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This report is all about product and services of sharekhan ltd.

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product and sevices of sharekhan

  1. 1. A<br />Project Report<br />On<br />PRODUCT AND SERVICES<br />Of<br />At Jaipur<br />Under the guidance of<br />Asst. Sales manager<br />Mr.Arun Kumar Yogi<br />Submitted for evaluation under Summer Internship Project<br />To<br />Chief training and placement officer<br />Dr. Vinod Sharma<br />The Faculty of Management<br />Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur<br />By<br />Savita Sharma<br />Enroll. Num. JVB08/1115<br />BBA 7TH trimester<br />AUTHENTICATION CERTIFICATE<br />“To Whom It May Concern”<br />This is to certify that the Summer Internship Project, titled PRODUCT AND SERVICES OF SHAREKHAN is a bonafide work carried out by me at SHAREKHAN LTD. The matter embodied in the dissertation report has not been submitted earlier for award of any degree or diploma to the best of my knowledge and belief.<br />Signature of the Intern<br />Name of the Intern <br />Date <br /> <br />FACULTY GUIDE CERTIFICATE<br />“To Whom It May Concern”<br />This is to certify that the Summer Internship Project, titled “PRODUCT AND SERVICES OF SHAREKHAN “submitted by Ms SAVITA SHARMA is a bonafide work carried out by her at SHAREKHAN LTD. under my guidance. The matter embodies in this dissertation has not been submitted earlier for award of any degree or diploma to the best of my knowledge and belief.<br />I recommend its submission for evaluation.<br />Signature of the Intern Signature of the Faculty Guide<br />Name of the Intern <br />Date <br /> <br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br /> The satisfaction and euphoria that accompany the successful completion of any task would be great, but incomplete without mentioning the people who made it possible, whose constant guidance and encouragement crowned my efforts with success. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful completion of this project.<br /> It was a great opportunity for me to work for Share khan ltd, pioneers in the field of Share market. I am extremely grateful to those who have shared their expertise and knowledge with me and without whom the completion of this assignment would have been virtually impossible. <br /> My sincere thanks to Mr. Arun Kumar Yogi , Asst. Sales Manager Share khan Ltd., for giving me invaluable inputs during our endeavor to complete this project and Providing me exposure to the induction process. <br /> I convey my sincere regards and thanks to Dr. Vinod Sharma, training and placement officer of JAYOTI VIDYAPEETH WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY who constantly monitored the development of the project and providing the specifications and ideas.<br /> Last but not the least; I would like to extend our deep sense of appreciation for all the staff members of Share Khan Ltd for their valuable support and cooperation till the completion of this project on “Product and Services of Share Khan”. Not to forget those who have kept our spirits surging and helped in delivering our best.<br /> <br /> <br />TABLE OF CONTENT<br /> <br /><ul><li>S.No.TOPICPage No.IntroductionIndustry scenarioCompany profileOrganization structureOffering of the companyObjective of the study7-15Body of dissertationResearch methodologyMy work profileProduct and services of sharekhanEquity tradingDial n tradeDerivativesOnline servicesCommodity tradingPortfolio management systemFundamental ResearchTechnical researchDepository servicesCustomer supporterSharekhan shopsData interpretation and findingsSuggestions16-46Learning and outcome47Conclusion48Weekly activity chart49References and bibliography50Annexure 51</li></ul>EXECUTIVE SUMMARY<br />This report is all about products and services of sharekhan ltd. And the main aim of this report is to have an adequete knowledge of products and services of sharemarket and also increase awareness among people of this company.Sharekhan is a brokering firm which deals in the stock market. <br />This report starts with the introduction of the industry where it explains the organization in brief, its vision , mission, achievements. Then the work in brief which I have done during training period. Further, the objective of the study, reserch methodology, sample selection, types of research etc, is explained in details. It gives an insight to the basic building blocks of the report, with the report progress.<br />The main study of the report gives an overview of products and services and offering of of sharekhan ltd. Sharekhan’s main product in equity maket are classic account and speed trade account. These both accounts provide online trading facility. Customers are also having facility of dial n trade. They can deal with IPO and mutual fund with the help of there online account. Sharekhan having a team of financial analysits who does two types of market research, fundamental research and technical research. and provides tips to its customer. These tips hit 95% market situation.sharekhan also deals in commodity market. Its having facility of customer support an having share shops in different cities.<br />Report pertains certain findings, interprets and analyses , were derived from the questionnairs is explaind. The detailed analyzed with the help of pie charts and in percentage form.some suggestions are also given in order to improve the current brokerage , account opening structure and calling system.<br /> Finally the report concludes with a conclusion where in brief overview of the entire report is presented.<br />INDUSTRY SCENARIO<br />The Financial market divided into two parts, Money market and Capital market.Stock market is an important, organized capital market. Stock market has essentially three categories of participants namely the issuer of securities, investors in securities and the intermediaries. The stock market has two interdependent and inseparable segments the new issue (primary market) and the stock (secondary market). The primary market provides the channel for sale of new securities while the secondary market deals in securities previously issued. The Indian stock market is comprised of two key entities that are BSE and NSE over the 20 primary entities.