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B4 t3 ana_vela B4 t3 ana_vela Document Transcript

  • Classroom Observation Form for Peer Review of TeachingFaculty Member: _______________________________Course Observed: __________ __________ __________ _________ Prefix Course No. Section SemesterTime: ____________ Date: ___________ Observer: ______________________Please rate each of the following areas on a scale of 0 to 10 in conformance with the departmental rubric(0 1 2 3 = Poor, 4 5 – Fair, 6 7 = Good, 8 9 10 = Excellent).Delivery and projection: _____(heard throughout the room, non-monotone use of voice, understandable diction)Organization: _____(provides an overview, logical progression of ideas, continuity of ideas)Time management: _____(starts and ends class on time, good balance of review and new information)Handling of subject material: _____(clarity and precision, use of examples, use of techniques to aid learningsuch as relevant applications, discussion, multiple ways of solving a problem,level of teaching appropriate for the class)Learning outcomes: _____(promotes critical thinking and problem solving, enhances topic specific terminology,concept building, interpretation, and reasoning)Student interaction: _____(attentive, involved, inquisitive students)Interest/enthusiasm of instructor: _____(energetic, animated, positive reinforcement)Board Presentation _____(writing is legible, figures are clear)If relevant, use of instructional support materials: _____This item may be rated N/A (not applicable).(clear, readable, relevant to topic)Please write a review of the class that you observed noting the various areas described in the guidelinesand supporting your ratings.
  • Instructional Materials Form for Peer Review of TeachingFaculty Member: _______________________________Course Reviewed: __________ __________ __________ _________ Prefix Course No. Section SemesterDate of review: _________ Reviewer: _________________Please comment on the course syllabus, schedule, and assessment measures:A course syllabus should contain the following: instructors name, office location and contactinformation, course #, title, credit hours, term, meeting times & location, description includingprerequisites, required materials such as texts, objectives, means of evaluating student performance,grading scale, class policies on make-ups, academic honesty, civility, and related issues such as the use ofcalculators, cell phones, etc., and a disability statement.A course schedule should be well –organized and provide approximate dates for assignments andexaminations. One major instrument of evaluation should be scheduled before the drop date.Sample assessment measures should address student-learning outcomes and be reasonable in length anddifficulty.