Geography presentation-Tropical Rainforests
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Geography presentation-Tropical Rainforests






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Geography presentation-Tropical Rainforests Geography presentation-Tropical Rainforests Presentation Transcript

  • Rainforests are usually located 5° either side of the Equator. Many of the Tropical Rainforests are in danger of deforestation due to the needs of us humans.This is what is happening to therainforests. This affects not onlythe people living near and in therainforests, but also the wholeworld.
  • • The temperature within the Once the soils nutrients has been used up by for example farmers rainforest is high throughout then it is left in this condition. the year, at an average of 27c.• Also, there is daily convectional rainfall, which totals to over 2000mm per year. The red clay soils up to 30 metres deep because of rapid weathering. The soil is leached as the nutrients are washed away by the heavy rainfall.
  • The tropical rainforest is stratified into 5 different layers.Emergent Layer: Thetallest trees are about 50metres high, but can beabout 80 metres.Canopy Layer: treesmore than 30metres high, hometo most insects,birds and animals.Under story: Receivesonly 2-15% ofsunlight and containsyoung trees.
  • Rainforests are cut downeveryday for several differentreasons and they are: The effects of these are harming the•AGRICULTURE – farmland environment around the area andneeded for settlers globally. Firstly, it’s causing excess soil•SETTLEMENT – land needed to erosion as there are less trees toprovide homes intercept the heavy rainfall. Secondly, as•RANCHING – forest cleared to the rainforest contains 90% of all knowngraze cattle species of plants and animals, it is predicted that in the next 40 years•LOGGING – timber exported, 100,000 species will become MEDC’s•MINING – gold, iron ore and Globally, cutting down trees is causingaluminium ore increased global warming.•DAMS – hydro-electricitypower•ROADS – 12,000km of new
  • Global Warming is the rise in the Earth’s averagetemperature caused by an increase in the greenhouseeffect. The sun sends solar energy which reaches the earth asOne of the main causes of light. The Earth’s surfaceglobal warming is deforestation. absorbs solar energy andThis is due to the fact that radiates heat, howeverforests are being cut down some of the heat istherefore there are fewer trees trapped in the Earth’sconverting carbon dioxide into surface. This is calledoxygen. Evidence that global warming warming. global exists is: 2. Glaciers are melting 3. Coral reefs are dying 4. Average global temperature has increased by 0.6°c in the past 100 years
  • If things carry onas they are thenthe followingproblems willoccur in thefuture