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Newsletter January
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Newsletter January


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Ängsbacka's Newsletter for J

Ängsbacka's Newsletter for J

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Newsletter ÄngsbackaJanuary 2011Happy New Year!   Happy New Year! And thank you all for a totally wonderful and magic 2010! Everything that has happened at Ängsbacka during last year was possible through all the support and engagement from many, many people. You can get a taste of the past year by looking at our pictures and videos.   We are looking forward to meeting you during the new year and therefore we have planned for the old favorites, like The No Mind festival, as well as some new events like the Raw Life festival and the Women’s Festival. We are happy to announce that the Campaign “Together we can make it” to raise resources for our fire security system is running through donations and loans. You can follow it on our homepage. This has created a lot of engagement among our members and several initiatives have been taken, such as a music event arranged inGothenburg by Daniel Ryrvik and Siddhartha Silversol where the surplus goes directly to thecampaign.Also keep an eye on Swedish Television production “Jakten på lyckan” (The Quest forHappiness) – they filmed one sequence at Ängsbacka this fall and it will be broadcastedduring the spring.Dark light - 5Rythms, January 20-23Last  chance  to  slip  into  the  first  dance  event  of  the  year,  which  is  the  5  Rhythms  (created  by  Gabrielle  Roth).  A  way  of  dancing  to  incredible  good  music  in  an  improvised  wayThe  5  Rhythms  give  us  access  to  an  experience  based  map  to  our  true  essence.    
  • 2. Silence & Light, February 2-6The new light retreat at Ängsbackas was so popular when we tried it in Novemberthat we decided to offer it once more, while there is still some darkness left…You areoffered four days of stillness and recreation with yoga, light therapy lamps,mindfulness, group process with psychosynthesis as a foundation, movement andmeditation, rest, vegetarian food, possibility to take sessions in massage, therapy,coaching etc.  Yoga teacher training, February 13-19Ängsbacka is proud to offer one of Sweden´s most thorough and high qualitytrainings to Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher.The Training includes 12 courses during 2 years (totally 72 full days) and besidesHatha Yoga you will also receive a good knowledge about Ayurveda.Trauma Healing, March 4-6What is Trauma and Stress – and how can it be resolved? With the TRE methodyou can release stress and traumatic anxiety through using the innate capacity ofthe body to regulate itself. You will have more easy access to safety, resources,happiness and energy.TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a series of simple body exercises whichactivates the natural function for stress regulation of the nervous system. The exercises are veryeffective without risk for re-traumatizing. The course includes both theory and practice. The theoreticalpart gives the participants an understanding of stress, anxiety and trauma based on SomaticExperiencing, a neurophysiological approach by Peter Levine and the theory behind TRE. In thepractical part you are guided through the exercises in a safe and effective way.Äli- Ängsbacka Leadership Intensive, April 1-3ÄLI – our totally unique leadership training starts in April andgoes on during 4 weekends and 4 weeks during the summer. In ÄLI all comestogether: insights, hanging together in the café, group dynamics, homework,laughter, responsibility, theory, love, practice, friends, challenges, dishes, dance,learning and open stage – all in one Summer and a training that makes you grow asa leader and human being.
  • 3. Yoga & Dance Easter, April 21-25For the third year we arrange Ängsbacka´s wonderful yoga and dance Easter,a retreat for you who would like to spend some nice spring days in wonderful nature,where it is easy to take care of body and soul!The retreat includes: Kundalini yoga – Hatha yoga – Somatic yoga – 5 Rhythms –Authentic Movement – Osho Meditations – Breathing Exercises – Raw Food Delight– and much more!