R bleddyn v rees international opportunities for healthcare services, research & innovation
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R bleddyn v rees international opportunities for healthcare services, research & innovation



SEWAHSP Industry workshop, 10th January 2013, Cardiff

SEWAHSP Industry workshop, 10th January 2013, Cardiff



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R bleddyn v rees international opportunities for healthcare services, research & innovation R bleddyn v rees international opportunities for healthcare services, research & innovation Presentation Transcript

  • International opportunities for healthcare services, research & innovation R. Bleddyn V Rees •  Non Executive Director – European Connected Health Alliance •  Partner, Head of International Healthcare – Wragge & Co LLP10 January 2013 Presentation: South East Wales Academic Health Science Partnership
  • 1. Who am I?  Lawyer & Head of Healthcare at Wragge & Co LLP, an international law firm. (NB separate Pharma & Life Sciences team).  Seconded to Department of Health for 3.5 years as General Counsel of the Commercial Directorate.  Non-Executive Director of the European Connected Health Alliance & industry advisor for English AHS Network.  Advise the Departments of Health of 6 countries, NHS Commissioners, NHS Foundation Trusts, private health & social care businesses, local authorities, housing associations, charity & voluntary sector, Pharma, life sciences & technology business.  My home is in Cardiff.Name of Speaker, Position
  • 2. What is the European Connected Health Alliance? Europe s largest Connected Not for Profit Health Membership Company Organisation 1 2 Membership includes Departments of Health, Promotes the deployment of Hospitals, Care Homes, GP s, Connected Health (devices & Commissioners, services) at scale Universities & Industry 3 on commercial terms 4 Sets up Ecosystems to deploy Provides International Connected Health & transfer leadership best practice & solutions for the development of from region to region Connected Health – has 5 6 international Advisory panel Name of Speaker, Position
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  • 3. What is Healthcare? WHO defines healthThe Northern Ireland as a state of completeSystem & Model physical, mental andIntegrated Health & social wellbeing and notSocial Care merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The Compton Circle of Care Name of Speaker, Position
  • 4. International Healthcare &Comparisons : What does good look like? % of Per capita Healthcare % of health government Infant Physicians Nurses expenditure costs as a costs paid Life Country revenue mortality per 1000 per 1000 on health percent of by expectancy spent on rate people people (USD) GDP government health US 7,290 16% 18.5 % 45.4 % 78.1 6.7 2.4 10.6 Norway 5,910 9% 17.9 % 83.6 % 80 3 3.8 16.2 Canada 3,895 10.1% 16.7 % 69.8 % 80.7 5 2.2 9 France 3,601 11% 14.2 % 79 % 81 4 3.4 7.7Germany 3,588 10.4% 17.6 % 76.9 % 79.8 3.8 3.5 9.9 Sweden 3,323 9.1% 13.6 % 81.7 % 81 2.5 3.6 10.8Australia 3,137 8.7% 17.7 % 67.7 % 81.4 4.2 2.8 9.7 UK 2,992 8.4% 15.8 % 81.7 % 79.1 4.8 2.5 10 Japan 2,581 8.1% 16.8 % 81.3 % 82.6 2.6 2.1 9.4 Source: OECD Health Data 2007Name of Speaker, Position
  • 5. Drivers for International Opportunities  The beginning of a global healthcare sector/industry?  Increasing role of WHO, UN and EU in healthcare?  The wealth of certain Middle East countries.  Disruptive technology & business models (Clayton Christensen).  The needs of the developing world, especially the absence of traditional health infrastructure (hospitals and primary care facilities) enabling disruptive technology.  The pump priming activities of the global telecommunications and technology industries.  NCDs & Aging population.Name of Speaker, Position
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  • A shared driver for people & society from to reactive proactive health management health managementName of Speaker, Position
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  • 6. Middle East opportunities: Some examples   Privatisation of existing general hospitals, e.g. United Arab Emirates initial management contracts for: - Johns Hopkins - Vamed - Cleveland Clinic - Bumrungrad   Outsourcing of the running of new hospitals, e.g. Saudi Airlines/Riydah & Royal College of Surgeons Ireland & Bahrain.   Partnering/JV arrangements for specialist services e.g. Guy s & St Thomas are bidding to set up and run a cancer hospital in Qatar.   Partnering to set up and run a new World Class Medical School for KUSTAR in Abu Dhabi.   Research & Development funding & programmes & endowments, e.g. Etisalat/ BT/Khalifa University Innovation Centre (EBTIC).   International private patients (including government programmes) treated in the UK.   Consulting services. Name of Speaker, Position
  • Other Global examples:(1) Abu Dhabi a living laboratory…“Big enough to ma.er, small enough to manage…”: 2.4m popula:on, 18,000 clinicians, 1,367 facili:es Highly strategic government with broad‐based popular trust (use of data) Extreme pace and depth of development, and environment broadly, and rapid health reform “Sufficient complexity” to be broadly applicable: Mul:ple payer – Mul:ple provider Rela:vely well‐resourced  Name of Speaker, Position
  • We’ve already established a range offeedback channelsWeqaya reports  • 110,000 individual reports sent to home addresses • Individual Weqaya Score and risk factors • Informa:on, basic ac:ons, brief message, separate informa:on booklet Weqaya Helpline (800 61116) • Booking appointments (SMS reminders and re‐call) • Answering Weqaya programme queries Weqaya website (BETA) • Access to Personal Data • Interac:ve, recommenda:ons based on risk level • Appointment booking op:on • Links to DMPs • Links and recommenda:ons for non‐health sector interven:ons • General informa:on on healthy living for Weqaya and general public  Name of Speaker, Position
