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David Linthicum (@davidlinthicum) from Cloud Technology Partners (@cloudtp) and Bart Copeland (@bart_copeland) from ActiveState (@activestate) will include private and public PaaS perspectives on six competitive areas where the key PaaS players strive to gain an advantage in the PaaS marketplace.

Application development
Application infrastructure
Database management
Application deployment
Business intelligence
Application security

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  • Intro slides for BartYou will get into specifics with actual customers later
  • What is Private PaaS? Private PaaS: Software-driven, internal cloud. Public PaaS = serviceAllows you to extract the true value from your cloud.How?
  • An introduction to StackatoWhat is it?What does it do?How can it benefit enterprises/devops/IT?
  • STACKATO: WHAT IT DOESActiveState’s Stackato private Platform-as-a-Service technology is the end-to-end cloud application platform that enables you to create a private PaaS on top of your own virtualized infrastructure, with a hosting provider, or in a hybrid cloud environment. From the desktop to the datacenter, Stackato makes it easy to develop, deploy, migrate, scale, manage, and monitor cloud applications. SETUP AND SCALE: Create an AUTO-CONFIGURING private PaaS on top of private cloud or IaaS in minutes.DEVELOP AND DEPLOY: Deploy NEW, migrate EXISTING applications to the cloud in 3 simple steps.MANAGE AND MONITOR: Scalable management -- Manage updates, upgrades; Monitor application performance.
  • How does Stackato impact development, IT, and operations?
  • Any Language, Any Stack, Any Cloud™Multi-Choice, End-to-End, Portable
  • Set up intro to use cases
  • Mozilla wants to eliminate barriersExactTarget wants to innovate
  • NeedsA system that supported continuous deployment and enabled self-serviceStreamline development and deploymentReduce overhead and the ability to scale environments without adding to man hoursSetting up environments took way too longwanted a standard way of getting applications deployed, without making people jump through hoops. Need to keep people focused on just writing code.SolutionThey actually deployed a CF paas but abandoned itThey did not want to be in the business of managing a paas – it was not their core businessStackato made sense becauseit was CF based and their skills and knowledge were transferrableHappy to not spend a lot of time filling in gaps on things that didn’t quite work right, or having to maintain, manage, and support. AS has productized PaaS in a way that makes sense, and there is support there when you need itEvaluated Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, and various hosted optionsChose the most product-focused PaaSResultsReinforces a DevOps cultureRemoves blockers for developersHelps facilitate rapid deploymentBreaks down traditional barriers between development and operations leading to more cooperation and efficiencyRemoving barriers for developersGive developers access to pushing code into both development and production. giving them easier tools to do the things they’re already doing today. So they can focus on what they do best – write code – and not on figuring out deploymentsMakes process more efficient and transparentBreaks down many potential barriers and walls historically in place btwndev and ops
  • NeedsA solution to support their innovation programAsynchronous environments hampered deliverabilityProvisioning services and configuring environments fraught with delaysThey are a fast-paced organization that is built on innovationLooking to produce new marketing service apps all the timeInnovation is the key to their growth and sustainability – needed an infrastructure that supported thatThe asynchronous environments caused delays btwnDev/IT, they couldn’t move as fast as they wanted toDeploying VMs took a long time, reducing productivitySolutionThey needed a PaaS middleware solutionConsidered open source but they did not want to be in the business of building and maintaining their own PaaS - that’s not where their expertise or focus isThey needed the stability and robustness of an enterprise-grade solution with help there whenever they’ve needed itThe fact that it was compatible with Cloud Foundry APIs was a big plus Enterprise-grade, commercially-supported solutionQuantitative Results75% increase in productivity – reduced IT backlogs, testing is faster, synchronized environmentsIn the time it used to take them to deploy 1 app to the cloud, they can now deploy 30 – self serve, auto-configure/provisioning has enabled thisCurrently have 60 applications in their production clusterQualitative ResultsAppdevdynamicno longer subject to the vagaries of IT calendarsStackato supports polyglot development – devs can code in whichever language they want and not in one imposed upon them by infrastructure software constraints)Identicaldev/production environments means less back and forth btwndev/IT Reduced set, deployment times – much speedierMore time to innovate – the cost of mistakes has been reducedSince they can dev and prototype so quickly and easily, they can quickly test what isn’t and is workingMore creativity and time to innovateApplication deployment became dynamicDevelopers could code in the languages that were right for their business Mirrored dev/production environmentsMore time to experiment and prototypeto take on more, larger projects
