School Technology Services Overview - Consultation and Information Sessions
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School Technology Services Overview - Consultation and Information Sessions






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  • The 12th Dimension for School System Success covers system leadership and IT governance. It is in final draft state and will be released in late 2012.The Educational Technology Risk Assessment Framework is being developed by CBE in collaboration with other school jurisdictions. It is scheduled to be released by the end of 2012.Since December 2010, 127 IT professionals from Alberta school jurisdictions have completed training in IT Governance, IT Service Management and Information Security Management principles and practices. Training will be offered under this program until January 2013.Workshops have been given to 8 school boards since January 2011 and are offered to you upon request.Implementation tools and case studies will be released as they are developed or contributed by school jurisdictions.Cloud computing guide will be released in May – it is not a technical guide, but a guide intended to assist leaders with understanding and evaluating the benefits, costs, and risks of cloud computing in the educational context.

School Technology Services Overview - Consultation and Information Sessions School Technology Services Overview - Consultation and Information Sessions Presentation Transcript

  • School Technology ServicesAlberta Education Consultation and Information SessionsSpring 2012
  • Tell us who you areA. SuperintendentB. TrusteeC. Secretary-TreasurerD. IT LeaderE. Other Senior Leader
  • Tell us your storyHow involved are you in making strategic technology decisionsin your jurisdiction?A. Very involved in all decisionsB. Involved in many but not all decisionsC. Sometimes consulted or included in technology decisionsD. Advised or informed, but not involved in technology decisionsE. I am not involved in any strategic technology decisions
  • Tell us your storyConsidering cost, risks, and benefits, how confident do you feelin your knowledge of technology to make technology decisionsfor your jurisdiction?A. Very comfortable making technology decisionsB. I consult with others before making technology decisionsC. I let others take the lead in technology decisions if possibleD. I avoid making technology decisionsE. I am not included in making technology decisions
  • An Aha! Moment
  • Conversations about technology: then There are more How does technology Technology is important ways to I didn’t have It’s too contribute to improved a nice-to-have.spend limited funding. technology expensive. How are we PAT and Diploma Exam when I was in going to Results? I’m not school. Why support it all?comfortable using do we need it technology. now? Teacher Principal Superintendent Parents Treasurer IT Leader
  • Tell us your storyHow important do you think technology is or will be to enablingchange in your jurisdiction?A. We cannot enable change without itB. Enabling change without it would be very difficultC. Enabling change without it is possible, but would take longerD. Except for very specific things, it is not necessaryE. It is not at all necessary to enable change
  • Conversations about technology: now My staff want to innovate but we don’t Technology is have enough technical necessary – so How do we How can we be sure pay for all of support. why are we that our technology Is my child this? How are we fundraising forOur network is investments will help us learning the going to support it?“locked down” achieve our educational right skills? it all? goals? Teacher Principal Superintendent Parents Treasurer IT Leader
  • Conversations about funding: today New ideas Fixed budget New practice Fixed New models resourcesNew needs Existing stuff Education IT
  • Conversations about funding: today We require We are funding We require IT We don’t havefunding for IT education first services any capacity IT Leader Budget Principal IT Leader Committee January-April September Budgeting
  • Tell us your storyHow is technology included in strategic decisions and budgetplanning by the leaders in your school jurisdiction?A. Essential part of planning for operational and capital funding allocationsB. Considered after all other program and administrative planning is identifiedC. New project requests are reviewed if requiredD. Discussed as a cost centre/expenseE. Not considered in strategic planning and budgeting, just a budget line item
  • It’s time for a different conversation. How do we balance financial control and innovation so that we can get the maximum benefit from technology? Education IT
  • Conversations about IT service: today IT is a strategic IT is a service partner and provider that needs a seat at needs to meet the table expectations IT Leaders
  • Tell us your storyHow reliable are critical IT services to meet the needs of yourjurisdiction?A. Regularly meet expectationsB. Usually meet expectationsC. Sometimes miss expectationsD. Often miss expectationsE. Have not set expectations for them to meet or miss
  • It’s time for a different conversation. How do we work together to ensure that service level expectations are reasonable and are met as required? IT Education
  • Tell us your storyThe IT department in my jurisdiction is…A. A cost centreB. A service providerC. An education partnerD. Leading significant educational innovation
  • Tell us your storyThe IT department in my jurisdiction should be…A. A cost centreB. A service providerC. An education partnerD. Leading significant educational innovation
  • It’s time for a different conversation. What should the role of the IT department be in our jurisdiction and how do we get there? IT Education
  • Conversations about IT risk: today What are Too risky… Too risky… the risks? New ideasNew practiceNew modelsNew needs Education Legal IT Leaders
  • Tell us your storyHow well do you understand the risks associated withtechnology decisions?A. Risks are identified, analyzed, defined and categorizedB. Risks are identified, but are not very clear, defined or categorizedC. Major, high impact financial risks are considered sometimesD. Don’t know how to identify, analyze, define or categorize technology risksE. I am not involved in making decisions about technology risks
  • It’s time for a different conversation. How do we make sound decisions about risk in order to speed technology-enabled innovation?
  • We’re in IT together
  • Helping leaders answer three critical technology questions. Are we doing the right things? Are wemanaging the information Are we doing risks? things right?
  • Supporting and engaging leaders. Building Supporting Emerging Capacity Implementation Issues Support Self-Evaluation Workshops Cloud Computing Guide Guide for Superintendents 12th Dimension Presentations for School System Technology Success Implementation Briefings Tools Educational Technology Risk Case Studies Assessment Framework Training for IT Professionals
  • What it takes. • Communication • Commitment • Patience • Time • Commitment
  • The payoff.• Greater confidence in IT-related decisions• Improved oversight of IT• Improved risk management• Faster decision-making
  • What next?• Talk to your colleagues about what you’ve heard here today• Learn more at our workshop at the CASS and Alberta Education Annual Conference• Build capacity in your jurisdiction by encouraging IT professionals to take training• Begin the journey by contacting us to book a workshop• Share your successes and challenges
  • Let’s hear from you.
  • We’re in IT together.Angie TarasoffSenior Manager, Technology Planning &ManagementAlberta Education, School Technology Sectorangie.tarasoff@gov.ab.caErwin LoewenAdvisor, Emerging TechnologiesAlberta Education, School Technology