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Ale Bucket List
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Ale Bucket List


Published on

4A 1st. place Bucket List Presentations …

4A 1st. place Bucket List Presentations
by Alejandra

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. My Bucket List By: aLe Ceniceros Gomez
  • 2. 1. Touch a panda I would like to touch a panda because I love bears and they are cute one of my favorite animals is a panda and dolphins but I like better pandas pandas live to far away that is why I had never touch them but I wish my wish come true.
  • 3. 2.Be a chef I loud like to be a chef because I love food and I like to cook I wish I would have a restaurant of Italian food and win money (Eugenio want to be chef also and we are planning to have a together the restaurant not together but one on the side of the another (be neighbors)
  • 4. 3.Visit italy I would like to visit Italy because I love Italian food and because my cousins live there and they also want that I visit them and the other reason is that I can see the pizza tower. And (I already tall you I want to have a restaurant there) and near the pizza tower!!!
  • 5. 4.Touch or swim with a whale I would like to touch a whale because thy are magnificent animals and they are in danger of extinction that is why a I love them they are so cute even dough they are killer whales (animals) and I would like to touch them when I go to the Antarctic or in an Antonio in sea world. 
  • 6. 5.Touch a Polar Bear I would like to touch a polar bear because scientists estimate that there are between 20000 to 25000 polar bears they are very few! And the Antarctic is melting!! (that is why I also want to go to the Antarctic) poor polar bears  look at the one of the image it is very cute! 
  • 7. 6.Visit Antartica I love Antarctica!! That is why I want to go there before it melts  and I also want to go because there they are polar bears,penguins,whales, seals,etc.. And I would also like to visit it because its to far away is in the other half of the world.
  • 8. 7.Visit New York I had never gone to New York (I do not know why) I would like to visit because its far away not a lot but far and there they are a lot things to do and one of those is to visit the Statue of Liberty and visit the center where a lot of tourists are there like Chinese people and I would also like to meet them.
  • 9. 8.Meet Justin Bieber I would like to know Justin Bieber because he is REALLY cute!! And I love him and he surely loves me back :P he is a famous boy he is 16 years old and almost all the girls like him because he I really cute and he sings very well and he is very amable.
  • 10. 9.Visit the white house I would like to visit the white house because it is really big and the president of the United States of America, his pets, his family and many assistants from him live there almost all the people ( I think would like to visit it) I think its really awesome!
  • 11. 11.Get Married In New York I want to get married with Justin Bieber because he is really cute and love is an awesome thing because love is important in a persons life and I think the one that belongs to each person is very important and when you get married is a enormous responsibility for you.
  • 12. References
    • the pictures of this presentaion are from Power Point.
    • And 2 of them are from google images.
    • antartica:
    • Justin Bieber:
    Thank you for watching my presentation  ..hope you like it! -ale