  • NeedsA global business in a market that moves at lightning paceNew competing technologies constantly being introducedLarge company that needs to be more nimble and agile Support rapid application development and innovationStill maintain control and governanceEliminate Shadow IT and bring everyone under corporate IT controlSolutionNeeded a flexible solution that could serve a myriad of business needsMatched the service that rogue developers were getting with public cloud providersAn extensible solution that they could customize, they move FAST and needed a company that could support that and move with themEasy for devs to use and self serveInvestigated and tried open source gave up because they didn’t want to be in the private paas businessAlso couldn’t get it workingEnterprise level supportResultsThey have been able to add functionality with and without our help – customize to their needsCluster admin is very simpleProvide input and direction of roadmapStackato has met and in some cases surpassed the levels of service that developers were receiving from public cloud providersThis is key to buy-inLooking to expand to their entire enterprise, beyond the initial implementation
  • The argument for Private PaaS:It transforms how your IT/DevOps worksIt transforms the relationships between historically warring teamsIt transforms how you operateIt transforms how you produce products and servicesIt transforms your businessThis is the concluding slide.
  • PaaS in the Real World

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    2. 2. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com2What is Our Best Path to the Cloud?
    3. 3. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com3Cloud Failures
    4. 4. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com4The Reality of FailureThe Cloud is Down!
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    6. 6. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com6One Team, One GoalDevOps focuses both the Apps team’s drive for agility andresponsiveness and the NOC’s concern with quality andstability with the ultimate goal of providing business value.Development IT OperationsSource: HP
    7. 7. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com7• Application backlogs• Missed business opportunities• Increase in complexity• Increase in latency• Lack of elasticity• Lagging time-to-market• Lack of business agilityThe Results
    8. 8. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com8Hitting the Wall
    9. 9. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com9The Value of Private PaaS
    10. 10. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com10High growth is expected in cloud infrastructure services.The Market is Speaking for Itself
    11. 11. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com11The Growth of PaaS is Driven by the Need for Business AgilitySource: Stefan Ried, Forrester
    12. 12. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com12Gartner predicts that worldwide platform as a service marketis set to reach a high of $1.2 billion in 2012, as compared to$900 million in 2011.Market revenue is expected to increase from a total of $1.5billion in 2013 to $2.9 billion in 2016.Gartner Report: Market Trends: Platform as Service, Worldwide, 2012-2016, 2H12 Update.PaaS Growth
    13. 13. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com13The Drive to Serve the End Users
    14. 14. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com14Large PaaS Market SegmentsSource: GartnerCloud application platform services (aPaaS), accounting for34.4 percent of total PaaS spending in 2012. 34.4%Cloud application life cycle management (ALM) services(almPaaS) at 12 percent. 12%Cloud BPM platform services (bpmPaaS) at 11.6 percent. 11.6%Cloud integration services (iPaaS) at 11.4 percent. 11.4%
    15. 15. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com15The Operational Benefits Are Obvious
    16. 16. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com16Reasons for moving to Cloud ComputingBusiness Agility is the Main Objective
    17. 17. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com17• Cloud-based roles and org• Workload centric resource models(e.g., e-mail)• Co-sourced staff• Automation & self service• Consumption-based charge-backmodels• Mature service framework tomanage service-centric model• Pervasive virtualization• Converged architecture• Federated workloads• Pools of resourcesAchieving the end-state requires significant transformationReadiness: People, Process & TechnologyEnterprise IT CloudTECHNOLOGY• Complex• Expensive• Inflexible• SiloedPROCESS• Little infrastructure automation• Services allocated to LOB orapplication owner• ITIL-based services frameworksloosely appliedPEOPLEOrganizational silos of• Infrastructure (compute, storage,network)• Application & management• Security
    18. 18. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com18• Infrastructure administration usingautomation and orchestration• Application developers deploying andmanaging applications• A cultural shift that facilitates acollaborative approach to building,deploying and operating applicationsMarket Perceptions of DevOpsSource:
    19. 19. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com19Source:
    20. 20. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com20Achieving Agility Through DevOpsEngineering SecurityOperationsDevelop Test Stage Deploy OperateDesign
