What is Private PaaS?


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What is enterprise private PaaS? Simplified explanation and how it relates to today's challenges with deploying, managing, scaling applications in the cloud for IT and Developers.

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What is Private PaaS?

  1. 1. What is Enterprise PrivatePaaS?
  2. 2. You need to deploy, manage andscale your applications in thecloud. Securely.
  3. 3. Public cloud offers convenience,but offers no security or control.
  4. 4. Spinning up VMs is easy, butthat’s not enough. How do youdeploy and manage the apps thatrun on them?
  5. 5. Developers still have to wait for ITto manually configure middleware… and wait… and wait…sometimes weeks!
  6. 6. Meanwhile, they’re missing theirdeadlines and their clients areangry!
  7. 7. Developers need to innovatefast, and IT needs to empowerthem with self-service.
  8. 8. Introducing… EnterprisePrivate PaaS
  9. 9. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS):Pronounced by most people as “Paz”Private =Hosted on your own cloud in your data centerORWith a hosting provider (HPCloud, Amazon)
  10. 10. “Platform” means you providea self-serve, auto-configuringenvironment for developers
  11. 11. And the PaaS takes care of therest: deploying middleware,configuring, managingdependencies, scaling…
  12. 12. And developers can practiceContinuous Delivery of theirinnovations! No manualintervention required.
  13. 13. And IT takes back control: theusage, data, access… everything!
  14. 14. IntroducingPrivate PaaS for the Agile EnterpriseDevelop inAny LanguageDeploy withAny StackRun onAny Cloud
  15. 15. So what’s insideStackato?All themiddleware anapp needs to run.Magicallydeployed &configured.
  16. 16. What cloud orIaaS orhypervisor doesit work with?
  17. 17. What elsedoes it workwith?- IDE- Monitoring- Logging- Externaldatabases
  18. 18. The Stackato PaaS ImpactFaster time-to-market: deploy in minutesinstead of delaying by weeksSave money: improve productivity by 75%Beat your competitors, innovate morePortable: any cloud, avoid lock-inOffer IT-as-a-Service to Developers,maintain security and controlFlexibility with choice for DevelopersWith Stackato, enterpriseIT enjoys rapid applicationdeployment, scalableadministration, assuredcompliance, and greatercontrol. Developers cancode in the languagethat’s right for them andseamlessly launchapplications to any cloud.For the enterprise, thatmeans faster time tomarket, betterproductivity, cost savings,and greater innovation.
  19. 19. Join the Stackato RevolutionHP Cloud chose Stackato to power its Application PaaS:https://www.hpcloud.com/products/PaaSApp.Mozilla has created a developer self-serviceenvironment with Stackato for deploying and scalingmany, many websites & applications.ExactTarget is using Stackato for its cloud applications.Deployment workflow time has been cut signifcantly, andnow deploys apps within minutes instead of weeks.
  20. 20. Ready to get started?Contact angieh@activestate.com orDM on Twitter: @angiehirataStill doesn’t make sense?Watch this 2-min cartoon:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_aKBJNovdU&list=UU4LFV6NFzlr1kZ5VBTLozFw&index=9
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