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Crime in korczyna
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Crime in korczyna


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The problem that we wanted to present in our work is the crime in our neighbourhood. Enjoy!

The problem that we wanted to present in our work is the crime in our neighbourhood. Enjoy!

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  • 1. Our work plan1. A conversation with the citizens who have been affected by the crime in Korczyna. 2. An interview with a person who does notbelong to the circle of people affected by the crime. 3. How to prevent the crime? 4. Finding information in the Internet. 5. Opinions on the security state in the country. 6. Opinions on the security state in our neighborhood. 7. A sense of personal danger. 8. A survey which we performed in our school( the text of the survey in the annex. 9. A presentation of the results of our work.
  • 2. The story written by the lifeThese unforgettable events will remain in the memory of Krosno district people. Mrs. Maria Kuliga ( 75 years old) is a resident of Korczyna.She remembers this night when someone visited her very well. At midnight in February last year Mrs. Maria was sleeping when she heard a strange sounds from behind the kitchen window.After shielding the curtain she saw two men. The first man was fat and short and the second man wasslim and tall. In a moment these men started hitting the door. Probably they wanted to open the door.The frightened woman held the mobile phone in her hand but everything died away. After a momentthugs came back. With greater power they started to hit the door. The frightened woman called for security services."I didnt know what I was supposed to do" -a woman was saying. "When the thugs heard my falseconversations, they escaped"-saying Mrs. Maria. Looking out of the window the woman saw thesemen well because the moon shone brightly.Mrs. Maria’s neighbour saw this event. He wanted to go to her in order to help her."I dont know what would happen with me, if they came to my house but I didnt call the police"- Mrs.Maria said. Today she is living in terror. Everything at night causes that she is afraid. To be continued on the next page
  • 3. A few days later after this incident another elderly women were attacked.Mrs. Maria Jakubik was sleeping when her dog was barking. Somebody hit a window and somebody smashed a window-pane. Two men armed into the knifeand the handgun, dressed in dark tracksuits, in masks on their faces, started threatening thewoman.The old lady was frightened. "When they tied my hands and destroyed my mobile phone theystarted threatening me" - said Mrs. Maria Jakubik . The thugs took money and they devastatedher house.The next day Mrs. Maria’s son called the security services. Then it turned out that Mrs. MariaKuliga had similar experience.The police officers visited residents of Korczyna. The thugs each time got into houses in differentways.Mrs. Maria a woman from Korczyna was luckier than the remaining women. The police officerswere looking around the neighborhood but they said that they cannot assure safety for everylonely person.All residents of Krosno district were shocked . All lonely and elderly women live with the feeling offear because the thugs are free." We hope that they will get what they deserve at one time "- said residents of Korczyna.The thugs did another crimes, and the local police are helpless.We,ordinary people, can help to catch thieves or discover their identity.
  • 4. Im having an interview with Zofia Zwiercan today about crime in Korczyna, our town.J.Z: Good morning.Z.Z: Good morning.J.Z: Today, were talking about crime in Korczyna. Have you ever come across it in our town?Z.Z: Korczyna is a quite calm town and I dont practically see any serious crime in here. But there is, of course,some petty crime like thefts, shoplifting.J.Z: What is your view: is this type of crime increasing these days?Z.Z: It seems to me that it is still increasing – the most frequently in schools and shops. I also hear aboutdeception sometimes, but its much rarer.J.Z: What should we do to decrease the thefts? Do you have any idea?Z.Z: There should be a lot of talks about it in schools, I think.J.Z: Do you feel safe in our town?Z.Z: Rather yes. As I said, there isnt any serious crime here and I hope it wont change.J.Z: How about safety at roads? What can you say about it?Z.Z: I often read in newspapers about car accidents in close towns. And I must say that our town is quite safe ifwe are talking about it. Sometimes, there are drunk drivers but it happens really rarely.J.Z: Thank you for the interview. Goodbye.Z.Z: Thank you. Goodbye.
  • 5. We often hear in the media about various crimes committed by young people. There are crimes such as burglary, assault, robbery. What are the reasons of them? One factor is violence and pathology in families. The next important reasons are taking drugs and also bad influence of television and the Internet. We cant stand idly by! We should do something with it. Adults can fight with such behavior by talking with youngpeople, setting a good example and helping them whenthey have problems. Otherwise, they wouldnt cope with the surrounding reality.
