Sixth sense technology


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This presentation gives you brief overview of Sixth Sense Device developed by Pranav Mistry.

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Sixth sense technology

  1. 1. What is sixth sensetechnology? All of us are aware of the five basicsenses – seeing, feeling, smelling, tastingand hearing. But there is also another sensecalled the sixth sense Technology. It is basically a connection to somethinggreater than what their physical senses areable to perceive. ‘ Sixth Sense / WUW ‘which is awearable gestural , user friendly interface
  2. 2. hoW it Was developed? The purpose of this technology was to simplifyday-to-day tasks and integrate them with thevirtual world. This technology was developed by the ball ofmouse and placed them in a line attaching them bysome strings, pulleys and springs into a motionsensing device. The axial rollers found in the ballmouse were used to replicate the gestures made withhand on the computer.
  3. 3. Working ofthistechnology? The Sixth Senseprototype consistsof a pocketprojector, mirrorand a camera. Thedevice is pendantshaped. Both theprojector and thecamera are
  4. 4. The projectorprojects visualInformation enablingsurfaces, walls andphysical objectsaround us to be usedas interfaces.
  5. 5. What are functions? The aim behind this technology is objects around youdisplaying information automatically and letting youaccess in your way. The paper work are directly synchronized with thecomputer or a scheduling device which can also beorganized effortlessly.
  6. 6. cont… The camera recognizes objectsaround you instantly, with themicro-projector overlaying theinformation on any surface,including the object itself oryour hand. Then, you canaccess or manipulate theinformation using your fingers. Simply you need to make asquare with your finger andwith the help of camerathrough position it captures
  7. 7. If you want to make a call thensimply extend your hand in front ofthe projector & then number willappears you can easily have dialthose number and make call.
  8. 8. Just by makinga circle on yourwrist you willbe able to seewatch on yourwrist and easilysee the time.
  9. 9. It is blessing for booklovers as by openingany page the device willinteract and shows theinformation about text,comments and features.
  10. 10. By using a digital pen we can draw a 3dimensional image. This technology also brings the google map intophysical world.Example:1) if we place a boarding pass on the map it’ll showus our flight gate.2) if we place a coffee cup it’ll show us the nearestplace to get coffee.
  11. 11. Another best task thatthis technology can do byholding any product we caneasily know the quality andcontents of that product. By this technology wedon’t read the newspaperbut we can also make thenewspaper audio andvisualize.
  12. 12. This latest six sensetechnology showsreal and currentinformation of flightor any boarding passby just holding theticket and its datawill be displayedautomatically.
  13. 13. We can watch movies, play games or even surf thenet using just a blank sheet of paper as an interface. One incredible function is by using freehandgestures information or pictures from differentsource and placing it together on one interfaceeither in computer screen or a paper.
  14. 14. pros To a layman, it would be somethingsupernatural. It shows the portability. It can be easily interact with thephysical world. Few instruments are required to thistechnology.
  15. 15. cons Misuse can be done for criminalpurposes.
  16. 16. summary The main aim of six sensetechnology is to interact withthe physical world. People are not interested incomputing rather thaninformation so this technologyis the blessings.