Jon Bisson NISCHR - Looking to the future


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Community Nursing Research Strategy Masterclass
13th September 2013
The WSPCR was requested to organise a research masterclass for the Directors of Nursing from all the Welsh Health Boards on Friday 11th Sept. It was funded by the Health Minister and attended by the CNO. It also included the Head of the NISCHR and the manager of AHSC. The masterclass included the presentation of the Welsh Community Nurse Research Strategy which aims to raise the quality and quantity of research in Community Nursing in Wales. The workshop also generated further areas for research activity/priority.

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Jon Bisson NISCHR - Looking to the future

  1. 1. NISCHR looking to the future Jon Bisson Head of NISCHR
  2. 2. NISCHR •  Launched 2009 •  Division of Welsh Government – Within Department of Health and Social Services •  Primary goal to stimulate health and social care research to improve health and wellbeing, while contributing, directly and indirectly, to wealth generation
  3. 3. Why undertake R&D? •  New discoveries improve care, quality, productivity and outcomes •  Income generation through innovation •  Strong NHS integrated health science research base to attract major investment •  Thriving R&D environment improves recruitment and retention of high calibre staff (NHS, Social Care, Universities and other sectors)
  4. 4. Why undertake R&D? •  Improving health and social care by basing decisions on evidence about what works – Focusing resources where they will be most effective – Informing optimal design and delivery of services – Embracing new ways of working and opportunities to improve care
  5. 5. NHS & social care Universities Industry Welsh Government NISCHR leads on strategy, policy, commissioning, funding, contract management and governance of NHS & social care R&D Faculty The community of NISCHR funded researchers People, patients, service users, carers Academic Health Science Collaboration Runs NHS Permission unit, & NHS support posts, links to R&D offices, monitors NHS R&D funding and leads on industrial collaboration Biomedical Research Centre and Units Support for four flagship high quality translational research groups to help them deliver Clinical Research Centre Support for studies through research professional network, portfolio management, training and development and public/patient engagement Networks (Registered Research Groups) Networks of researchers who generate proposals, win grants, deliver and disseminate Trials Units & Infrastructure Groups Support and deliver high quality research Community Academic Social Care Research Collaboration A capacity building pilot scheme with social services
  6. 6. Programmes •  NISCHR Programmes – Studentships, Fellowships & Research Awards – Research for Patient and Public Benefit •  UK Programmes – NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Co- ordinating Centre – MRC Clinician Scientist – NIHR Fellowship
  7. 7. Translational Research Evaluation Fundamental Science Impacts Gap 4 – Population Sciences Gap 1 – Into Man Gap 2 – Into Clinic Gap 3 – Into Community, Population, PolicyTrials & other well designed studies
  8. 8. Basic Research The role of National Institute for Social Care & Health Research (NISCHR) in the Innovation Pathway NISCHR supports innovation primarily through the provision of funding to undertake evaluations in NHS, social care and public health research. Our role is to develop research evidence and encourage its uptake and use. The chart shows research programmes and initiatives that fit into the 'innovation pathway’ (please note that the chart is not a comprehensive representation of all NISCHR initiatives and does not show formal relationships between programmes and organisations). This pathway covers the full range of interventions - pharmaceuticals, biologicals, biotechnologies, procedures, therapies, practices, service design and developments - for the full range of health/social care and health care delivery - prevention, detection, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, care. NISCHR also provides funding to support an infrastructure that facilitates the delivery of non- commercial and commercial research, informatics and career development opportunities. Registered/Infrastructure Research Groups Research for Patient and Public Benefit Clinical Session Time Competition Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Providers of NHS services Research Funding Schemes National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence Guidance on Health and Healthcare NHS Technology Adoption Centre Support for the NHS NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership Support for Procurement Health Services and Delivery Research Health Technology Assessment NHS Evidence Access to Evidence Developmental Pathway Funding SchemeMRC Bio-medical Research Centre/Units Invention for Innovation Experimental Medicine Centre School of Primary Care NLIAH – 1000 Lives programme Support for the NHS INVENT INVENTION EVALUATION ADOPTION DIFFUSION Patient Care Public Health Research Academic Social Care Research Collaboration Centre for Reviews & Dissemination, Cochrane Academic Health Science Collaboration Clinical Research Centre
  9. 9. The Future •  Increased focus on translational gaps •  Transition to activity based NHS R&D funding •  National targets covering commercial and non-commercial research •  Opportunities to attract R&D funding into NHS Wales •  Restructuring of NISCHR funded infrastructure and programmes