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Celiac disease
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  • 1. Introduction What is CD cause s
  • 2. CD is inherited. It’s etiology isunknown. Its brought on by ingestingfoods containing gluten,a protein found in wheat, barley andrye. Symptoms vary from person toperson and its estimated that 2 to 3million people in the U.S. alone areunaware that they may have thisdisease and 80% go undiagnosed.CD affects all ages from the veryyoung to the elderly, geneticsusceptible individuals. In the smallintestines there are finger likeprojections call Villi; these villi havelike a wave motion; moving the foodbulk back and forth. During thisprocess important nutrients andvitamins are extracted to be utilizedby the body. This is the process of ahealthy intestine.
  • 3. Gluten affects the Villi bydestroying or eroding these fingerlike projection, until there is littleto nothing left. In mild cases youmay have patches, in severe casesyou have nothing the villi arecompletely destroyed leaving asmooth surface which can not.function. Below is a picture of anormal and CD intestine
  • 4. You will feel sick after ingestingfood containing gluten, and onceyou stop the pain and symptoms goaway. There is a large spectrum ofGastrointestinal tract symptom; asFollows: • Chronic diarrhea: • Distended belly: • Cramping and pain: • Weight loss: • Loss of appetite or a voracious appetite: • Vomiting: • Stool may be bulky, pale or foul:
  • 5. New born aren’t born with CD, but oneparent has it then precaution have to betaken with the infant. Breast milk willgive the new born antibodies andimmunities that the is needed. There aretest that will be given to the infant, but atage 2 and above they will be tested withthe adults’ test (IgA TTG) every 2yrs.Blood Test:IgA –Tissue transglutaminaseantibody or for short IgA TTG Atissue transglutaminase IgA and/or IgGtest is used as part of an evaluation forcertain autoimmune conditions, inceliac disease.The body produces two types ofantibodies that attack tTG:
  • 6. immunoglobulin A (IgA) andimmunoglobulin G (IgG)in Celiacmeasuring the IgA form of tTG antibodyin the blood is more useful in detectingceliac disease because its made in thesmall intestine, where gluten causesinflammation and irritation in sensitivepeople.Levels of the IgG form of tTGantibody, on the other hand, are lessspecific to celiac disease, but may still beuseful in diagnosing the condition inpeople who are unable to make normalamounts of IgA antibodies. So if this testis positive of abnormal IgA the next testto pre-formed is a small IntestinalMucosal Biopsy.
  • 7. Mucosal Biopsy is a simple procedure andcan be completed within the hour.A topical anesthetic is given to the back ofthe throat. A small capsule and tube areintroduced and the patient is asked toswallow.The capsule contains a small camera with acutting edge. Once the capsule reaches itsdestination a small sample of intestinetissue is obtained. This tissue is thenchecked under a microscope, for tissuedamage. If this test is positive then the nextstep is diet changes.This is where the patient will have to workclosely with the nutritionist and doctor tohelp get better control of the celiac disease.
  • 8. People with CD need to stay totally awayfrom Gluten and Gluten by-products, aswell as all over the counter medicationsthat use/or contain gluten. Sticking tothis special diet can leave you with a lowintake of Iron; Folic Acid; B-vitamin andfiber. Beans is a good source ofreplenishing these nutrients andvitamins. But remember to eat inmoderation due to the gastrointestinaldiscomfort, whichCan mimic symptoms of CD. Also it’srecommended that you take calcium,Vitamin-D and a multivitamin.There is no cure for Celiac, but withproper diet and vitamins it can beControlled.
  • 9. Can be fatal if not detected and treated. Intime the damaged Villi can be repaired.But as soon as you introduce gluten toyour body the problem will return.Some people will have symptoms andmistaken it for being an allergy. You needto be aware of what gluten proteinproducts to stay away from. • Wheat-scientific name: Gliadins and Glutenins • Rye-scientific name: Secalins • Barley-Scientific name: Hordeins
  • 10. There are books and agencies thatstrictly deal with CD, make youresearch the material, theres inform-ation out there that is not giving you thewhole view of the disease. So when indoubt ask you doctor and ornutritionist. There’s a long list of foodsand by-products which may containgluten, one important factor isbreads, and bread by-products. Thereare groups for discussion. National support groups Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) Raising our Celiac Kids (R.O.C.K.) Celiac Sprue Association