<br /> <br /> <br />COMPANY PROFILE<br />Share khan is one of the top retail brokerage houses in India with a strong online trading platform. The company provides equity based products (research, equities, derivatives, depository, margin funding, etc.). It has one of the largest networks in the country with 1200+ share shops in 400 cities and India’s premier online trading portal With their research expertise, customer commitment and superior technology, they provide investors with end-to-end solutions in investments. They provide trade execution services through multiple channels - an Internet platform, telephone and retail outlets. <br />Share khan was established by Morakhia family in 1999-2000 and Morakhia family, continues to remain the largest shareholder. It is the retail broking arm of the Mumbai-based SSKI [SHRIPAL SHEWANTILAL KANTILAL ISWARNATH LIMITED] Group. SSKI which is established in 1930 is the parent company of Share khan ltd. With a legacy of more than 80 years in the stock markets, the SSKI group ventured into institutional broking and corporate finance over a decade ago. Presently SSKI is one of the leading players in institutional broking and corporate finance activities.<br /> SSKI Group Companies<br />SSKI Investor Services Ltd (Share khan)<br />S.S. Kantilal Ishwarlal Securities<br />SSKI Corporate Finance<br />I dream productions<br />Name change of SSKI Investor Services Private Limited to Share khan Limited<br />Consequent to the change in name of SSKI Investor Services Private Limited to Share khan Limited, the Securities and Exchange Board of India has granted the certificate of registration to Share khan Limited as a Participant. The DP Id of Share khan Limited is IN300513.<br /> Share khan offers its customers a wide range of equity related services including trade execution on BSE, NSE, and Derivatives. Depository services, online trading, Investment advice, Commodities, etc. It is first brokerage Company to go online. The Company's online trading and investment site - - was launched on Feb 8, 2000. This site gives access to superior content and transaction facility to retail customers across the country. Known for its jargon-free, investor friendly language and high quality research, the content-rich <br />and research oriented portal has stood out among its contemporaries because of its steadfast dedication to offering customers best-of-breed technology and superior market information. <br />Share khan has one of the best states of art web portal providing fundamental and statistical information across equity, mutual funds and IPOs. One can surf across 5,500 companies for in-depth information, details about more than 1,500 mutual fund schemes and IPO data. One can also access other market related details such as board meetings, result announcements, FII transactions, buying/selling by mutual funds and much more. <br />Share khan’s management team is one of the strongest in the sector and has positioned Share khan to take advantage of the growing consumer demand for financial services products in India through investments in research, pan-Indian branch network and an outstanding technology platform. Further, Share khan’s lineage and relationship with SSKI Group provide it a unique position to understand and leverage the growth of the financial services sector. We look forward to providing strategic counsel to Share khan’s management as they continue their expansion for the benefit of all shareholders. <br />SSKI Corporate Finance Private Limited (SSKI) is a leading India-based investment bank with strong research-driven focus. Their team members are widely respected for their commitment to transactions and their specialized knowledge in their areas of strength. The team has completed over US$5 billion worth of deals in the last 5 years - making it among the most significant players raising equity in the Indian market. SSKI, a veteran equities solutions company has over 8 decades of experience in the Indian stock markets. <br />If we experience their language, presentation style, content or for that matter the online trading facility, we'll find a common thread; one that helps us make informed decisions and simplifies investing in stocks. The common thread of empowerment is what Share khan’s all about. <br />"Share khan has always believed in collaborating with like-minded Corporate into forming strategic associations for mutual benefit relationships" says Jaideep Arora, Director - Share khan Limited. <br />Share khan is also about focus. Share khan does not claim expertise in too many things. Share khan’s expertise lies in stocks and that's what he talks about with authority. So when he says that investing in stocks should not be confused with trading in stocks or a portfolio-based strategy is better than betting on a single horse, it is something that is spoken with years of focused learning and experience in the’ stock markets. And these beliefs are reflected in everything Sharekhan does for us! Share khan is a part of the SSKI group, an Indian financial services power house, with strong presence in Retail equities Institutional equities Investment banking.<br />In Ahmedabad, It is having the branch at Dynamic house, opp. Child care hospital, Navrangpura road and over 40 franchisees in Ahmedabad. We have been given the centre at Navrangpura road, Ahmedabad.<br />DIRECTORS:<br /> MR. TARUN SHAH CEO- SHARE KHAN<br /> MR SHANKAR VAILAYA- DIRECTOR (OPERATION) OF <br /> THE COMPANY<br /> MR. JAIDEEP ARORA– DIRECTOR (PRODUCT & <br /> TECHNOLOGY) OF THE COMPANY<br />OTHER DIRECTORS:-<br /><ul><li>Mr. Baldev L Boolani
  2. 2. Mrs. Meena S Jain
  3. 3. Mr. Bhupendra T Shah </li></ul>MISSION: <br /><ul><li>To educate and empower the individual investor to make better investment decisions through quality advice and superior service.</li></ul>VISION: <br /><ul><li>To be the best retail brokering Brand in the retail business of stock market.</li></ul>ACHIEVEMENTS OF SHAREKHAN: <br /><ul><li>A wired company along with Reliance, Hll, Infosys, etc by ‘Business Today’, January 2004 edition.
  4. 4. It was awarded ‘Top Domestic Brokerage House’ four times by Euro and Asia money.
  5. 5. It was Winner of “Best Financial Website” award.
