Bev luchmun industry engagement in wales


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SEWAHSP Industry workshop, 10th January 2013, Cardiff

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Bev luchmun industry engagement in wales

  1. 1. Industry Engagement in Wales Bev Luchmun NISCHR
  2. 2. National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR)•  Develops policy on research and development (R&D) to reflect the health and social care priorities of the Welsh Government•  Aims to support the creation of high-quality evidence to inform policy and benefit patients and the public•  Commissions and directly funds R&D activity
  3. 3. Strategic direction•  Together for Health – 5 year vision for NHS (2012)•  Achieving Excellence – QDP NHS (2012-16)•  Science for Wales (2012)•  Life Sciences draft strategy (2012)•  NISCHR AHSC (2011)•  Innovation Health and Wealth (Dec 2011)
  4. 4. NISCHR Industry Policy•  Acknowledges the important role of the Life Science Sector in Health and Wealth•  Commitment from Welsh Government to develop Wales as an attractive place to undertake commercial research•  Recognises the pivotal role of the NHS in delivering research•  Signals a need to change the present way of working with industry
  5. 5. UK Life Science Sector•  World leading & high tech - R&D investment of £5 billion annually - Turnover of £50 billion - Attractive to investors•  Distinct from other sectors Delivers economic prosperity whilst improving public health & reducing healthcare costs
  6. 6. Academia•  Translational Research - potential for collaborative approach - greater reliance on academia - opportunities for NISCHR Infrastructure•  Pool resource / expertise – Shared revenue – Impact on patients
  7. 7. NHS Wales Task: alleviating the burden of ill health and transforming patient outcomes Research & Innovation must be valued and is central to the future development of the NHSMinister HSS&C & Director General HSS&C
  8. 8. NHS R&DNational objective of Delivery Framework 2012/13 Create a research environment which promotes and encourages commercially funded research activity within the NHS•  Encouragement from NISCHR to plan strategically - Patients – Future investigators – Income generation
  9. 9. Innovation “development of a new idea, service or product, which can significantly improve the quality of health and social care”• Welsh Government priority –  Health, Wellbeing Good Practice and Innovation Board –  National Assembly for Wales review of uptake of technology –  NISCHR funding to focus on patient facing research and clinical unmet needs for patient benefit
  10. 10. Promoting Wales•  UK context –  Competitive global landscape•  Showcasing / celebrating successful collaborations –  BioWales –  MediWales Innovation Awards –  Health Research Wales
  11. 11. Summary•  Policy launched•  Provides a clear commitment from Welsh Government to develop Wales as an attractive place to undertake commercial research•  Recognises the importance of collaborative relationships between NHS, academia and industry to deliver benefits to patients and the economy
  12. 12. Contact•  Industry Policy: 20 82 5439