Intoduction catalyst-d effect


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An I ntelligent L ink by Catalyst with "D" effect on Personality Development & Productivity Improvement

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Intoduction catalyst-d effect

  1. 1. er f U t &nPer d o en desoUn Ro po ro f vem rO o Five “S” nante li yo ne nt eR y Im Ro De veofp O ivi KAIZEN lo rct oe u m nrdd UP POKA-YOKE 7 WASTE en t Total Productive Maintenance Supervisor to Leader Habits of Highly Effective People Fifteen Things to Stop Advanced Leadership Team Building Communication Skill Streamline Business Process Multi skilling Stress Release Management Employee Relations With Organization By Catalyst‘D’effect Click on Particular Subject To Know Contents select as per your need & Communicate for further assistance
  2. 2. FIVE “S” POKA-YOKE KIAZEN Catalyst TPM Supervisor & Leadership Back
  3. 3. 15 Things to STOPTEAM BUILDING Communication Skill Back
  4. 4. Need of Multi skill By Catalyst mahIlaa MsaazI saMiQa va Aavhanao Back
  5. 5. •Explains relation between family &Urgency of ‘5S’ implementation at work•Focused on Practical meaning & Concept of “5S”•An interactive session followed by shop visit to implement “5S”•How to conduct “5S” Audit to measure effectiveness of system•Meaning of term Kaizen & it’s relation With individual progress•Method of implementation of Kaizen & it’s action plan.•Enhance involvement in Kaizen•Measurement of result of Kaizen & it’s continuity Back
  6. 6. •Meaning of ‘POKA YOKE’ &methodology for execution•Importance of involvement & Concept of “Poka Yoke”•Few example to get familiar co-relate to participants working area•Effectiveness measurement•Relation of 7 Waste & it’s effect on organization performance• Identification of 7 Waste in system & plan for it’s reduction.•Systematic approach to implement•Measurement of result of this activity & it’s continuity Back
  7. 7. • Elaborate the Concept of TPM & TPMWhy it emerge as important tool•Methodology of implementation & benefits to organization & employee•Step by Step action plan for it’s implementation in shop floor• Measurement of Output from effectiveness of TPM system• Why Supervisor is different from Supervisor & Leadershipothers team member•Qualities require for modernsupervision & it’s action plan.•Expectation from Supervisor•Difference between Supervisor & good leader Back
  8. 8. •For successful people to achieve next height of success•Understanding of these habits of Highly effective business leader.•Effectiveness of these habits on day-to-day professional & family life•How to impart & cultivate these habitwithin us•Understand we may not achieved further with existing qualities.•Way to achieve further by STOPPING Something immediately•Result of stopping something in day-to-day life 15 Things to• Importance if “To be Nice’ STOP Back
  9. 9. •What is TEAM TEAM BUILDING Steps from Forming to Performing•Function of member & leaders & it’seffectiveness•An interactive session followed by practical assignments• Roles & rules for good team to improve Organizational Performance•To improve personality, Analysis of Leadership qualities of participants•Find opportunities for improvement within participants.• Locate weakness & remedies to nullify the same•How to conduct self Analysis to find outLacunas within participants Back
  10. 10. •Ideal Business Process fromSustainability to System Oriented type•Factors to take business fromSustainable to System Oriented•An interactive session followed by Question & answers•Need of effective Leadership to achieve targets•Importance of Communication Skill in todays competitive world•Way to enhance by interactive session & group discussion.•Elements of Communication•Guideline to achieve & enhance this skill set Back
  11. 11. •Need of Multiskilling to withstand & Need of Multi skillachieve new heights•Definition & possibilities to acquire the same during education or employment•An interactive session followed by group discussion.•Resources & ways to acquireMultiskilling•What are good & bad stresses &reasons for the same•Type of Stresses & it’s relation withefficiency.•How to tackle stressful situation•Instead reducing & managing how avoid bad stress Back
  12. 12. • Understand the concept“organization” & the way it runs.•Need & responsibility of success of an organization•Effect of employee relation withorganization on it’s success•How to strengthen relation & its effectiveness to achieve success•For Female staff who wish to achieve mahIlaa new height in organization MsaazI•Opportunities & challenges in front of saMiQa them. Realisation & solutions to face it. va• Ways to achieve in various life stages Aavhana• Achievement of females in variousfield o Back
  13. 13. Catalyst ‘D’effect A Faculty dedicated for Enhancing Intrinsic Value Within Professional From All type of Employees & OrganizationsLike,Industries : Small scale, Medium Scale & Large ScaleService Sectors : BPOs, Courier, Hotels, HospitalsTechnical Institutes : Industries, factories, Training CentreEducational Institutes : Engineering Colleges, ITIs, Student & Staff Back