  6. 6. India’s most preferred brokers within 5 years. “CNBC Awaaz customers Award 2005”. </li></ul>419100267970<br /> <br />HIERARCHY IN SHAREKHAN<br /> Sales Side Dealing Side Trainees Junior Dealer Super Trainees Dealer Sales Executives Relationship manager Senior sales executives Senior Relationship manager Business development executive Equity advisor Assistant sales manager Assistant Branch Manager Deputy manager Branch Manager Territory manager Cluster Head Area sales manager/ Cluster manager Directors Regional sales manager CEO Regional Head Vice president Directors CEO <br />OFFERING OF THE COMPANY<br />Share khan provides 4 in 1 account.<br /><ul><li>Demat account
  7. 7. Trading account
  8. 8. Bank account(or fund transfer)
  9. 9. Dial and trade </li></ul>1] Dematerialization account:-<br /> Dematerialization is the process of converting physical share into an electronic form. Shares once converted into dematerialized form are held in a Demat account Share khan is a depository participant. This means that we can keep the shares in dematerialized form in share khan. For this one has to purchase the Demat account in Share khan. <br />REQUIRMENT FOR OPENING AN ACCOUNT:-<br /><ul><li>2 Password size photograph
  10. 10. Identity proof (PAN card is compulsory)
  11. 11. Address proof (can be driving licenses, voter id card, passport, ration card,)
  12. 12. Bank proof ( bank passbook, or bank statement) </li></ul>2] Trading Account:-<br /> It is an electronic account which enables customers to trade in share through internet without help to broker.<br /><ul><li>NSE/BSE/F&O/Commodity terminal live screen:-
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Provides online fluctuations rate on computer screen
  15. 15. Online Daily Tips:-
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Share khan is providing tips through mails in 4 sessions
  18. 18. Pre market
  19. 19. Noon session
  20. 20. Post market
  21. 21. Late evening
  22. 22. Share khan is provides tips through SMS (chargeable).
  23. 23. Share khan is provides tips through Yahoo Messenger Online.
  24. 24. 3] Saving Account:-</li></ul> In Share khan, a customer can have a saving account for trading online with net banking facility; Share khan have a tie ups with following Banks. <br />1. HDFC Bank <br />2. CITI Bank <br />3. OBC Bank <br />4. YES Bank <br />5. UTI Bank <br />6. IDBI Bank <br />7. ICICI Bank <br />8. Union Bank <br />9. Indusind Bank <br />10. Bank of India <br />11. Deutsche Bank<br /> A customer can allocate and transfer fund from your respective bank account to your Share khan account for trading and transfer back to link bank account when and where needed. <br />4] Dial-n-Trade:- <br /> Share khan provides Dial-N-Trade facility to the customer.<br />OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY<br />The various underlying objective in the study of PRODUCT AND SERVICES OF SHAREKHAN are as follows:-<br /><ul><li>To have an adequate knowledge of trading and investment in the stock market in terms of shares, commodities, PMS, mutual funds and IPOs.
  25. 25. To have an adequate knowledge of services provided by sharekhan to the customers.
  26. 26. To aware people about product and services of sharekhan ltd and sale its products.
  27. 27. To know how many people are interested to invest through sharekhan.
  28. 28. To know the reason why people are not interested with sharekhan.</li></ul>RESEARCH METHODOLOGY<br /> Research methodology is a tool for obtaining information for the purpose of the subject of the study. In this research I have used both primary and secondary resources for data collection. <br />Primary Sources for data collection<br />Research Instrument:-<br /><ul><li>I had learned in depth knowledge about product and services of sharekhan from the employees of the organization. They teach us different things about market.
  29. 29. I have used Telephonic and face to face conversation with people who had login in sharekhan’s website.</li></ul>Sample size:-<br /><ul><li>In this research I have taken 100 respondents as a sample size.
  30. 30. I have enclosed questionnaire and data analysis and their interpretation with this report.</li></ul>Secondary Sources for data collection<br /> Secondary data are those data that have already been collected by someone else and which have already been passed through the statistical process. In my project report the sources of secondary data are obtained through:-<br /><ul><li>Brochures
  31. 31. Internet web sites.</li></ul>Types of research:-<br />This research is an “Exploratory research.” <br />Exploratory Research: <br /> Exploratory research is a type of research conducted because a problem has not been clearly defined. Exploratory research helps determine the best research design, data collection method and selection of subjects. Given its fundamental nature, exploratory research often concludes that a perceived problem does not actually exist. Exploratory research often relies on secondary research such as reviewing available literature and/or data, or qualitative approaches such as informal discussions with consumers, employees, management or competitors. The results of exploratory research are not usually useful for decision making by them, but they can provide significant insight into a given situation. Exploratory research means that hardly anything is known about the matter at the outset of the project. One then have to begin with a rather vague impression of what one should study, and it is also impossible to make a detailed work plan in advance.<br />MY WORK PROFILE<br />I worked as a management trainee under an Asst. Sales Manager. Where they had assigned me sales profile. They provided me leads of those people who visits share khan website. Rather than that calling to references that means our family, friends, relatives etc. My work is to call those people and convince them for opening Demat account in Share khan convert their call in sales. In which first I have to introduce myself then explain about the share khan then tell them about the product of share khan in which they can invest their money. There are lots of products and portfolio for short term, midterm and long term for the investment and for this first they have to open dmat account and trading account. My work profile is I have to tell them about how to open dmat and trading account.