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  1. 1. SIXTH SENSE TECHNOLOGY Presented by: Angom Chandrakala Devi 09/cse/31Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  2. 2. CONTENTS● Introduction● Components● Working● Applications● Advantages● Conclusion
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION● Sixth Sense is a wearable gesture interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us interact with the information through natural hand gestures● It was developed by Pranav Mistry,an Indian PhD sudent in the Fluid Interfaces Group in Media Lab,MIT● It can turn any surface into a touch screen for computing controlled by simple hand gestures
  4. 4. COMPONENTS● Camera● Portable mini projector● Mirror● Mobile computing device● Coloured components
  5. 5. CAMERA● It is the key input device of the SixthSense system , acts as a digital eye of the system.● Captures user’s hand movements and gestures (used in recognition of user gestures)● Captures the scene in front and objects the user is interacting with (used in object recognition and tracking)● Takes a photo of the scene in front when the user performs a ‘framing’ gesture● Captures the scene of projected interface (used to correct the alignment, placement and look and feel of the projected interface components)● The video stream captured by the camera is passed to mobile computing device which does the appropriate computer vision computation.
  6. 6. MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE● The Sixth Sense system uses a mobile computing device in user’s pocket as the processing device● This device can be a mobile phone or a small laptop computer. The camera, the projector are connected to this device using wired or wireless connection● A software program enabling all the features of the system runs on this computing device .It is open source and the currently available version of the software runs on windows platform● The mobile computing device is also connected to the Internet via 3G network or wireless connection
  7. 7. PORTABLE MINI PROJECTOR● It is the key output device of the Sixth Sense system.● The projector visually augments surfaces, walls and physical objects the user is interacting with by projecting digital information and graphical user interfaces.● The content to be projected is provided by the mobile computing device● Augments the physical objects the user interacting with by projecting just-in-time and related information from the Internet
  8. 8. MIRROR● The mirror reflects the projection coming out from the projector and thus helps in projecting onto the desired locations on walls or surfaces.● The user manually can change the tilt of the mirror to change the location of the projection. For example in application where the user wants the projection to go on the ground instead of the surface in front, he can change the tilt of the mirror to change the projection.● Helps in overcoming the limitation of the limited projection space of the projector.
  9. 9. COLOURED COMPONENTS● Its function is to aid the software in differentiating between the fingers, demanding various applications● They can be worn as coloured caps or coloured tapes can be used● There can be as many distinct coloured components as will fit in the screen which enables multi-touch and multi -user interface
  11. 11. MAKE A CALLThe sixth sense technology enables youto project a keypad on your palmthen use that virtual keypad to makea callCHECK THE TIMEDraw a circle on your wrist and you willget a virtual watch that gives you thecorrect time
  12. 12. EXPERIENCE MULTIMEDIA READING EXPERIENCEThe sixth sense can be programmed to project related videos to thenewspaper article you are reading
  13. 13. TAKING PHOTOSIf you fashion your thumb and After taking the desired number ofindex finger into a square i.e make photos you can project them ontoa framing gesture the device will a surface and use our gestures tosnap a photo sort through them,organise or resize them
  14. 14. GET BOOK INFORMATIONThe system can project amazon ratingson the book the user picks up ,as well as itsreviews and other relevantinformationDRAWING APPLICATIONAs the camera tracts our fingermovements,you can start drawing onany surface you want
  15. 15. PAPER TABLETWith the use of an addtional component,a microphone,the device can sense whenour fingers touch the surface of the paperand as the camera is capturing where thefingers are touching,you can browse theinternet,use a normal paper as a tablet PLAY GAMES ON A SIMPLE PAPERYou can even play games on this papertablet
  16. 16. ADVANTAGES● Enables direct access of information or data from machines in real time environment● Make workflow more intutive● Mindmap the idea anywhere● Portable● Cost-effective● Support multi user and multi touch
  17. 17. CONCLUSION Even though the sixth sense devices are in development stage,and have not been used in large now,it is predictable that it will revolutionize the way we interact with our digital world. The software used in the device has been made open source and newer versions will be available as it is being developed. REFERENCES:-●●●
  18. 18. THANK YOU