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Presentation of BIA

  1. 1.
  2. 2. About us…Date of establishing: • 25 April 1980Legal Statute: BIA is a voluntary, non-governmental organization of the Bulgarian Industry, established on 25 April 1980Bodies of management: • General Assembly, • Board of Management, • Executive Board, • Controlling Council,Members: • More than 20 000 enterprises • 263 of the top 300 largest companies in Bulgaria
  3. 3. COLLECTIVE MEMBERS 107 Branch organizations 26 Regional organizations 104 Local municipal bodies OTHER COLLECTIVE MEMBERS: • Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association • Confederation “Union of the Bulgarian Industry” • Central Cooperative Union, • Central Union of Worker Producers‟ Cooperatives, • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, • Federation of the Scientific and Technical Unions • Universities
  4. 4. BIA is the biggest employers’ organization in Bulgaria, with history of more than 25 years… Number of members of the nationally acknowledged employers’ organizations in Bulgaria: Branch organizations BICA gave 3% Organization: Members: CEIBG authorization UPEE 1% for representation: 12%BIA 20 500 49 VuzrazdaneBusiness Union 7000 14 21%“Vuzrazdane” BIA 63%Union for Private 4000 4EconomicEnterprises (UPEE)BICA 938 7CEIBG 387 9
  5. 5. PARTICIPATION IN PARTNERSHIP BODIES ON NATIONAL LEVEL National Council of Tripartite Cooperation Council for Economic Growth at the Council of Ministers Economic and Social Council Council of Tax Policy at the Minister of Finance National Consultative Committee of Standardization National Health Insurance Fund National Social Security Institute Labour Conditions Fund Employment Agency Agency of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises National Institute of Reconciliation and Arbitration National Agency for Vocational Education and Training
  6. 6. Participation in the Social Dialogue System National Level Bilateral agreements with the Trade Unions for applying the EU directives in the Bulgarian legislationSector Level 64 collective bargaining agreements Sector agreements for the minimal levels of labour remuneration andinsured income depending by personnel categories:2003 - 29; 2004 - 44; 2005 - 50; 2006 - 51 Company Level 40% of the workers in Bulgaria are side on Collective labour contracts
  7. 7. International Organizations Membership: Confederation of the European Business International Organization of Employers International Labour Organization International Chamber of Commerce World Environment Center BIA has signed contracts with more than 70 nationalindustrial and entrepreneurial organizations, descending from well developed countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa
  8. 8. BIA Membership in BUSINESSEUROPE is the most powerful Business Union in Europe. BUSINESSEUROPE represents more than 20 million small, medium and large companies, BUSINESSEUROPE Members are 39 central industrial and employers‟ federations from 33 countries. 1200 experts work in different spheres of the Economy in BUSINESSEUROPE‟s 60 Working Groups. BIA has been a member of BUSINESSEUROPE since January 2000. In 2006 BIA opened a representative office in Brussels. A Head of the office is Mr. Jean-Marie Standaert. Mr. Standaert has a long standing experience in ILO and IOE.
  9. 9. ANNUAL AWARDS “IN-5” The awards were launched in 2005 on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of BIA The name of these awards reflects the five basic pillars of the economic prosperity: INdustry, INvestments, INnovations, INitiative and INtellect The awards are bestowed in three classes and companies, organizations, scientific teams, mediaCategories:1. Industrial development,2. Investment activity,3. Production innovations implemented,4. Business initiative,5. Scientifically developed products of economic application
  10. 10. About us…BIA defends the interests of its members: Determining the economic policy in Bulgaria; Developing and improving the regulatory base related to the economic activity www.bia-bg.comBIA defends the interests of its members in the statecouncils, international and other organizations: Participation in partnership bodies on national, branch, and regional level; Membership in international organizations; Mediation for overcoming and settlement of disputes between commercial subjectsBIA assists its members for the realization of their business activity byrendering specific services.
  11. 11. ACTIVITIES AND SERVICES Economical Analyses/ Investment Policy Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Industry and Environment International Organizations and Programmes International Economic Relations Employers’ and Industrial Relations Intellectual Property Services in the Field of Public Communications Legal Services Internet Services Electronic Systems Arbitration CourtComputer Training
  12. 12. “Industrial Development” Centre Prepares analyses and macroeconomic researches for the condition of the country‟s economy; certain sectors and areas of economy, as well as for selected macroeconomic issues. Amongst the main developments of the Centre are the following: Annual analyses for the liabilities of the enterprises Contacts: from the non-financial sector in Bulgaria;Tel: +359 2 987 99 29 BIA‟s business index the business climate; Evaluation of the Bulgarian economy‟s competitiveness and possibilities for its scaling up The Centre organizes seminar forms of education
  13. 13. “Economic and Social Policy” Centre Develops analyses, positions and proposals in the sphere of tax, labour and insurance legislation; Offers assistance to the Bulgarian employers for the settlement of financial and economic issues of the enterprises; Contacts:Tel: +359 2 981 69 98 Renders assistance for including the approved programmes in the National action plan on employment; Carries out trainings and consultations on problems related to the tax, social insurance and labour legislation
  14. 14. “Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” Centre Supports the setting up and development of the small and medium-sized enterprises protecting their interests by: • Preparing analyses and programmes for the development of the different industries and sectors; • Rendering methodical and consultancy assistance and Contacts: participation in the realization of European and otherTel: +359 2 987 84 17 international projects; • Providing consultancy assistance in various areas of their activities; • Supporting the export of their production through supplying market information, international contacts and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions
  15. 15. “International Economic Relations” Centre Provides assistance for: Preparation and verification of foreign trade documents; Assistance for issuing visas to foreign business partners; Contacts: Organization of business meetings in Bulgaria and abroad, round tables, conferences, and etc.;Tel: +359 2 932 09 54 Organization of seminars related with export of goods and services; Participation of companies in business delegations; Attendance in trade fairs and shows in Bulgaria and abroad; The Centre maintains bid systems and disseminates inquiries and quotations from Bulgarian and foreign companies.