<br />First one is retail or fast trade. In this there is opening chare that is 750rs. And one is margin check that is 15000rs. And this is refundable they can withdrawal the money after the opening of account.<br />Second one is prepaid account in this they have to give advance brokerage like 2000, 6000, 18000, 30000, 60000, 100000; this amount is valid for one year and in this there is no opening charges for Dmat and trading account and the share khan also provides trade tiger of share khan it’s a software basis on java. This software is works very fast and we can also invest in mutual fund and in IPO we can also transfer and withdrawal our money online share khan having tie ups with 12 banks. <br /> First we have to take the appointment of the client who all is interested to open their account in share khan and then we have to follow their deadlines. We have to convince them or opening Dmat account. And explain them how to invest their money in share market and commodity market. Then we have to update their status in LMS. If the account is opened then I have to make the lead id then have to close his or her account from LMS. Then we manage their funds and invest their funds in different sectors as per the market condition under Relationship Manager. <br /> <br />PRODUCT & SERVICES<br />OF<br />SHAREKHAN<br />66675188595<br />Products and Services provided by Share khan Ltd. are as follows:-<br />Share khan’s equity market product and services<br />Portfolio Management Services<br />Commodities online<br />IPO online<br />Fundamental research <br />Technical research<br />Mutual fund Online<br />Share shops<br /> EQUITY TRADING<br /> <br />Cash Market:-<br /> In a cash market, ownership is transferred promptly, and payment is made upon delivery. In cash market there are two segments. <br />Intra Day:-<br /> Intraday trading refers to the practice of buying selling financial instruments within the same trading day such that all positions are usually closed before the market close for the trading day. <br />Intraday trading generally works in two ways:-<br /><ul><li>One can buy before selling (in this condition buyer anticipate the price to move up and </li></ul> Makes profits).<br /><ul><li>One can sell before buying ( in this condition seller anticipate the price to move down and can make profits.) This is called Short sell.</li></ul>Delivery:-<br /> Delivery based trading is normally considered as a safer approach or trading in shares when compared to intraday trading. Delivery trading involves buying shares on a market day and holds it overnight. For delivery of shares in DP one has to wait for t+2 days that mean trading day and two days more. That is calling T + 2 rolling system.<br />Share khan provides two types of services for trading in equity market:-<br /> <br /> <br />Different types of Dmat account schemes in Share Khan –<br /><ul><li>Classic Account/fast trade
  32. 32. Speed trade Account / trade tiger</li></ul>Classic Account:- <br /> The Classic Account enables customers to trade online on the NSE and the BSE, invest in IPO and Mutual Funds and access all the research and transaction reports through Share khan’s website. This account is suitable for the retail investors. In this account<br />maximum 25 scripts are shown in the terminal and the technical charts are not shown in this account. Customer will get features like:- <br /><ul><li>Online trading account for investing in Equities and Derivatives
  33. 33. Integrated banking, dmat and trading account with digital contract notes.
  34. 34. Instant cash transfer facility against purchase & sale of shares
  35. 35. Instant order and trade confirmations by e-mail</li></ul>Classic account /Fast trade is a website base account. Features of fast trade are as follows:-<br />FAST TRADE:-<br /><ul><li>Streaming quotes.
  36. 36. Personalized market watch.
  37. 37. Single screen interface for cash, derivatives and Commodities.
  38. 38. New Fast Trade is platform independent will support by all Operating System.
  39. 39. New Fast Trade will support all browsers in the market.
  40. 40. New Fast Trade is independent of existing website and can work even if content </li></ul> website is down. <br />Fast trade is web base product and it’s a shown fluctuation rate. <br />390525102870<br />Live Terminal <br /> <br /> <br />Speed Trade Account (Trade Tiger):<br />Trade tiger is a next-generation online trading product that brings the power of broker’s terminal to customer pc. It is session to capitalize on intra-day price movement. Trade tiger is an internet –based application available on a CD, which provides everything a trader needs on one screen.<br />Speed trade is a Software base account in this client will get Trade tiger software.<br />Features of Trade Tiger are as follows:-<br />A Single platform for multiple exchange BSE & NSE (cash & F&O). MCX, NCDEX, Mutual fund, IPO’s.<br />Multiple Market Watch available on single screen.<br />Multiple Charts with tick by tick intraday and end of the day charting powered with various studies.<br />Graph Studies includes average, Band- Bollinger, Know Sure Thing, MACD RSI, etc.<br /> Apply studies such as vertical, horizontal, Trend , Retracement & free lines<br /> User-Defined alert setting on an input stock price trigger.<br />Tools available to gauge market such as Tick Query, Ticker, Market summary, <br /> Action Watch, Option Premium Calculator, Span calculator.<br /><ul><li>Shortcut key for FAST access to order placements & reports
