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Product Presentation TPV

Product Presentation TPV



Student presentation - Subject: Product management in New technologies 2007

Student presentation - Subject: Product management in New technologies 2007



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    Product Presentation TPV Product Presentation TPV Presentation Transcript

    • The Service Development Lifecycle
      • The right services will simultaneously enhance customer satisfaction and provide revenue and profit growth for the company .
    • The new service product
      • PORTABLE DIGITAL RESTAURANT MENU could be defined as:
      • New to the world product - innovative product
      • Improvements and revisions of existing product
      • Cost reduction – new product that provides similar or better performance at lower costs in long term.
    • The main use of the product
      • In a restaurant , a menu is the list of options for a diner to select. A menu may be a la Carte or Table d’h ôte, la Carta, Menu, M enü , επιλογές , M еню, 菜单 , メニュー
      • There are different types of menus: for breakfast , lunch and dinner and it depends on the restaurant and the management of the restaurant what kind of items will include and how often will change them .
    • Menu Purpose
      • Is a h elpful utility for the visitor s of a restaurant to choose the correct dish that will satisfy their needs.
      • I s a form of advertising
      • P rinted menus frequently emphasize the processes used to prepare foods ( El Bulli - head chef, Ferran Adria )
      • call attention to exotic ingredients
      • add French , Japanese or other foreign language expressions to make the dishes appear sophisticated and exotic , even posh.
      • Part of the function of the menu is to impress customers with the notion that the dishes served at the restaurant require such skill , equipment, and exotic ingredients that the diners could not prepare similar foods at home.
    • History
      • The word menu , like much of the terminology of cuisine , has French o rigin . It ultimately derives from Latin minutus , something made small . The original menus that offered consumers choices were prepared on a small blackboard , in French a carte ;
      • The original restaurants had no menus in the modern sense; these Table d’h ôte establishments served dishes that were chosen by the chef or the proprietors, and those who arrived ate what the house was serving that day .
    • Restaurant menu evolution
      • The contemporary menu first appeared in the 2 nd half of the XVIII century . Here, instead of eating what was being served from a common table, restaurants allowed diners to choose from a list of unseen dishes , which were produced to order by the customer's selection and have a f ixed price ; the menu allowed customers to spend as much or as little money as they chose.
      • Nowadays the menu changed a lot due to the fashion trends, design influences, inventions, inspirations, ideas, new design technologies, Internet and more, but I think there’s more to expect from this service tool.
    • Weaknesses of the paper menu
      • Limited space in the paper menu
      • Unnecessary maintenance costs for updating the menu
      • Expand the menu will mean update it in a paper every so often but there’s no guarantee that the new items on the menu will be successful
      • If there are more than 50 restaurants in an established chain it will be complicated to synchronize and prepare all the menus in order to meet the deadline
      • Late deliveries or errors in the menu cost money
      • Cannot ensure the changes occur in each location correctly etc.
    • Convert Weakness in Strength
      • Basically the restaurants cannot show pictures of every single item on their paper menu nor translate them in more than 3-4 languages but what if restaurants offered, instead of a paper menu, an interactive kiosk-type screen embedded in /at the table !
      • The idea is to be developed a Portable Digital Restaurant Menu that could be a portable device as PDA or small platform like a digital frame or tablet with touchable screen, e-paper or maybe in the next 10 years we will have the pleasure to use the Microsoft surface in the restaurant.
    • PDA Digital Frame
    • Touchable Tablet PC
      • Restaurants in Japan replaced printed menu cards by tablet devices
      • The ISSA restaurant chain in Japan introduced an interactive ordering and menu system for their customers and increased the sales and profit.
    • Bytes restaurant in Canterbury, England The menu is digital but not portable Very simple options and no pictures in the menu
    • Digital developers in the branch
      • uWink Inc USA - digital entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California that develops interactive entertainment for restaurants, bars, and mobile devices .
      • MenuLogic , USA - has developed the iMENU® software platform, a fully-customizable, networked interactive menu application, complete with ordering, payment, and promotional modules that increase revenue growth and enhance the customer ordering experience.
      • Restaurant Innovations , UK producer of Automated Ordering System called iServe
    • http://www.microsoft.com/surface
    • Digital menu solution
      • Advantages for the restaurant which will implement this gadget:
      • New concepts
      • New possibilities and feasibility
      • New experience for consumers
      • Better promotion of the items in the menu
      • Display different items with pictures throughout the day
      • Display changes automatically
      • Schedule new menu offerings and promotions
      • Provides instant content updates and menu flexibility
    • Digital menu solution
      • Savings on waiting staffs and menu printing
      • Test new items and Measure results
      • Reinforce the restaurant brand
      • Automatically changes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and for promotions too
      • Measure sales lift
      • Respond instantly to customer´s demand
      • Control all of the menus from a single convenient location
      • Update easily customer data base . Include registry form, guest list or customer survey in which requests customer’s contact details to inform them in the future for new promotions.
    • Satisfy the customers needs
      • Offering a better and fashionable service with a easy access
      • The same menu in different languages options
      • Updated promotions and extras
      • Option for audio menu for people with visibility disorders
      • Voice commander
      • Can be applied a virtual waiting stuff offering the items according to customer requirements
      • Display pictures of menu items to help customers decide what to order.
      • Search option El Bulli Vi , Bar Vie! It will be easier to find the desired drink or food using key words like ingredients or descriptions.
    • Interactive tools
      • Provide convenient self-service access to food and drink ordering
      • Provide pay at the table functions - The select items from the menu could be automatically sent via WLAN to the kitchen and the order tracking system
      • Provide entertaining content such as news, weather, sports scores, flight information, games, IMVU chat, fortunes applications
      • MealControl.com as an additional application (option to send the ordered item to a dietician and receive instant Info for the nutritional value of the item and advices)
      • Alcohol control
      • Check all the ingredients of the selected item in order to prevent allergy reactions.
    • Possible developments
      • Integrate FELICA RFID readers into Portable restaurant’s menu so customers could pay right at their desk using their mobile phones.
      • Integrate a card slot for VIP clients and provide them with VIP cards for special discounts, promotions and access to extra services, applications and options. (Overdraft options, referral program, extras, )
      • New business opportunity : Digital entertainment company that will collaborate with Tablet device producers and will offer to the big rest@ur@nt and b@r chains: digital restaurant menu devices- will provide hardware, software, marketing expertise, ideas, after sales support and assistant 24/7.
      • THANK YOU!