Seven secrets to getting your home sold bl.wh.


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Who to List Your Home With is an important decision given that in Toronto your home is quite possibly your largest asset. Speak with Aeriol Nicols before making that decision. This powerpoint will explain why you should.

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Seven secrets to getting your home sold bl.wh.

  1. 1. Aeriol NicolsBrokerRoyal LePage Signature(416)443-0300
  2. 2.  Which Realtor to List With – Hire a Realtor who will expose your home to the best of their ability. Decide on the Price –You choose the price and the price you choose decides whether your home will be sold… or not. What Commission you will pay Commission is negotiable. If the commission is too low there won’t be money for marketing or an enthusiastic agent. The selling agent will prefer to sell a home with higher commission.
  3. 3.  Hire a Realtor who will expose your home to the best of their ability. How up to date are they with current marketing strategies……? Aside from Toronto MLS- do they have at least one website. Do they have a Facebook page to expose your property & know how to advertise on Facebook. Do they have a Twitter account where they expose your property. Do they have a personal blog that receives thousands of hits per month. Do they have buyer lists from their web marketing efforts to e-mail your property to. Do they have a monthly newsletter and a CRM – that’s a customer relationship manager database, they send out with property listings to their list. Will they give you an individual property website for your home with it’s own domain? Do they use print marketing… and is that flyers and neighbourhood mail drops and newspapers. 87% OF ALL REAL ESTATE SALES NOW START ON THE WORLDWIDE WEB So Says NAR the National Association of Realtors Is your realtor a Certified Web Marketing Expert ? ignore it at your peril
  4. 4.  You the SELLER choose the price choose the wrong price and your home will sit. When you list your home the decision has already been made. It is already sold ……….or not. No amount of marketing can overcome wrong pricing. Smart buyers today ask the realtor that is working for them for a list of homes that have sold recently in the neighbourhood that compare with yours. Most Buyers make an offer based on Historical factors. Price it right or get ready to buy it back.
  5. 5.  Commission is negotiable. Things to remember. A realtor takes your listing on a contingency basis. They pay all of YOUR expenses upfront and all of their hard costs. At the end they need to re- coup all the hard costs & cover their expenses, pay their broker, pay the selling agent, pay the tax man and then pay themselves a decent hourly rate. If the commission is too low your agent won’t be able to market your home or be able to invest time with you as their time is not being compensated for. the selling agent will not be too enthusiastic about selling your home over another one down the street or around the corner with a higher commission.
  6. 6.  We are compensated in Two Ways 1/ Contingency Basis – I take your listing & I take all the risk paying all the upfront costs associated with selling your home. Some of these are we pay for signs, flyers, professional photography, advertising, home staging, virtual tours, Toronto Real Estate board costs, licencing, vehicles, gas and so on. All the hard costs & soft costs associated with the sale. This includes our time looking after your needs. OR
  7. 7.  Retainer Basis An agent can work on retainer. That is where we put a sum of money it may be $10,000 to $20,000 in an account ( depending on the price range of your home) and we draw against it whether we sell your home or not. You will pay less on this system however your costs and our wage is paid whether you sell or not. Just like a lawyer or other professional. Which do you prefer?
  8. 8.  We have 3 roles as your realtor. 1/Consult 2/Negotiate 3/Oversee the details of the transaction
  9. 9.  When you have chosen us as your realtor we will begin to consult with you on all aspects of the sale of your home. As a professional consultant we will ask you a number of questions about the sale of your home, your vision and your goals. We want to help you make Good Decisions We walk you through the steps to getting top dollar for your property in the least amount of time with the smallest amount of aggravation. We consult with you on staging, organizing and prepping to go to market. We utilize our experienced list of vendors to achieve your goals. We bring all of our vast marketing skills to the table and our team will prep all websites, brochures and advertising to get your home sold fast & for the most money. We have a full marketing department at our fingertips 6 days of the week. Ask us about what we do. We will be glad to sit down and demonstrate our Professional Marketing Skills to you. We guide you on pricing your House right… but….. the ultimate decision is yours. The majority of our business comes from our Past Clients and their referrals however you are welcome to refer yourselves to us.
  10. 10.  During our consultation we will discuss both negotiating strategies and best pricing strategies preparing you for a number of potential scenarios. When we receive an agreement to purchase your home we will help you to weigh the opportunity and make a good decision. We will bring our more than 20 years of negotiating skills and experience to the table.
  11. 11.  We will handle the complete transaction from listing to close. Selling a home is a bit like this picture of an iceberg. You see about ¼ on the surface There is at least 2/3 more going on underneath Getting a signed agreement for the sale of your home is the tip of the iceberg not the end of the process. There are mortgage, appraisals, Home inspections, buyer viewings & human emotions to contend with . There are at least 150 Phone calls that go into the process and about twice that number of pieces of paper.
  12. 12.  It has become popular recently for discount Brokers to put listings on MLS for a small fixed fee. What we are noticing is there is a trend of these homes not selling. They tend to end up listing with a Full Service Broker to effect a Sale. They receive non of Secrets #4 #5 and #6 In the old days you paid 5% 0r6% no matter who you listed with and hoped for the best. Today you can choose the level of service you want. Brokers & Agents are defining themselves to the public by the commission packages that they offer. This does the public a great service as they can now be very clear about their wants, needs, the level of service & relationship they would like to have with their realtor.
  13. 13.  Meet with us to review our Services, Track Record & Marketing Plan For the Sale of your home We are convinced that you will like our Secret Sauce. See why Aeriol Nicols & Royal Le Page Signature, Toronto’s #1 Full Service Real Estate Agency are the Secret Sauce for getting your home SOLD Fast.Our Vision isto help you make your hopes and dreams come true. You can reach Aeriol by calling (416)443-0300 For a one on one consultation or e-mail Aeriol at