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Friends For Life - Presentation on Road Safety to Schools
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Friends For Life - Presentation on Road Safety to Schools


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This is a presentation that invited schools to join hands in the awareness campaign against road traffic accidents. Friends For Life is a road safety NGO that we began in 2003 in Bangalore.

This is a presentation that invited schools to join hands in the awareness campaign against road traffic accidents. Friends For Life is a road safety NGO that we began in 2003 in Bangalore.

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Building safer, responsible communitiesThrough effective road safety messages
    Friends For Life presentation for schools and its work
  • 2. The presentation covers
    The challenges
    Friends For Life
    The work
    Back to School Project
    How can we collaborate
  • 3. Ground reality
  • 4. Ground reality
  • 5. Ground reality
    LICs’ scenario
    Poor road conditions – lighting, potholes, unmarked speed breakers, Man made obstacles – multi-type vehicles, cattle/dogs.
    Encroachment of roads – hawkers, infrastructure deficiencies.
    Low support from govt./police bodies – focus on policies, not on enforcement/awareness.
  • 6. About Friends For Life
    Mission: To build safer, responsible communities
    Core area: Unintentional road traffic injury prevention
    Focus on: Communications and Education
  • 7.
  • 8. Self-preservation is the first responsibilityMargaret Anderson (1886–1973), U.S. literary editor and autobiographer
  • 9. The campaign
    Online, public interest
    Leverages the power of the Net
    It is about responsibility
    About one’s own safety
    About being concerned about the safety of your friends, family members,colleagues and community.
  • 10. Why ?
    Increase in road accidents
    Lack of road sense
    Enforcing a rule is not a solution
    Myths surrounding road safety measures
    Morbid messages – lots of resistance
    Learning from experience
  • 11. Common excuses
    Its bulky nature
    Very uncomfortable to carry around
    Loss of hair, skin itching
    Burning sensation in the eyes
    Distraction of vision
    Suffocating during summer
    Barriers to overcome while conducting campaign..
  • 12. Whom is it for ?
    All two wheeler riders
    Youth/school/college students
    Influencers – partner organizations, parents, friends.
    Get the message in early
  • 13. What does it hope to achieve ?
    Create awareness
    Increase interaction
    Initiate change
    Increase helmet wearing
    Make people responsible
    Develop better standards of communications
    Bring local administration, policy bodies, police together
  • 14. How is this campaign working ?
    Online: Communi –Kit – downloadable communication material
    Posters, stickers, logos, wallpapers, SMS text, survey documents, e-mailers and instructions
    Communications/Human Resources managers can run independent campaigns on their corporate Intranets
    Offline: Road shows, traffic signs, media coverage
  • 15. Road safety college tour at Jyoti Nivas
  • 16. Proposed Projects
    Poster/sticker campaign
    Radio campaign – ready to launch
    Helmet traffic signboards – next phase
    SMS campaign - WIP
    Back to School – posters, leaflets etc. WIP
    Contest among IT firms
    Presentations/Road Safety Weeks at organizations
    Campaign on milk packets ( Milk = Health, Helmet = Safety )
    Ad club
    Bike clubs
    Road Safety Training packages for corporate houses
    HR forums
    Road Safety film
  • 17. Poster/sticker campaign
    Support in distribution and printing
  • 18. Back to School Project
    Posters for educating school children and parents/teachers
    Reflective stickers for school bags
    Introduction of session for children on road safety – once a week/month
    Games/puzzles/contest for children on road safety – using simple analogy – fruits/colors etc
    Target: schools in Bangalore by e-mail ( directory and School Net)
    Tie-up with School Net – web banners
  • 19. Helmet traffic signboards
    • 40 signboards across the city
  • Recognition
    Paper accepted at:
    Invite from the
    World Health Organization
  • 20. Other subjects – unintentional road traffic injury prevention
    Lane discipline
    Road sense/consideration towards fellow road users
    Against mobile usage while driving
    Road safety and children
    Things to do in the event of an accident
    Targeting influencers – spouses/colleagues/parents
  • 21. Schools :How you can help
    By involving your students/staff ( pro-actively spreading the message )
    Talking to other professionals in your field
    Sponsoring the campaign
    Introducing this subject as part of the curriculum
    Inviting police officers/medical experts to speak to students
    Getting victims to talk to students
  • 22. How can you contribute/collaborate ?
    Taking messages to forums – via e-mails/e-groups
    Tie-ups with schools/colleges/Times in Education
    Target: 4 corporate house per month
    To actively seek sponsors – programs/radio/TV/collaterals
    To make it a Knowledge Resource/Exchange Forum
    Road Safety champions
    School/college tours
    Talks at corporate houses
    Web marketing
  • 23. Join us to make road safety a priority
    Keep in touch
    Friends For Life