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Djgroove Cv 2
Djgroove Cv 2
Djgroove Cv 2
Djgroove Cv 2
Djgroove Cv 2
Djgroove Cv 2
Djgroove Cv 2
Djgroove Cv 2
Djgroove Cv 2
Djgroove Cv 2
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Djgroove Cv 2


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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  • 1. Introducing Mr Brian Santiego DJ Groove
  • 2. DJ GROOVE
    • For the past 25 years Hip Hop has taken may turns but some have remained true to the essence of originality….. inspired by the Grand master himself….DJ Brian has perpetuated his icon by believing in the true passion of music, and the inspiration to become a truly acoustic visionary. He is responsible for influencing the Hip Hop R & B music scene in South East Asia and has a a trail of accaliaides following his inspiration.
    • His insight into monitoring crowds responses has led him to create and elevate his own creative style of mixing as he develops innovate techniques of re- arranging the arrangement of recorded songs taking re-mix to an individual perspective.
  • 3. DJ GROOVE
    • DV8 –Perth Australia
    • Metro- Perth Australia
    • Karma – KL Malaysia
    • Gold Coast, Australia
    • Brisbane, Australia
    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • Concord Hotel – Malaysia
    • Sheraton -Shenzhen China
  • 4. DJ Brian About Brian : Adhering to a ‘low profile image’ DJ Brian is a masterful orchestrater of intellectually acoustic rhythms’. Enhancing a blend of both old and new pulsation beats, DJ Brian has been acclaimed as the ‘groove master’. When you think you know it…you don’t. and yet you do…sure to amaze. Internationally recognised as the remixing specialist DJ Brian has performed in Australia, Singapore and China.
  • 5. DJ GROOVE
    • Taking his skills to a more advance
    • level DJ Groove instigated the formation
    • of live band known as The Alter Ego’s.
    • The most innovative concept of remix yet!!!.
    • Mixing live from the DJ console, DJ Groove
    • produced and directed a fully choreographed
    • performance of 5 lead vocals. Two beat boxers,
    • 1 Rapper and 2 lead vocals the Alter Egos are
    • an innovative success of DJ Groove.
    • “ The Alter Egos are a Collaboration of artists
    • that formed because of their passion for lending
    • and enhancing all music styles, with the shared
    • vision of improving live music performances.
    • Combined, these talented artists are
    • sure to leave you wanting more .Creatively
    • inspiring the music industry to always improve
    • and enhance, is experience is guaranteed to
    • “ take you back to school’ blending the best of
    • old and new music, with a "RAP" twist.  Never
    • seen before in Malaysia he "created a music
    • vision".  The
  • 6. Media Coverage
    •   M E T R O
    • Central Friday January 4, 2008 Music group injects a bit of difference into familiar melodies By NG WEI LOON
    • THE newly formed DJ Groove & Alter Ego's is presenting partygoers familiar melodies with a twist. Group founder Brian Santiego a.k.a. DJ Groove said he had pondered on the concept of rendering household lyrics in unfamiliar tempos for several years.Three months ago, the 30-year-old who has 12 years experience in the trade including a stint in Australia gathered his friends in the music industry to have a crack at the idea. Spinning the beat: Santiego doing the live remix of hip-hop, R&B and retro tunes. .Among the five singers in the pack are siblings Burn and Samala combined with the rapping trio of Puff & Steve and Jack. Burn takes on the role as the lead vocal while Jack is given the task as the lead rapper.  “I am responsible of spinning the beat while they will sing according to their ingenuity. We are still testing the response with the live remix incorporating hip-hop, R&B and retro,” said Santiego adding that they aspire to produce an album together.  Recently, the group made their third appearance at the Groove Junction in Desa Sri Hartamas.  “In mid-November, we had a good debut here. We are hoping that the unique notion will also take off in the nightlife scene around the Klang Valley,” added Santiego.  
  • 7.
    • The group's manager Annie Wright said they have received tremendous support from families and friends .“Performing at the club has been a good training ground for the group. They have improved over the period to get the audience into party mood. The patrons here are dancing to the beat. For example, Steve would not have imagined that he would be able to pull it off three months ago because he is a shy character by nature. Now, he getting into it,” she added.  During their recent gig, they entertained the crowd with two sets of performances. Each set comprised of about 25 songs over duration of 45 minutes.“We are getting more comfortable as we go along. We share the same interest and passion for music. It is also important to have fun while we are doing this,” said Steve. Meanwhile, Puff added that they are contributing in different ways to strengthen the group with their individual abilities and mutual respect for their respective talent.
    Spinning the beat: Santiego doing the live remix of hip-hop, R&B and retro tunes
  • 8. Gallery Live at Groove Junction
  • 9.  
  • 10.