  • 6. A police officer from the main headquarters in Krosno answered above questions. What should the police in the case of pickpockets and car crime do? The police prevention that is early for fending is the most important issue. They can give advice and warn people. If we take into consideration citizens, their appropriate prevention is also extremely important. In case of pickpockets the population should become aware of what to do and not to do. For example not to carry wallets, bags with large sum of money. As for the car crime one should be advised in what way and where to leave vehicles ( advices in the brochure).What one should do in order to prevent crime?It is only possible to limit it and to avoid threats. Crime is an essentialpart of the civilisation.
  • 7. Crime- phenomenon more and more spreading in the society.The feeling of being threatened by the crime is high. This is a political andsocial problem. The increase of sense of threat is often co-occuring with suchphenomena as:-worsening the standard of citizens everyday life,-reducing the confidence in the administration of justice, the police or stateauthorities-limiting the possibility of carrying on modern criminal prevention, which ismainly based on the cooperation of the police with the citizens.
  • 8. Residents should be more careful. They should help each other in the neighborhood. People shouldnt be indifferent to the evil that happens to the others. We should help people who cannot deal with their lifeand escape to commit a crime. Don’t be unsympathetic if someone gets hurt!
  • 9. Opinions on the safety state in the domicile.Opinions on the safety in the domicile are much better than opinions on the safety state in thecountry.A small number of population thinks that Poland is a safe country.The most of the population is convinced that their domicile is secure.Definitely, the village inhabitants think they are the most safe. The least safe feel the residents ofmajor cities.Almost all Poles regard their country insecure place. They think Poland is a country in which there isa lot of crime. We can suppose, that opinions about the safety in the country, are mainly based on the informationobtained from mass media, which are usually interested in the most dangerous matters.We can assume, that relatively large part of the Polish clearly distinguishes between their own, well-nown surroundings they live in, and with "the entire country", in which processes are occurringas much distant as worrying.
  • 10. Opinions about the safety in the country.Tracing the answer to a question set regularly to people by CBOS is interesting: "Whether in your pointof view Poland is a safe country? ". The social, economic and political changes of the turn in theeighties and ninetieth coincided with the change of the image of Poland as the country, where peoplelead safe life. In 1987, 74% of the society regarded Poland as the safe country, however in 1993 such feeling had only26% examined. The image of Poland was formed in the first half of the ninetieth, where it was said thatpeople living in this country do not live safely. The last researches from 1998, proved that 22% of therespondents felt safe in the country, whereas, 76% denied.At present, such perceiving of the distress with a crime is common to allsorts of groups and social layers. Certain diversities of the opinions which appeared earlier (in the recentsurvey), became statistically unimportant.
  • 11. The personal threat feeling In the last years, the crime is more often a subject of talks led in families and amongst friends. In March 1998, accordingto OBOP researches, 77% respondents said that they at least one time within a month brought this subject up in theeveryday conversation. It turns out, that relatively optimistic image of feeling safety, in a place where we live, looks a bit different.When the questions are more specific and referring to a situation which is precisely given, then one can see, that threat ofthe crime is strongly felt in the everyday life and connected with the anxiety to common crimes.Almost every second Polish (47%) doesnt feel safely, walking in ones surroundings in the dusk, and most of therespondents (68%) feel afraid of a burglary when they leave their flat for several days trip.Whats interesting, in the last period, a little percentage of people, who are afraid that they can become a casual victim ofthe terrorist assault or of a criminal feud was a bit reduced.About 25% of the respondents are still afraid of the gangs and the organised criminal groups.The level of the social anxieties that the examined can become a victim of an offence, in the last years is quite stable. Mostof the respondents (over 60%) are declaring the anxieties, however only the 15% of respondents declare that they are verymuch afraid of the crime.
  • 12. survey text in the brochure
  • 13. W h a t t ime yo u f e e l sa f e ? after 22:00 after 24:00 always is safe never is safe 3% 14% 55% 28%
  • 14. W h a t a f f e c t s pu pil c r ime ?35 3430 25252015 10105 30
  • 15. Does Pol a n d ha ve apr o b l e m w it h pu pil c r ime ? 13% yes no 87%
  • 16. W h o sh o u l d in c r e a se it s a c t io n s t o pr e v e n t c r ime ?35 3030 212520 1215 610 3 5 0 parents other police school education school- centres
  • 17. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 only in 35 certain 30 places everywhere 8 nowhere 9 W h e r e yo u f e e l sa f e ? in theneighborhoo 25 d of my house
  • 18. This presentation created by : Kuliga Anna Paradysz Sylwia Wilusz Klaudia Zwiercan JuliaThank you forwatching ourpresentation. Secondary School in Korczyna