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  • 1. Nombre: Angie Bejay Palchucan Chicunque Curso: 902 Fecha: 12/03/2014 Materia: Ingles
  • 2. I called Angie Bejay Palchucan Chicunque , 'm thirteen I was born in 1999 in Bogota in the hospital farm , am Sibundoy putumayo and I belong to an indigenous community called Camentsá , My mother's name is mary Edelmira Chicunque Dejoy and my father Jairo Palchucan Spain , I have a 3 year old sister and is called Jade Binyana Palchucan Chicunque . My mother is a teacher and my father is an artisan and musician, painter and craftsman My mom childhood education study and work in an indigenous garden up and is also dedicated to the crafts that are beaded necklaces , bracelets , earrings etc. .. My father is a music group which makes music on mother earth , fine arts studio and sometimes there dedicated to making pictures or believing things , my father is a craftsman is dedicated to making musical instruments has its own workshop where he makes maracas , flutes, drums .
  • 3. My parents always traveled before to display handicrafts made but since my mom started working my dad started traveling to other countries viewed the products and then they will contact traveled to Chile, Puerto Rico , Italy, Rome, Bolivia , Etc. and from Czech Republic who has traveled has done very well because he has been asked many large orders of musical instruments and products now it 's important for other countries to sell every year and so is always order and ask him very fine. When I was little my parents got me a garden called the rosary and then they sent me to school Germany solidarity that is where I spent my primary and my secondary I liked it study there because it is close and because I have friends with whom I have shared many moments of my life.
  • 4. When I was little there was a guy with whom I grew up is called Julian when I was little he always took care of me when I had no brothers I spent with I went out with him playing and helped me do my homework he has been as my brother and although we already have 24 and I 14 I to he still love a lot and he says I 'm his sister and I say he's my brother I love him I love him and always when we see you receive a big hug and although we fight he knows I 'll always want , now we do not see much because he works elsewhere but Cundo he was in college and lived with me when he went to work at another middle part a little hard because I knew he would not see again now as before he would touch me and I hope to come back but how it works in Sibundoy when we go on vacation we have .
  • 5. When I was little I had always wanted a sister with whom to play or tell things , until when I was 10 I wish my parents met told me that I would have a little sister and I was happy but there was one thing that was bad she was already doing very little to understand with me but hey that did not matter because at least I had to look after and who fight when I was 11 years old she was born on February 17, 2011 and it was very nice because and vi and a very cute girl over time she grew to 2014 turned 3 years old today and I am 14 years old and my sister is the most beautiful thing I have in life was .
  • 6. I have 2 pets called A passes and another called Samuy bale is 10 years and 8 months old Samuy Samuy means ( Come ) in Inga language since I was little I 've loved animals but especially dogs , to bale been with me since I have 6 bale years old had a sad life because I spend five owners until it was left with me , the owner of the house was that my gift has bale the owner of the house in which we live loves because she is the one that takes care of each of any thief or something, Samuy came home in July when he was born 1 month he is very playful as a puppy my parents love him but sometimes can do much damage.
  • 7. Every year at the beginning of the year I travel to Sibundoy which is where I am I travel because I belong to an indigenous community and always 2 days before Ash Wednesday made the Indian carnival in own language is called Betscnate which is the carnival of forgiveness where people go dancing and singing with the dialect that we ask forgiveness of the other person for something they have done , my family always go because it's something we like and we do not want to lose the tradition in our community and we do not want community runs out or disappear as there are some that no longer exist because the customs and language of them is lost .
  • 8. What I like my dance but there is one in particular I like dancing Andean Andean music is the music they hear in the south which is where grass and Putumayo Why is that I like to dance ? I like it because is very beautiful is something you never do is dance to that music that is not the same as salsa, merengue, or good for others is not the same and neither is the same to dance because the dance is jumps , whenever I go there for vacation and has Sibundoy 'm in a dance group called Andiwarmy Andean music is the largest group of Sibundoy as it has more members than the other groups are 70 members in the group dances , they just Andean dance music and participated in a dance competition at parties that there January has black and white day competition dances are January 3 to 10, where groups compete over the same region through the efforts of all for 10 years who have participated have always been first .
  • 9.  I also like to play instruments instrument I play is the violin, the flute , the blister my father has taught me play because the family all my uncles play an instrument but nieces I am the only woman to play music and my cousins just like 4 touch no rest , I like the music because that is where you can express your feelings the instrument can play as you want, but you have rhythm, my favorite instrument is the violin and after you learn well touch me I get to Bogota Forum and make a career in violin vasado
  • 10.  My greatest wish is to study specialized in medical or forensic anthropology forensic medicine medicine I would tender to study anthropology in Cuba and Colombia haca I really like those two races that are related to the study of man, I also would like to study in veterinary national University