  16. 16. “International Organizations and Programmes” Centre Renders assistance to BIA members in the sphere of development and implementation of international projects; Contacts: Its representatives participate in the work of number ofTel: +359 2 987 09 91 interdepartmental committees related with the European integration of the Republic of Bulgaria Organizes different informational forums, seminars and meetings, issues and disseminates informational materials in partnership with International organizations and institutions
  17. 17. “Clean Industry” Centre Facilitates the dialogue between the industry and the administration for the realization of the environmental policy; Prepares expert opinions on environmental draft bills and participates in their defending in front of the competent institutions; Contacts:Tel: +359 2 980 30 55 Offers practical approaches for reducing or preventing the pollution; Conducts seminars and initial training for raising the environmental awareness and implementing the EMS in the enterprises; Issues and disseminates information and publications on legal environmental requirements – e-bulletin „Industry & Environment‟;
  18. 18. За нас… Offers assistance in trade marks registration and invention patents and acquiring rights on industrial design; Offers possibilities for holographic protection of products against imitation of trade marks and industrial design Contacts: Offers information, consultations and trainings in theTel: +359 2 988 11 51 IP area incl. about the requirements of the Bulgarian and International IP legislation Its experts participate in drafting the normative acts in the IP area
  19. 19. Services in the sphere of public communications Maintaining constant relations with the National Assembly, Parliamentary Groups, permanent committees and the National Public Opinion Research Centre at the National Assembly; Bringing to the attention of the competent institutions opinions for changes in the laws regulating of the economic and business activity, the tax and social insurance policy, etc.; Releasing official positions and proposals of BIA members Contacts: concerned via the mass media; Press Center: Organizing press conferences, discussion forums, presentations andTel: +359 2 987 62 05 other public events, and their release in the mass media; Parliamentary Preparation and dissemination of information materials and thematic Secretary: bulletins:Tel: +359 2 932 09 45 •Daily press review, •Weekly Information Bulletin for the legislative programmes of the Council of Ministers, the National Assembly, and the Parliamentary Committees
  20. 20. Court of Arbitration at BIA Guarantees rapid and out-of-court settlement of disputes conditioned by a competent panel of arbitrators, including former judges from the Constitutional Court, judges from the Supreme Cassation Court and the Supreme Administrative Contacts: Court, and some of the most distinguished scholars andTel: +359 2 932 09 17 practitioners: professors, associate professors and doctors of law, renowned lawyers and experts. Places an emphasis on Intellectual Properties disputes; Works in partnership with the American Bar Association
  21. 21. Internet Centre at BIA - BIAnet Offers: Design and development of Web pages; WEB hosting on BIAnet server; Advertising and promotions on Internet Contacts:Tel: +359 2 932 09 60
  22. 22. Vocational Training Centre at BIA Is a licensed nationally acknowledged training organization, providing elementary and additional professional qualification Issues a nationally acknowledged document for a completed vocational training, acquiring a degree in 35 professions and 60 specialties Contacts: Has 18 branch departments in Sofia and countrywideTel: +359 2 987 97 03 Has been an official partner of the Ministry of Defence since 2003 in the social adaptation activities for military officers leaving the Bulgarian army
  23. 23. “Computer Training” Centre The Centre is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and issues a nationally acknowledged document for professional qualification; Contacts: Since 2002 the Centre has been authorized by the Microsoft www.bia-bg.comTel: +359 2 981 03 26 Educational and Tests Centre for the programme MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist; At the beginning of 2001 one of the first Regional Cisco Academies was established at the Centre for training network specialists in Bulgaria; The Centre has received many national and international awards.
  24. 24. “Legal Services” Centre Offers the following legal services: • participation in negotiations; • consultations on current legal problems of the company; • preparation of documents for recording changes in the trade register; Contacts: • preparation of documents for initiating legal proceedings;Tel: +359 2 987 22 64 • representation in court and arbitration proceedings; • employment relationship servicing, incl. preparing job descriptions, internal occupational regulations; • real estate transactions; • protection of entrepreneurs, applying the Law on Protection of Competition; • preparation of contracts; • issuance of a Certificate of Force Majoure
  25. 25. e-information systems – BIA Web Portal BIA Daily – Online Interactive Bulletin BEIS – Information Search Engine for www.bia-bg.com35,000 Bulgarian Companies and their managers Market of debtor’s instruments e-signatures Economic Map of Bulgaria
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