Year 7: My Journey, My Beliefs


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  • Main star is Mary’s star, top left is a star, top right is the mystic rose, bottom left Gates of Heaven and bottom right, Vessel of Honour – all symbols for Mary. In the centre is the dove of the Holy Spirit.
  • Year 7: My Journey, My Beliefs

    1. 1. My Journey, My Beliefs How can personal and cultural identity be communicated to others?
    2. 2. What are beliefs?
    3. 3. Religious/Sacred beliefs The Mandala is a sacred Sand mandala space in Buddhist beliefs – a square with four gates used as a focus ofPrayers are carried on the wind meditationin China
    4. 4. Religious/Sacred beliefsUluru is sacred to Aboriginal people. It wasshaped by the ancestors who are stillpresent. St Mary’s cathedral, Sydney – a Christian sacred space
    5. 5. Symbolic actions express beliefs Muslims is prostration as part of their worship Praying the Rosary – praying the Hail Mary, the Our Father and various shorter prayers, said in a regular pattern.
    6. 6. Religious/Sacred beliefs17,000 years ago these painting were made tocapture the spirit of the animal and ensuresuccess in the hunt In the Qin dynasty in China, thousands of soldiers were created and buried with the Emperor to protect him from invaders
    7. 7. Secular beliefsOur secular beliefs can shape ouractions such as protesting against waror more recently, whaling.
    8. 8. Secular beliefsValuing care for the environment isshaped by our beliefs Our beliefs can shape our consumer choices, such as choosing make-up that is not tested on animals
    9. 9. What is identity?i·den·ti·ty1.the condition of being oneself or itself, and notanother2.the sense of self, providing sameness andcontinuity in personality over time
    10. 10. Beliefs & IdentityHow we dress is an expression of our identity,but can also be an expression of our beliefs.The hijab worn by Muslim women, thekippah worn by Jewish men during prayer.
    11. 11. What makes you – you?Use words and symbols to create a ‘map’ of your identity, including your beliefs ? But wait! – first a symbol refresher
    12. 12. What is a symbol?sym·bol - something used to representsomething else - an image having complex associated meanings that stands for or represents what is being symbolized
    13. 13. In our chapel there are manysymbols. In this window, thesymbols for St John is the Eagleat the feet of Jesus. While this window has symbols for Mary
    14. 14. The staff turning into lillies is asymbols of St Joseph.The halo is an easily recognisedsymbol for a holy figure.
    15. 15. Symbols of beliefs from around the world
    16. 16. Symbols communicate using visual language
    17. 17. Symbols communicate through colour and association Our national colours are green and gold. They were formally proclaimed on 19 April 1984. The exact colours are specified as being Pantone Matching System numbers 348C and 116C, and always referred to as "green and gold”.
    18. 18. Symbols used in Aboriginal Desert Art
    19. 19. What makes you – you?NOW use words, then symbols to create a ‘map’ of your identity, including your beliefs ?