  • We re seeing lots of innovation inmeasurement and behaviour changetechnology •  Opt‐out screening Measuring  •  Opt‐in data sharing health  •  Ubiquitous Weqaya Taking health  programme promo:ng  •  Disease Management ac:on  Programmes  •  Point of decision  prompts, e.g., Weqaya  label on healthy food  •  At home monitoring  •  Secure data sharing  Name of Speaker, Position
  • 7. Other Global Examples(2)  Moorfields Eye Hospitals & Mobile PHF records in Africa.(3)  Etisalat – access to records and midwifes via mobile for pregnant mothers in Africa.(4)  Nike Fuel Band – Wellbeing & retail.Name of Speaker, Position
  • (4) Nike Fuel Band: Well being data &tracking Motivation :Share with friends :Compete against friendsName of Speaker, Position
  • 7. Other Global Examples(5) Growth of new services for wellbeing   Hea!thrageous (www.healthrageous.com)   Wellocracy (building community around connected health for every day citizens)   Objective data in feedback loops and the use of motivational psychology   I can t eat fudge because I can t fudge my data   First e-book 8 January 2013   www.patientslikeme.com(6) Expert patients self managing long term conditions, keeping stable if not well and avoiding expensive admissions/hospital treatment.Name of Speaker, Position
  • (7) Our devices evolve towards the SoulMate CPU SPU SoulMate Smart Phone Liferecorder Name of Speaker, Position
  • (8) Heia Heia - Social WellnessEvery move counts,whatever the activitySocializing within ahealth related servicedrives up motivation Walking the dog is the 5th most popular activity in Finland Name of Speaker, Position
  • 8. What is a Connected Health Ecosystem? Dictionary – a system involving the interactions between a community and its non-living environment. Commissioners of Healthcare Commissioners of Social Care CONSUMERS PATIENTS PEOPLESecondary Community Primary Domiciliary Assisted Care Homes care care care US services Living services services Public Providers Industry University & Research Organisations   Health and social care providers •  Pharmaceutical   Technology devices, equipment and services •  ICT software (telecoms) equipment and services   Consumer healthcare products and services •  Research Name of Speaker, Position
  • The Manchester Ecosystem Health & Social Care Higher Educa:on Research Base  Commissioners Open Innovation Partnership Industry Health & Social Care Providers Technology Devices & Services  Public Providers ICT & Telecoms Private Providers Software Primary Community Assisted Care Secondary Pharma Care Care Living Home Care Integration Patients, Families, Services CitizensName of Speaker, Position
  • 8. The ECH Alliance Manchester Ecosystem  Organised around the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), one of only 5 UK Department of Health approved partnerships between NHS Hospitals and the clinical teaching and Business schools of a University.  MAHSC comprises the 5 major Manchester hospitals (a mental health, cancer and 3 Tertiary District General Hospitals) and the Business School and clinical teaching schools (including medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy and dentistry) of Manchester University.  Includes Manchester Digital Development Agency, Greater Manchester Research Network and the University of Manchester mHealth Innovation Centre.  Includes GP practices (as providers) and GP s as Commissioners.  Includes Housing Associations connecting health and housing and social care.  Includes Local Authorities as the commissioners of social care.  Includes the ECHAlliance industry members who provide potential ideas, solutions and services. Name of Speaker, Position
  • 8. The ECH Alliance OuluHealth Ecosystem (Finland)  PaLents, Families,  CiLzens  Health & Social Care Providers  Business  Industry focus areas  Public Providers  Model  Wireless Health Monitoring  eg. remote diagnos:cs  Private Providers  Individualized  Healthcare  eg. assisted living, mental health  Genes and Lifestyle  Centre for Health and Technology  Oulu InnovaLon Alliance (OIA):   Oulu University, Oulu Univ. of Applied Sciences, City of Oulu, VTT &  Technopolis  5 OIA InnovaLon Centres, eg. CHT  Funding :  City of Oulu, Social and Health Ministry, Tekes, Sitra, EU, etc.  Name of Speaker, Position
  • 8. ECH Alliance Ecosystems – What are they all about?Developing existing networksFocusing on doing rather than just talkingConnect to the ECHAllianceinternational network Barcelona Name of Speaker, Position
  • 8. ECH Alliance Ecosystems – What are they all about?Ecosystems: a driver for integration & economic development withHEALTHCARE AS AN INVESTMENT NOT COST. Health & Social Care Services Education Research &Training Engine for investment growth and economic development Name of Speaker, Position
  • 9. Challenges  US Teaching Hospitals have very professional and formidable sales skills.  US healthcare standards are being adopted to train tomorrow s doctors.  NHS is late to global opportunities and a little arrogant  The NHS brand is not always an exemplar!  Culture, e.g. Middle East Sheria law, beaurocratic procurement process and obtaining payment!  Competition between NHS organisations abroad (cf Lord Darzi).  World class standards, comparative system reviews & management consultants.  Complexity of systems, laws and lack of transparency?  Clinical & Financial Evidence v risk management. Name of Speaker, Position
  • Name of Speaker, Position
  • A communication gap between healthcare pros and patients “The patient is the most underused resource in medicine” e-Patient David deBronkart Tim O’Reilly Name of Speaker, Position
  • A potent service design combo Aggregated meta data Wearable sensing Minimal presented in motivational personal input form Wellness transformationName of Speaker, Position
  • Name of Speaker, Position
  • 10. ECH Alliance: How can you help us?   Become members! (www.echalliance.com)   Tell us about any ideas you have to improve patient services.   Tell us about any solutions (devices or services) you would like to deploy in our Ecosystems.   Help us make our Ecosystems a success. Questions?bleddyn_rees@wragge.com www.wragge.com Name of Speaker, Position