  41. 41. Online fund transfer activated with 11 banks.</li></ul>Advantage:-<br />Live Streaming Quotes<br />Access all trading calls<br />Advanced Charting features<br />Can create own technical rules for trading.<br />A single trading screen or all segments <br />314325175260<br />Trader Name <br />Different plans in share khan for purchasing of Demat Accounts for Investing in cash market:-<br />Brokerage IntraSchemesa/c chargesMarginPrepaidValidity 1st leg2nd legDeliverya/c type750150000.0300.0300.30Classic 1000150000.0300.0300.30Trade tigerNil 800020001 year0.0250.0250.25pTrade tigerNil Nil60001 year0.0250.0250.25pTrade tigerNilNil100001 year0.0220.0220.22pTrade tigerNil Nil180001 year0.0200.0200.20pTrade tigerNilNil300001 year0.0150.0150.15pTrade tigerNilNil600001 year0.0100.0100.10pTrade tigerNilNil1000001 year0.00750.00750.10pTrade tiger375250000.030.030.30pTrade tiger<br /> <br />DIAL – N – TRADE<br />Share khan provides complete trading facility like they are giving Toll free numbers the phone trading facility as an alternative of net trading where a customer can call “n” number of times. <br />Toll Free numbers: 1800-22-7500 <br /> 1800-22-7050 <br />Local number : 079-30307600 (chargeable) <br />Exposure: For Intraday = 10 times <br />For Delivery = 04 times <br />13335002540 <br />193357533020<br />DERIVATIVES<br />Derivatives are financial contracts whose value/price is depends on the behavior of price of one or more basic underling assets. These contracts are legally binding agreement, made on the trading screen of stock exchange, buy or sell an asset in future. The assets, cotton, coffee etc. <br /> EQUITY FUTURE AND OPTION:-<br />Future:-<br /> Future is a contract to buy and sell the underlying asset for a specific price at a predetermined time.<br />Some features are:-<br />In future one has to buy shares in a lot.<br />For buying a lot of shares of any company one has to pay margin money as per <br /> the size of lot. (decided by exchange).<br />The brokerage in future contract will be the same as per of intraday. <br />Expiry:- Every future contract has 3 month expiry title that is as follows:-<br /><ul><li>Near month</li></ul> Next month<br /> Far month<br />Option:-<br /> An Option is a contractual right given to an individual allowing him to buy or sell an underlying asset (common stock, derivatives, etc) at a specific price on or before a certain date. Two types of options are as follows:-<br /><ul><li>Calls
  42. 42. Puts</li></ul>Calls:- <br /> Calls give the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy a given quantity of the underlying asset, at a given price on or before a given future date. Holders of Calls hope that their asset goes up in value substantially for them to make big profits.<br />Put:-<br /> Puts give the buyer the right, but not obligation to sell a given quantity of the underlying asset at a given price on or before a given date. Holders of Puts hope that value of the asset goes down in value substantially for them to make big profits. <br />Different Plans for Purchasing of Demat Accounts for Derivatives:-<br /> BrokerageSchemes A/cChargesMarginPrepaidValidityIntra dayFuture Option A/c type750150000.0500.1002.50%or100Classic1000100000.0450.0902.25% or 95Trade tigerNil800020001year0.0350.0702.00% or 90Trade tigerNilNil60001 year0.0250.0501.50% or 75Trade tigerNilNil100001 year0.02250.0451.25% or 60Trade tigerNilNil180001 year0.0200.0401.00% or 50Trade tigerNilNil300001 year0.0150.0300.50% or 40Trade tigerNilNil600001 year0.0100.0200.50% or 30Trade tigerNilNil1000001 year0.00750.0150.50% or 25Trade tiger375250000.05000.1002.50% or 100Trade tigerNil500000.03500.0702.00% or 90Trade tigerNil1000000.02500.0501.50% or 75Trade tiger<br /> <br /> <br />ONLINE SERVICES<br />Sharekhan provide online facilities.<br />Benefits<br /><ul><li>Freedom from paperwork: - Integrated trading, bank and demat account with digital contracts removers all paperwork.
  43. 43. Instant credit and transfer: - Instant transfer of funds from bank account of the choice to share khan’s trading account.
  44. 44. Trade anywhere: - Enjoy the ease of trading from any part of the world in a completely secure environment.
  45. 45. Time advice:-Make informed decisions with expert advice, investment calls and live market commentary.
  46. 46. After hour order: - Place order after market hours, which get executed as soon as the market opens.</li></ul>Mutual fund/ IPO Online:-<br /> <br />Mutual fund is an investment company that pools money from shareholders and invests in a variety of securities, such as stock bonds and money market instruments. <br /> <br />Initial Public offering, the first sale of stock by a company to the public. Companies offering an IPO are sometimes new, young companies, or sometimes companies which have been around for many years but are finally deciding to go public.<br />Sharekhan’s online trading and demat account also facilitates investment in IPO’s and mutual funds. One can place orders by selecting IPO or Mutual fund.<br /><ul><li>When customers apply for mutual fund with Sharekhan they will get:-
  47. 47. Personalized guidance.
  48. 48. Research-based advice.
  49. 49. Hassle-free transactions
  50. 50. Friendly customer- service. </li></ul> COMMODITY TRADING<br />Commodities are agreements to buy and sell virtually anything except, for some reason, onions. The primary commodities that are traded are oil, gold and agricultural products.Sharekhan provides the facility to trade in commodities through sharekhan pvt. Ltd... a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent sharekhan ltd. Share khan provides commodities trading facilities on both the exchange :-<br /><ul><li>Multi commodity exchange of India , Mumbai (MCX)
  51. 51. National commodity and derivative exchange , (NCDEX)</li></ul>MCX: - NCDEX:-<br /><ul><li>Bullion Agro products
  52. 52. Spices Base metal
  53. 53. Metal Energy
  54. 54. Fiber
  55. 55. Pulse
  56. 56. energy
  57. 57. Cereals
  58. 58. Plantation
  59. 59. Petrochemicals
  60. 60. Other</li></ul>Schemes at sharekhan for commodity account:-<br /> <br /> <br />A/c opening chargesMargin chequeBrokerageA/c type200150000.03%Speed trade<br />Some features of commodity trading:-<br /><ul><li>Commodities’ trading is take place in future market. One has to buy commodities in a lot
  61. 61. For buying a lot of shares of any company one has to pay margin money as per
  62. 62. the size of lot. (Decided by exchange.)
