the capacity to Influence in Positive way
  • Look at Following two picture from very close distance, If you see from long Distance ,say 6 feet from screen, You will have different experience.
  • Think “how People define the same word differently” Listen Emphatically & Understand first Type of Listening –Next slide It is not necessary , The way you see the world , people should see the world ! 5 Seek first to Understand then to understood Experiment, One group inside & other outside…
  • 1 Ignoring 2 Pretend to Listening 3 Selective Listening 4 Attentive Listening 5 EMPHATIC Listening (Really listening to get inside another person’s mind & heart) Types of Listening
  • 6 Synergy 6 Synergy Joint Effort/ Decision of multiple elements, to produce a result are greater than the sum of their individual effects.
  • No Synergy, More Energy Consumption When there is SYNERGY ENERGY consumption would be less!
  • Few Examples To complete submission within short time Sonakh is having good apparatus but not good ambience at his residence Vihash is having good ambience at his residence but not good apparatus If they complete their submission individually they will spend more energy If they utilize each other resources they probably require less energy If they work jointly they can have it easily! Two boys wish to have fruit from a tree Alone ,anyone of them cannot take the fruit from tree due to height constraint Problem:
  • 7 Sharpen Saw 7 Sharpen Saw Attending regularly & consistently renewal of four Dimensions of life It Means
  • 7 Sharpen Saw PHYSICAL SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL MENTAL SPIRITUAL Attend regularly & consistently renew 4 Dimensions of life Exercise, Eat Healthy food , Manage Stress Build Relationship, Listen Empathetically, Create Synergy, Care dependents Read, visualize, write, Develop talent, Learn new skills Meditate, Read inspirational, recommit to principles PERSONAL RENEWAL Hum Honge Kamiyab….
  • This is what I learn from Book by Stephen Covey