    21. 21. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com21Good• Budget - It’s cheap.• Power - It scales.• Development – It’s productive.Bad• Limitations - Can only use what’s there.• Standards - Few exist.PaaS in the Real World
    22. 22. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com22• Make sure to consider the target application.Static application requirements often lead to PaaS not being a fit.• Make sure to consider resources required.PaaS clouds limit use of resources, or they become too expensive quickly.• Make sure to consider data persistence.Data support varies greatly.• Make sure not to get religious around the languages.“We’ll do it in any language as long as it’s Python.”• Make sure to consider leveraging the outside world.Need to interact with other clouds, and on-premise systems.• Make sure to consider staging and testing.Real World Advice
    23. 23. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com23• Start with the data, and work up to theservices and UI. Not matter what thePaaS provider suggests.• Create an initial POC, and make sure tovalidate the complete stack.• Define a staging and testing strategybefore you begin development.• Consider SOA approaches in thedesign and deployment of the PaaS-based application.• Make sure to do load testing alongwith functional testing.• Make sure to model performance.• Don’t fall in love with a PaaS player.You may need to use several.Best Practices
    24. 24. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com241. Governance2. Regulatory Compliance3. Security & Identity Management4. Business Continuity5. Process and Services6. Data Management7. System Integration8. Resource Skills & Knowledge9. Application Readiness10. Network ReadinessEnterprise Vulnerabilities - Assess your RisksCOMPLEXITY OF MITIGATING RISKRISKTOORGANIZATION12534678910
    25. 25. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com25Build a solid foundation:• Determine business drivers• Understand: data, services, businessprocesses and system integration points• Design a “cloud-friendly” enterprisearchitecture roadmap that leveragesServices Oriented Architecture (SOA)• Determine an integration strategy forinternal and external systems• Outline a migration path for legacysystems to the new architectureArchitecture Roadmap General Guidance
    26. 26. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com26“As-Is”
    27. 27. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com27“To Be”
    28. 28. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com28Deploy
    29. 29. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com29But are there enterprises actually doing this……and seeing exponential operational andproductivity gains?
    30. 30. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com30Yes. Yes they are, with…The enterprise private PaaS#stackato
    31. 31. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com31What is Stackato?
    32. 32. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com32Private PaaS for the Agile EnterpriseSetup &ScaleDevelop& DeployManage& Monitor
    33. 33. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com33Agile Development, Rapid DeploymentBeforeAfter
    34. 34. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com34What Comes in the Box?
    35. 35. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com35The theory is great…but who are these actualenterprises?
    36. 36. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com36• Mozilla• ExactTarget• Wireless Solutions LeaderSome of our success stories…What kind of value can private PaaSbring to your private cloud?
    37. 37. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com37MozillaGet out of the way of developers andjust let them code.
    38. 38. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com38ExactTargetInnovation supported by infrastructure……not stymied.
    39. 39. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com39Wireless Solutions LeaderAgility. The key to remainingcompetitive, nimble, and a market leader.
    40. 40. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com40Only when you take control of your infrastructure andmake it work for you, can you achieve truetransformation and innovation in the cloud.Check outStackato: The Movie
    41. 41. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com41A Holistic Approach to CloudCloud Technology PartnersPLAN / DESIGN / BUILD / MIGRATE / MANAGECloud Exclusive & Vendor Independent• 44 cloud implementations with 20 different enterprise clients• Doubled company size year-over-year since inception• Boston based, global reach• Average consultant experience >20 years
    42. 42. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com42• …empowers innovation from code to cloud smarter, safer, and faster.• …is a Gartner Research 2013 “Cool Vendor in PaaS.”• …is an SD Times 2013 “Company to Watch.”• …is profitable and self-funded.• …is NOT a startup: We’ve been selling to enterprise since 1997.• …offers enterprise-grade commercial support for its products and solutions.• …knows application development:– More than two million developers use ActiveState software– 97% of F1000 companies use ActiveState software• …knows enterprise. A few notable customers:ActiveState
    43. 43. © 2013 Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. / ActiveState / / www.activestate.com43Cloud Technology Partners / / / @cloudtpActiveState Stackato / / @activestate, #stackatoQuestions?