  63. 63. Expiry date is different for different commodity.</li></ul>PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM<br />Sharekhan provides the facility of PMS which helps customer to sit back, relax and see their money grow without worrying about the ups and downs at the stock market. Customer can ask to sharekhan specialists and they’ll help for choosing a PMS plan that suits customer ‘risk taking appetite’ and expectation from the market’.<br />There are two types of PMS in sharekhan ltd:-<br />Proprime (fundamental):-<br /><ul><li>Pro prime uses in-depth independent fundamental research through primary analysis in high-quality companies. The ProPrime line is designed for varying risk-return profiles and investment.
  64. 64. Why Invest?
  65. 65. PMS ProPrime uses the expertise of 35 financial analysts to get the best possible returns.
  66. 66. Fundamental research based on in- depth analysis of companies including past performance, management, growth potential of sector etc.</li></ul>How to invest?<br /><ul><li>Minimum investment Rs. 5 lakhs
  67. 67. Lock in period 06 months
  68. 68. Reporting Online access to portfolio holding & quarterly reporting of
  69. 69. portfolio holding/transactions.
  70. 70. Charges 2.5 p.a , AMC fees charged every quarter , 0.5% brokerage,20% profit sharing after 15% hurdle crossed end of every fiscal.</li></ul>Protech (technical):-<br /> Protech uses the knowledge of technical analysis and the power of derivatives market to identified trading opportunities in the market. The Protech lines of products are designed around various risk/reward profiles for different kinds of investment needs.<br /> Why Invest?<br /><ul><li>Different product based on risk reward for the different types of investor having different time horizon of investment & return expectation.
  71. 71. A successful investor can take a market view based on technical analysis & power of derivatives for ‘timing the market’.
  72. 72. If customer wants to be ahead in the race of timing the market correctly, then ProTech PMS is the option for customer. So far Sharekhan is the first company to came out with this kind of PMS in India based on Technical Analysis.</li></ul> How to invest?<br /><ul><li>Minimum Investment:
  73. 73. Indian resident Rs 5 lakhs
  74. 74. For NRI’s Rs 50 lakhs</li></ul>Lock in: 6 months<br /><ul><li>Fees
  75. 75. AMC fees 0% , Brokerage 0.05%
  76. 76. Profit Sharing 20% profit sharing on booked profits on quartly basis.
  77. 77. Reporting: fortnightly reporting of portfolio net worth, monthly reporting of portfolio holding/transaction.</li></ul> <br />FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH<br />Research and in-depth knowledge of markets provide better analysis than speculations or reacting to rumors. Sharekhan research team of dedicated analysis is therefore, constantly at work to track performance and trends and determine the winners.<br />The way of Fundamental research in sharekhan:-<br />Stock Ideas:-<br />Aimed at investors, presents stock pick and discusses reasons for the same. It comes with a price target and a time over which gains can be materialized.<br />Evergreen:-<br /> These stocks are steady compounders, churning our steady growth rates year on year. They are typically significant players in their markets, with sound strategies that will help them achieve and sustain market dominance in the long run. They have strong brands, management credentials and a consistent track record of achieving super normal shareholder returns. It is expected by them that stock in this category to compound at between 18-20% per annum for the next five to ten years also called ownership stock.<br />Apple green:-<br /> These are stocks that have the potential to be steady compounders and are attempting to move upwards, to turn Evergreen. They rank a shade below the evergreen companies, only because their potential in the next five to ten years time is not very clear, although they might grow at rates faster than that of evergreen stocks in the next year or two. They could grow at 25- 30% per annum over the next two to three years.<br />Ugly duckling:-<br /> These are companies that are trading below their fair value or at value which are at a significant discount to that of their peer group, due to a combination of circumstances. These stocks could double in two to three years time. Buy into an Ugly Duckling now and one would have a beautiful white swan on their hands two to three years down the line.<br />Emerging star:-<br /> These are typically young companies, often in niche businesses, that have the potential to grow and dominate their niche. <br />Vulture’s pick:-<br /> These are companies with valuable assests or brands that have been trashed ridiculously low prices. Buy a vulture’s pick and wait for a predator who finds its assets undervalued to come along. This could be a long wait but the returns could be startlingly high. The key is to be patient. The vulture after all is a patient bird.<br />Cannon ball:-<br /> They are fast gainers in a rising market, which could give returns o 20 – 40% within three months. Based on a combination of sound market information, technical charts and available fundamentals for investors with an appetite for high risk and high reward.<br />Investor’s eyes:- <br /> A daily fundamental newsletter to help the customer for taking right decisions.<br />Contents views on most important news reports of the day.<br />Stocks update reports.<br />Special reports.<br />Share Khan top Picks:-<br /> A model portfolio comprising of 12 stocks for investors with a horizon of more than a year. Portfolio is updated with new stocks replacing existing stocks as and when required to optimize performance-<br />IPO flash:-<br /> Report on forthcoming IPOs – only those IPOs which are covered by sharekhan’s research team.<br /> <br />TECHNICAL RESEARCH<br />Punter calls:-<br /> Daily view on how the market and major indices are expected to trade for the day the closest support and resistance levels are provided to help traders take decisions.<br />Smart charts:-<br /> It presents the best positional trading calls in the market. <br />Derivative calls:-<br /> Toolkit for derivative traders.<br />Day Traders Hit List:-<br /> It captures the trading ranges of all the stocks that are currently the market’s flavor. It is meant for day trading. All positions need to be squared off by 3:30.The list contains 20 liquid stocks.<br />Pivot Table:-<br /> Pivot table is an intraday product and it covers mainly mid-cap and small-cap companies. The Buy and sell targets are given for each stock in this list.