Prezentacja o świętach.


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Prezentacja o świętach.

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Prezentacja o świętach.

  1. 1. For me Christmas is the most important time throughoutthe year . it is the only time when my whole family istogether.People are nice and kind to each other. In myhome preparation for Christmas start at the beginning ofAdvent when my family and I go to the Church.The firstsign of the coming Christmas is a fresh smell of Christmastre.On chrismas Eve women in my home spend in thekitchen all the time preparing twelve dishes.The mendecorate the whole house as well and together decorateChristmas tree with balls,chains and lamps.Everybobysends Christmas cards to friends and family.When thefirst star appeare in the sky all the family sit at a table audsay a prayer. Then we divide the wafer aud make wishes.There is a custom that hay is laid under the tabledotersaud are seat remains unoccupied for. On the table thereare twelve dishes: red beet soup with little dumplings,mushroom soup, ravioli, herring. There is also the main dish- carp. We give the wafer to animals so that they canspeak in a Human voice. We unpack the presents fromunder the Christmas tree and we sing together carolsnextwe go to the Chutch for Christmas Mass.
  2. 2. The Polish people aresolemnly celebratingChristmas. Special dayis Christmas Eve, wherehe can sit downtogether at the table,talking, sharing yourmemories. What isimportant is livingspace, where it isChristmas Eve dinner,and sometimes eventhe whole apartmentto get festiveatmosphere. Inherent isbeautifully adornedChristmas tree .Ourspecial day is christmasEve ist smells ,tastercuel joyful atmosphere.
  3. 3.  In most homes, during the Christmas Eve under the tree you can find lots of gifts. It is a habit that comes from the Roman Saturnalia. Each participant should get a Christmas Eve gift, even symbolic. This tradition is also linked to anticipation of the first star, because th
  4. 4. Ancient tradition of the Catholic Church isthe blessing of food during the morningMass on Holy Saturday. The choice of foodin the basket was never accidental. Everygift of God symbolizes something else. Toset the gifts of God, which necessarilyshould be in the Easter basket include:bread, egg, salt, ham, cheese, horseradish,Easter cake, lamb, and water. Number ofproducts in the basket can be greatlyexpanded, of course, but these should notbe forgotten. Basket Easter is traditionallydecorated with blueberry twigs and lacenapkins with printed symbols of Easter.
  5. 5. Guess who? Guesswhy?I wish you a MerryChristmas!Do not think myselfthat this fable,I wish you a tastyeggsLet the tradition ofpouring water,Because rabbit israging again!
  6. 6. The first day of November is in Poland, non-workingday, which means that many people travel greatdistances even to visit the graves of their lovedones. People visit cemeteries to decorate graveswith flowers, light candles and pray for theintentions of their dead. It is an expression ofmemory and to honor and respect the dead.
  7. 7. The day after All Saints Day All Souls (2November) is celebrated on days ofremembrance of the dead [3] (in Polandcalled Zaduszkami). For Catholics, Latinand many other Western Christians is aday of prayer for all believers in Christ whohave already departed from this world.The memory of the dead are also moresecular expression. Zaduszkowe organizesconcerts, exhibitions and performancesdedicated to deceased artists, it seemscommemorative magazines and books.