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5S ppt Presentation -catalyst Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Prosperity through Satisfaction08/24/10
  • 2. Way to Satisfaction for Through “Wealth Generator” Means to08/24/10 Generate Wealth We search happiness in….
  • 3. ? ? ? Is It Satisfaction? ? ?? ? Then What is Satisfaction?
  • 4. This depends on our happiness- How?
  • 5. If we are If we r Happy ... notHappy ... Family Family happy Unhappy Satisfaction from Where
  • 6. Beyond ExpectationAs committed Surprisingly Low How to Achieve
  • 7. Q Ω Lean Management Ω TQM Ω TPMD Ω Six Sigma Ω Cause & Effect Ω SMEDC Ω PDCA Ω Seven Waste ( Muda) Ω Quality Circle Ω Kaizen Customer Ω 5S Satisfactions through Sequence to Achieve Let us understand A Typical Q D C Business model Business Model
  • 8. MAN POWERMACHINES MONEYMATERIAL MANAGERS Can alone thumb lift ? TO SERVE CUSTOMER Who will bring this?
  • 9. Money Machine Material Manpower & Customers Who will Bring This Resources ? Who will use it ? For our Satisfaction What I should do ?
  • 10. What I Should Do ? To achieveCustomer Satisfaction which is related Happiness of self & FamilyWhat idea I Should do?
  • 11. So Many Red Boxes are lying in shop floor, Everybody finding difficulty to move around If guest arrives & ask us do you clean it ? Then We fill BadIdea: Remove all Unwanted Things from work Stationuse daily 5S! What is 5S ?
  • 12. Japanese English Sort : Set : Version Version Remove unwanted, Fix the location for all not required Things Selected Thing nearSeiri, Sort, From Work Place. Work place.Seiton, Set, Store it in Identify each thing &Seiso, Shine separate location Make it Visible.Seiketsu Standardize Away from Work place.and and Keep only Required Place for each ThingShitsuke Sustain Thing Near Work Place & Things at PlaceShine: Standardize: Sustain: Develop Routine for Develop SystemClean Equipment daily. Sort, Set, Shine for measurementWhile cleaning Activities of effectivenessCHECK Conditions, Fix up Time, Method, By conductingRECORD Abnormality . Frequency, & 5S Audit RegularlyGet Corrected. responsibility Decide the Method for Ensure Consistency 3rd S Of 4S by Auditing Pictorial 5S
  • 13. Japanese Seri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and ShitsukeEnglish Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain Spanner st Wretch Hammer Sort Hacksaw Required d uire eq Chuck Die R ot Remove unwanted, N not required Things Drill From Work Place. Store it in Set separate location nd Away from Work place. Keep only Required Things Near Work Place With Identification Pictorial 3rd S
  • 14. rdSHINE Clean Daily Shop floor & Equipments While Cleaning Lubricate & Check & Record abnormality Get it Corrected. Pictorial 4th S
  • 15. th Set a System for implementation Of 1stS, 2ndS, 3rdS System forFor 1st S Display following table at each work station Sorting of Required & Non-Required ThingsActivity Schedule & Verification Chart: Frequency Every SaturdaySr. Work Station List Unwanted Things Done CheckedNo Removed By by System for Accommodated & Identified required things near work place:For 2 S nd YES / NO System for Schedule for Cleaning For 3rd S Work Station Abnormality Cleaned Checked By by You can add more rows in above charts to cover all Work Stations Pictorial 5th S
  • 16. th System to Verify & measure Effectiveness of What ever done in 1stS, 2ndS, 3rdS & 4thS How 5S Related to our Family ?
  • 17. Productivity –High Customer Quality-Good Cost-Low FamilyImportance of 5S Employment Share Holder Action Plan to Implement 5S
  • 18. WhoShould Do it What Is to be done When to Start Way to Success
  • 19. Typical Example
  • 20. Few Example 5S Chairs below table Typical Example to save space.
  • 21. 08/24/10 Typical Example
  • 22. 5S – all material identified and in its place. In the furniture, the wheels to facilitate moving. Thanks & Contact Details
  • 23. To Conduct seminar & Implement you can reach to Anil Dhasal 9686456217 anil.dhasal@gmail.com08/24/10