<br />Eagle Eye:-<br /> Eagle Eye is a daily newsletter based on technical research. It is aimed at traders. It contain,<br />Looking trendy<br />Smart chart<br />Day traders hit list<br />Medium term target and reversal<br /> <br />DEPOSITORY SERVICE<br />A Depository is like a bank where in the deposits are securities. (I.e. shares, debenture, bonds, govt. Securities units, etc.) in electronic form. Besides holding securities, a depository also provides service related to transaction in securities.<br />Depository provides its services to investors through its agents called depository participants. <br />Sharekhan is one of the depositories.<br />NSDL-DP ID – IN300513<br />CDSL-DP ID – 12036000<br />It provides services as follows:-<br />Account opening<br />Demat/Re-mat/ Repurchase/ Redemption<br />Account Transfer Instructions<br />Freezing/De-freezing/Account Closing<br />Transmission<br />Stock lending & borrowing <br /> <br /> <br />CUSTOMER SUPPORTER<br />Call Center:-<br />There is a call center at Bombay, where more than 200 employees are working efficiently. Their work is a powerful that they complete every call within two minutes. So customers are satisfied with them.<br />Relationship Manager:-<br />Sharekhan provides personal relationship manager to its customer. The work of relationship manager in Sharekhan Ltd is as follow:<br />Punching in traders for clients.<br />Communicating intra-day trading calls and investment ideas to customers,<br />Conducting business development activities in branches.<br />Monitoring day to day operations at branch.<br />Maintaining regular relations with clients.<br />Alerts:-<br />Variety of alerts for equities, Mutual funds, IPOs and Traders on mobile and by mail.<br />Get customize daily Updates.<br />Trade execution alerts will be set by default for trading customers<br />Be the first to get Research updates.<br />Seminar:-<br /> Sharekhan organizes seminars across the country from time to time in order to educate investors in various subjects related to the stock, derivatives and commodities markets. These exclusive seminars are organized by sharekhan for its online trading customers for free. These seminars will equip and customer to take an investment decision. It is also doing First step customers who have never invested his share before.<br />SHAREKHAN SHOP<br />All people have to do is walk into any of our 1200 share shops across 400 cities in India to get a host of trading and investment related services. Customer care also help to clients with any account related queries.<br />DATA INTERPRETATION AND FINDINGS<br />Q. 1 Do you invest into stock market?<br />Finding:<br />S.No Num. of respondentRespondent in %1Yes 5757%2No 4343%<br />799465top<br />Interpretation:-<br />From the above chart we can conclude that there are 57% people are doing investment in stock market and 43% people are not doing investment in stock market.<br />Q.2 If yes, where do you investing?<br />Finding: <br />S no.Preference of investmentNum. of respondentRespondent in%1Equity5959%2Mutual Fund2121%3Commodity77%4Other1313%<br />Interpretation:-<br />This shows that although the mutual funds market is on the rise yet, the most favored investment continues to be in the Share Market. So, with a more transparent system, investment in the Stock Market can definitely be increased.<br />Q.3 From which brokerage house you would like to do trading?<br />Finding:-<br />S.NoCompaniesNum of Respondent Respondent in %1India bulls1616%2Angel2929%3Shah investors1212%4Sharekhan ltd.3636%5Other77%<br /> <br /> Interpretation<br />From above chart we can see most of the people are doing trade from Sharekhan.<br />Q.4 What is your current brokerage rate?<br />Finding<br />S.No. Num. of respondent Respondent %1Low than share khan6565%2Higher than sharekhan3535%<br />Interpretation:<br /> With the help of this chart we can conclude that brokerage charge is high in sharekhan as compare to other brokering firm.<br />Q5. Which way you prefer for trading?<br />Finding <br />S. no.Preference for trading Num. of respondentRespondent %1Online4646%2Offline5454%<br /> <br />Interpretation:<br />Here we can conclude that now people are aware with internet facilities, so 46% traders prefer online trading and 54% people prefer offline trading because of low availability of internet facility and busy routine work. <br />Q.6 Have you ever heard about sharekhan brokering firm? <br />Findings<br />S.No.Awareness of sharekhan ltdNum. of RespondentRespondent in%1Yes70702No3030<br />Interpretation:-<br />This chart shows that this brand image that brand image of the company in the mind of people is good.<br />Q.7 Do you know about product and services of sharekhan?<br />Finding:-<br />S. noReplyNum of respondentRespondent in %1Yes40572No 3043<br /> <br />Interpretation:-<br />From above 70 people 40 people aware regarding product and services of sharekhan. Although there is sufficiently high brand equity among the target audience yet, it is to be noted that the customer are not aware of the facilities provided by the company meaning thereby, that the company should concentrate more towards promotional tools and increase its focus on product awareness rather than brand awareness.<br />Q.8 Are you interested because we have free software scheme and free a/c opening charges?<br />Findings:<br />S. noNum. of respondentRespondent in %1YES4747%2NO5353%<br /> <br />Interpretation:<br />Here we knew that after listening the scheme of free opening demats account and life time free available online software, 47% people are interested to know about sharekhan ltd’s services.<br />Q.9 If yes, can we take an appointment?<br />Finding: <br /> <br />S. noNum. of respondentRespondent in %1YES2042%2NO2758%<br /> Interpretation:<br />From the above chart we can conclude from 47 people, 20 people are ready for meeting. That means 42% people are ready for live demonstration of sharekhan’s online software and 58% people are neglect for that.<br />Q.10 Main reason of neglecting or not having interest in sharekhan’s product?<br />Finding:- <br />S. no Reasons Num. of respondentRespondent in %1High brokerage3838%2High a/c opening charges3636%3Just for tips or knowledge2222%4Late respond44%<br />781050top<br /> <br /> <br />Interpretation:-<br /> By above chart we can understand that 38% people are not interested in sharekhan’s products because of high brokerage, 36% people think that account opening charges is high, 20% People log in just for gaining knowledge about sharekhan’s products and market tips they don’t want to open any account. And 6% people those who had not registered data by themselves.<br /> <br />SUGGESTIONS<br />On the basis of my study I observed and would like to recommend<br /><ul><li>I would like to suggest, the brokerage rate should be decrease by sharekhan. Most of the people neglecting sharekhan because it has high brokerage charges.
