Handhold patients through the ehr transition process


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Are doctors being rushed into EHR adoption ?

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Handhold patients through the ehr transition process

  1. 1. Handhold PatientsThrough The EHRTransition Process. PRESENTED BY ANGOMARK, MEDICALBILLINGSTAR
  2. 2. Tips for EHR users• Physicians and staff will see a temporary drop in productivity in the weeks succeeding an EHR implementation. Here are several tips from Sarasota, Fla.-based Karen Fuller, a principal at CSCs Health Delivery Group, to make sure that productivity lag doesnt lead to dissatisfied patients.
  3. 3. 1. Inform• In the months leading up to implementation, be outspoken with patients about the impending transition.• "Just kind of let them know this is coming and what it would mean to them as a patient [and] have a number they can call if they want more information," -says Fuller, who is also a registered nurse.• "If a patient portal is going to be part of this new implementation, you can start, sort of, marketing and messaging that as it gets closer."
  4. 4. 2. Practice PR• Be optimistic about the EHR, even during those initial developing pains.• "Ive essentially been in offices, as a patient, where theyll say Well, were placing in a new system and were just so overloaded, and were just trying to make it through the day," says Fuller.• Instead, "Make it a good progressive spin, but be convincing about it."
  5. 5. 3. Plan ahead• "People cant be learning a new structure and ways of doing things and have the same competences," says Fuller.• During implementation, and a week or so after, allow for longer patient visits so patients dont have to put up with long wait times.
  6. 6. Optimize your EHR To get attested for MU • What is effective EHR implementation ? • Is it the removal of patient charts? • No more transcription charges ? • A drop in medical records staff and no more chart chasing? • Fast admittance to patient information? • Data mining for drug recalls?
  7. 7. • Easy and exact identification of patients overdue for follow-up care or screenings?• Physicians leaving home early ?• Reduced staffing and supply costs ?• Improved charge capture and/or enhanced ICD- 10 coding support for billing ?• No more legibility disputes ?
  8. 8. • Remotely accessing patient information such as medications and test results ?• Tracking outstanding orders for test or imaging results ?• A reduction in telephone calls from pharmacies ?• Addressing incoming patient phone calls without taking messages ?• Gathering and reporting on clinical information to participate in pay-for- performance programs ?
  9. 9. • By optimizing your EHR implementation procedure, your practice will have most of these features.• Even for small practices, technology has levelled the playing field and has changed what is possible for many physicians.
  10. 10. Thank You ! • For help withEHR implementation and MU attestation Visit us http://www.medicalbillingstar.com