Whistle Blowing, Media, Manipulation - Don't Shoot the Messenger


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had the opportunity to share perspectives on media, whistle blowing and manipulation at a two day national seminar (Media Manthan) conducted by St. Aloysius College, Mangalore on January 21- 22, 2011.

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Whistle Blowing, Media, Manipulation - Don't Shoot the Messenger

  1. 1. Whistle Blowing, Media and Manipulation –Don’t Shoot the Messenger National Seminar On Media and Manipulation St. Aloysius College, Mangalore Aniisu K Verghese - India Internal Communication Lead Sapient Corporation January 21, 2011
  2. 2. DisclaimerDue care has been taken whilepreparing this presentation but theauthor cannot be held responsible forany misuse or misrepresentation ofinformation. The views expressed inthis presentation are those of theauthor and do not reflect those of theorganization he works for. Data forthis presentation has been drawn fromvarious sources and is gratefullyacknowledged. 2
  3. 3. Presentation CoversIntroductionContextMedia and the ‘new’ normalRecent casesYour role – individual and organizationFinal take
  4. 4. Introduction Aniisu K Verghese Twelve years in the evolving internal communication and Roles of an internal social media domains. - Blogger, educationist, speaker communicator - Internal journalist - Brand guardian - Company ‘s conscience keeper - Culture ambassador - Internal media manager - Message reviewer - Transparency monitorWith access to information comesresponsibility
  5. 5. Whistle Blowing and MediaManipulation A whistle blower is a person who raises a concern about alleged wrongdoing occurring in a organization, private or public or agency which is expected to be operating within the bounds of the law. Media Manipulation often involve the suppression of information or points of view:- by crowding them out- by inducing other people or groups of people to stop listening to certain arguments, or- by simply diverting attention elsewhere(Source: Wikipedia)Whistle blowing is an effect – a ‘safety release valve’ for organizations and a POSITIVE sign
  6. 6. ContextTruth vs Propaganda
  7. 7. Journalist ranked below plumber and electricianIn India, success doesnt readily translate intotrust: it must go along with impeachable Readers Digest,reputations March 2010
  8. 8. CEOs Among Least Trusted Source: 2010 Edelman Trust Barometer
  9. 9. People Seek Transparency andTrust Source: 2010 Edelman Trust Barometer
  10. 10. Indian Media Losing Trust “Indian media has been losing its credibility and trust among the people. The study has noticed a sharp drop in trust over the past two years in television news in India. However, newspapers are ranked higher than other mediums in terms of credible news.”- 2010 Edelman Trust Barometer
  11. 11. Do you get the completepicture?Extract from a company survey - 72% people enjoyed Company X’s anniversary celebrations 98% people feel proud to work for Company X 96% are excited to be part of Company X’s amazing journey now and in the future 95% are aware of how our culture and values have transformed and evolved Company X over time What you don’t know can hurt you
  12. 12. Media and the ‘new’ normalThe issues and reality today
  13. 13. Media is the prey, not thepredator Power is in the hands of those who know how to leverage media Flynn Remedios is Rakhi Sawants Official Spokesperson Bollywood actress and mega-brand, item queen and dancing sensation - Rakhi Sawant, has appointed senior journalist, internet marketing and branding expert and publicist Flynn Remedios as her Media Manager, Publicist and official spokesperson. He will also oversee her online imaging and branding efforts. Source: http://www.indiaprwire.com/pressrelease/entertainment/ 2008112115847.htm
  14. 14. Increased access to technology
  15. 15. Age of sting operations
  16. 16. Media sources aren’t the same anymore•34% of 200 million bloggers post opinions about products and brands•78% of consumers trust peer recommendations whereas only 14%trust advertisements- Eric Qualman, author of Socialnomics
  17. 17. Crowdsourcing feedback andsocial action
  18. 18. You ARE the mediaCitizen journalism has transformed news reportingPeople can share press releases directly
  19. 19. Social networks keep digitalnews always alive
  20. 20. There are no ‘top secret’ e- e-mails Any internal communication can find its way into the web world
  21. 21. Recent casesLessons we learnt
  22. 22. Wikileaks ONLY posted the cables Bradley Manning, 23 Had access to SIPRNet—the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network—used by the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of StateSo did New York Times and otherpublications worldwide…….
  23. 23. Manipulation That Eroded Trust Hero worship and lack of transparency burried Satyam
  24. 24. Private conversations don’talways stay that wayTata’s image takes abeating with the‘Radia’ tapescontroversy
  25. 25. You Have a Role To PlayGet familiar, ask questions, avoid becoming a victim
  26. 26. Seek a Balanced Perspective Don’t take any news at face value Ask the right questions Go behind the news Get your facts right Focus on the issue, not the personality Use media responsibly
  27. 27. Stay Ahead of the Game Protect the whistle blower – policy, ombudsman Get familiar with latest trends and technologies Understand your employees Have early warning mechanisms Address issues when they arise Be open to feedback Build measures to become a responsible organization Become a role model and ethical company
  28. 28. Final TakeSummary
  29. 29. Media ManipulationWhistle blowing = a good sign
  30. 30. Keep in touch Blog: www.intraskope.wordpress.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/aniisu Linkedin: http://in.linkedin.com/in/aniisu E-mail: intraskope@yahoo.com