  78. 78. Special emphasis should be given to the customer care cell, it not only improves the customer satisfaction level but also generate good will for the organization.</li></ul>LEARNING<br /><ul><li> I have learned how to maintain good relation with the employees.
  79. 79. I have learned many terms that’s mostly use in share market.
  80. 80. I have learned about various products and services of the sharekhan ltd.
  81. 81. I have learned various products used in the share market like Demat accounts and mutual funds.
  82. 82. I have learned how to use online trading terminal (trade tiger).
  83. 83. I have enhanced convincing skills and also learned how to interact with people in real market retain customers in the company.
  84. 84. I have improved my negotiable skills.
  85. 85. I have learned how to take appointments.
  86. 86. I have learned how to open and close the calls.
  87. 87. The main and important thing is that I had a practical experience of working in a reputed company.</li></ul>OUTCOME<br /><ul><li>I opened 4 Demat account. Name of persons are as follows:-
  88. 88. Mr. Arihant jain
  89. 89. Mr. Khemchand saini
  90. 90. Mr. Suryakant
  91. 91. Mr. Naveen jain
  92. 92. I suggest one name, who was interested in franchisee of sharekhan.
  93. 93. Mr. Kapil.</li></ul> <br />CONCLUSION<br /><ul><li>In the field of stock broking importance of stock market is immense.
  94. 94. Buying and selling of shares, commodities through internet is so easy.
  95. 95. One can invest money in mutual fund and IPO with the help of internet.
  96. 96. One can transfer funds, shares from account to other account within a second.
  97. 97. As soon as prices of shares goes up and comes down then customer can sell and purchase the shares instantly within seconds.
  98. 98. Products and services of sharekhan are better than others; especially the software of sharekhan “trade tiger” is unique from others.
  99. 99. There are 57% people are doing trading in stock market.
  100. 100. In it 59% people are doing trading in equity and others are in commodity market, mutual fund.
  101. 101. PMS is good option for HNI clients and by that they can achieve good profit.
  102. 102. In sharekhan current scheme is :- opening the Demat account is free of charge and one will also get sharekhan’s unique software “trade tiger” free of cost
  103. 103. After listening the current scheme 47% people are ready for opening account.
  104. 104. Because of time limitation and also internet available problems, mostly people are doing off-line trading. But now in days numbers of customers are increasing for online trading.</li></ul>WEEKLY ACTIVITY CHART<br /> 5 Aug. – 5 Oct. <br />Mon.TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday _ _ _Intro. Of stock market Leave Learned about equity market. Holiday Learned about products of sharekhanLearned how To do telecallingTelecallingLead updateTelecallingLead updateHoliday Learned filling formsForm filledTelecalling Lead updateDemo of fast tradeTelecalling Holiday Form filled Raksha bandhan holiday Lead updateTelecalling Leave Holiday Holiday Learned about PMSTelecalling Lead updateTelecalling Telecalling Lead updateHoliday Telecalling Demo of speed tradeForm filledLearned about derivatives future.telecallingLead updateHoliday Learned about mutual fundForm filledTelecalling Lead updateLearned about optionForm filledHolidayTelecalling Lead updateTelecalling Telecalling Lead updateLeave Holiday Learned about commodity marketForm filledAppointment with clientTelecalling Lead updateForm filledHoliday <br />BIBILIOGRAPHY<br />List of books:<br /><ul><li>Sharekhan’s brochures</li></ul>Websites<br /><ul><li>
  105. 105.
  106. 106.</li></ul> <br />ANNEXURE<br />Telephonic and called calling Questionnaire<br /><ul><li>Name__________________________________
  107. 107. Contact no:_____________________________
  108. 108. Do you invest into stock market?
  109. 109. Yes No
  110. 110. If yes, where do you investing?
  111. 111. Equity Mutual fund </li></ul> Commodity Other<br /><ul><li>From which brokerage house you do trading?</li></ul>India bulls Shah Investors Others<br />Angle Sharekhan <br /><ul><li>Which way you prefer for trading?
  112. 112. Online Offline
  113. 113. What is your current brokerage rate?
  114. 114. _________________________________________
  115. 115. Have you ever heard about Sharekhan broking firm?
  116. 116. Yes No
  117. 117. Do you know about product and services of sharekhan?
  118. 118. Yes No
  119. 119. Are you interested because we have scheme going on?
  120. 120. Yes No
  121. 121. If yes then appointment is generated for live demonstration for Sharekhan’s online software?
  122. 122. Yes No
  123. 123. Main reason for neglecting sharekhan.</li></ul> <br />-2481585000625<br />-4570735238750 <br /> <br />