Graphic Design by Angieandco, from Branding to Packaging and illustration


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Graphic Design Portfolio for Angieandco, Graphics & Packaging Designer

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Graphic Design by Angieandco, from Branding to Packaging and illustration

  1. 1. angieandco Design Packaging Illustration T: 0208 504 1999 M: 07940 819 979 e:
  2. 2. angieandco Brand Development Off-Line Design Packaging IllustrationYour Notes venture-Now Jon Baker PartnerLeadership Sales Development Arial People Management c0, m40, y100, k0 Developing business by co, m70, y100, k0 coaching and training Tel: 01234 750939 Mobile: 07803 082724 email: jon@venture-now.comA different approach to development Examples of brand building for printed media, marketing and promotion. The importance of consistent use of typefaces, images and colours so maintaining a ‘brand image’ at all times. Brand recognition across all media is essential, indicating coherence and stability, so endorsing the professionalism of the company T: 0208 504 1999 M: 07940 819 979 e:
  3. 3. angieandco Brand Development On-Line Design Packaging IllustrationA excellent example of brand development for on-line media. Building brand recognition acrossvarious social media sites, utilising the brand elements with flexibility but adhering to the sametypefaces, images and colours so maintaining consistency at all times. T: 0208 504 1999 M: 07940 819 979 e:
  4. 4. angieandco Brand Development Design Packaging Illustration Performance Improvement Specialists bringing Clarity, Perspective and Knowledge to professionals. Tel : 01234 750939 M : 07803 082724 e : @Divingjon jonbaker Jon Baker Brand development and integration. The Excedia Group was created as a holding company for four divisions within the company. The brief was to bring all sectors under the new brand while maintainig their individual identity. T: 0208 504 1999 M: 07940 819 979e:
  5. 5. angieandco New Logo & Branding Design Packaging Illustration Gemelli Ex Ex Ex Ex l Oi ra t t t t e D.O.P the ed to Vir gin Oliv award t is highes st and a Virgin Gemelli fine of Extr Bufalefi D.O.P Gather and Process San Giovanniquality Oil money Olive y Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil can bu The Bufalefi D.O.P extra virgin olive This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced Ex l Oi xt xt xt oil is from the Val T ellaro area. It is from “Verdese” Olives. It has a fresh, fruity ra t produced using “Moresca” Olives which flavour with a hint of artichoke. e Vir iv are characteristically fruity, slightly 0208 502 2992 gin Ol The balance between its grassy and buttery M 07500847611 herby and spicy in flavour. flavours makes this olive oil particularly L These tasting notes make it particularly suitable in soups, pasta; fish and even il Aw ard by Corpo raz il Aw ard by Corpo raz eO ion eO ion suitable to drizzle on soups, bruschetta’s, drizzled over vanilla ice cream! liv ed liv ed O O y y ei ei lit lit salads and grilled meat. It is an olive oil M M ua ua ast ast This olive oil has received international tQ tQ ri O ri O hes hes of superior quality made directly from Gemelli Gemelli leari leari awards and consistently excellent press Hig Hig olives using an exclusive mechanical reviews. Ex Ex cold press process. l l Oi Oi ra ra t t e e iv iv It is an olive oil of superior quality made Vir gin Ol Vir gin Ol This product is guaranteed by the In October the Olives are carefully separated from using an exclusive mechanical cold press D.O.P. Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policy Extra Virgin the trees with wooden sticks where they fall onto process. Extra Virgin based on article 10 of CEE 2081/92 Olive Oil I mb I mb ci ly ci ly open nets. These nets are then gathered and taken Olive Oil , Si , Si ot t ot t oto oto i gl i gl Only 6,500 bottles of D.O.P made every 2 years i at i at fN fN od od to a cool building as quickly as possible to pick out lo lo Pro Pro d u c t o f S i c il y d u c t o f S i c il y a a Oi Oi nt nt Ca Ca ee ee d d in in a nt a nt Mo a ra Mo a ra dic Gu dic Gu the best quality olives. These olives then go straight ad i Sa n G i ov a n ni p er la G em e l li ad i Sa n G i ov a n ni p er la G em e l li to the press where again, under cold temperatures they are bottled. There is no heat treatment or refining involved in our presses and therefore the nutrients in our olive oil are very high. Also, the Brand creation for speciality Olive Oil whole process takes less than 24 hours from tree to products at the higher end of the market. bottle ensuring maximum freshness. It was as important to reflect the ‘family owned’ Our il has aspect of the business as well as the hand olive o the D.O.P TWICE than “Make no mistake, Sicily is to olive grown/handpicked production resulting in such almost utrients oil what Bordeaux is to wine, no t of n r Extr a amoun regula Why not check out our more, no less.” high quality oils. that of e Oil promotional packs of Virg in oliv The Moresca trees used for our D.O.P Olive Oil Olive oil on our website The Verdese trees used for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil ...Simply Sicilian Logo, leaflet, banners & bottle labels, on-line web banners. T: 0208 504 1999 M: 07940 819 979 e: