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Thermal Or Steam powerplant
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Thermal Or Steam powerplant


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  • Per capita means how much a person receives. India’s population is 1.17 billion as of July’09. Total Production = 1,49,390MW
  • Flue gas – gas which comes out after burning a fuel and it contains a lot of sulphur.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presented By:ANIKET BIRAJDAR
    • 2. INTRODUCTIONIndia is one of the world’s largest consumer of energyConventional sources: Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear.Non- conventional: Wind, solar, Geothermal, tidal.Installed capacity – 1,61,352MW  Thermal = 95151.74MW Nuclear = 4,120MW Hydro = 36877.76MW RES = 13242.41MWAnnual power production – 680 billion KWH
    • 3. Break up of PowerThermal Power Plants – 75%Hydro Electric Power Plants - 21%Nuclear Power Plants - 4%Installed wind power Generation – 9655MW30% to 40% of electrical power is lost in transmission and distribution
    • 4. General Layout of Steam Power Plant
    • 5. Main CircuitFuel And Ash CircuitAir And Gas CircuitFeed Water And Steam CircuitCooling Water Circuit
    • 6. Fuel And Ash CircuitFuel stored and fed to the boiler through conveyor belts. Broken down into proper shape for complete burning.Ash thus generated after burning is removed from the boiler through ash handling equipment
    • 7. Air And Gas CircuitAir is required for combustion of fuel and is supplied through fansAir is passed through air preheater to extract energy from flue gases for proper burning of the fuelFlue gases have ash and several gases which are passed through the precipitator(dust collector) and go to atmosphere through chimney.
    • 8. Feed Water And Steam CircuitSteam Converted to water by condenser.Water is demineralized & hence not wasted to have better economic operation of the plant.Some part of steam and water is lost while passing through different parts.Boiler feed pump feeds water into the boiler drum where it is heated to form steam.Wet steam is again heated in super heater before passing through the turbineSteam is expanded in the turbine to run it. After which again it goes to boiler for reheating
    • 9. Cooling Water CircuitTo condensate the steam, large quantity of cooling water is required which is taken from river or pondageAfter passing through the condenser, it is fed back to the river or Pondage
    • 10. Boiler
    • 11. Turbine
    • 12. Turbine – Full View
    • 13. Selection Of siteAvailability of Coal.Ash Dispostur Facillaty.Space Requirment.Nature of Land.Availability of Water.Transport facillaty.Availability of Labour.Distance for Populated Area.Size of Plant.