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High concept document

  1. 1. Big Brother: Ninja Edition Stuart DohertyHigh Concept StatementThe game is based upon the Big Brother TV show set in an alternate universe, where allof the participants, instead of being celebrities, are master ninjas from different groups.Features • The ninjas must participate in a variety of events to get a “wow factor” score from the viewers. To do this, they must perform in a variety of challenges, which can range from competitive to co-operative. Extra points will be rewarded for efficiency and style. • After accumulating enough points, the individual may level up their ninja, giving them a variety of new skills, apparel and styles. Certain skills may lead to bonuses in certain rounds. • The two ninjas with the least points must face each other in an arena duel, the loser of which is eliminated at the end of each in game week. Each week, the arena changes to include different hazards, which become more dangerous as time goes on. • Players can enter as a competitor or check an on-line leaderboard to vote on their favorite ninjas, if one is rewarded by a player, a considerably larger bounty of points is awarded. • When not in the events, the ninjas can explore the big brother dojo and the surrounding areas, this allows them to interact with other ninjas, which can lead to friendships resulting in greater assistance in challenges. • Whilst exploring, the ninjas may also find bonuses, either points, an item, or a hidden skill unlock. They may also train in certain areas of the dojo, alone or with others.
  2. 2. Overview • Player motivation The player must acquire the most points to become the winner of the Big Ninja Trophy. • Genre action with RPG elements • License Utilizes Big Brother intellectual property. • Target customer Target audience is between 12- 30 • Unique selling points This game is putting a twist on the Big Brother franchise to make it more desirable to those who dislike minor celebrities. • Target hardware PC/MAC • Design goals The game intends to foster friendly competition between a group of people whilst delivering versatile exciting elements.Characters The player designs and creates their own character using a character creation tool similar to Bethesda’s creation tool in Fallout New Vegas. This tool will feature preset male/ female models, which will have customizable features i.e. jaw depth, eye colour etc. The character is saved to the hard drive of the player, and can be re-used at the completion of the game. 2