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At Leverage U, Transformational Education is our passion: Creating radical, positive, lasting change. Find out how we do this in this informative presentation.

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  • Thank Tom for his kind introduction and thank CMHA for sponsoring this event. Lots of behind the scenes stuff that went on – thanks to Catherine Iezzi for her help with organizing the afternoon session, Dona at CMHA who is always available when I need her, and for Judy McKay one of my most recent graduates who offered to assist with the registrations, and of course my husband Steve, who is at the book table, ready to assist you.
  • Say we’ll come back to Jeff in a bit. But let me explain how we got from there to here, by starting at the beginning…
  • *At the time this photo was taken
  • Then – in 2002 came the development of Stress Busters – explain that, and how the book came out of this Programming Ask the audience – what do you experience when you feel stress? Physiologically, mentally, spiritually?
  • Transform[ed] transformational education

    1. 1. Transform[ED]:Transformational Education An Overview By Julie Christiansen, Author of Anger Solutions™ and When the Last Straw Falls
    2. 2. Meet Jeff Anger 25 years old  Recent charges Habitual violence stemming from domestic incident prior to Domestic aggression separation (verbal and physical)  Chronic contact with the Addiction issues (drugs law since age 14 and alcohol)  Fresh out of detox Separated from wife of less than 2 years  Unemployed Estranged from son from  Homeless (couch surfing) a previous relationship*This IS his real name; we have his written permission to use his story… in fact,he begged me to use his real name.
    3. 3. How did we get from there… to here? Alcohol and drug free for close to 3 years* Steadily employed Free of criminal justice system for the first time since age 14 Fully reconciled with wife – now 2 children, and attempting to re-establish connection with his estranged son No physical violence in the home (or outside) since program exit (3.5 years as of June 2008)
    4. 4. A Brief History of “Anger Management” Term coined in 1975 by Raymond Novaco Popularized by the media and with psychologists in the mid ’90s Anger Management treatments are not regulated and are diverse in range and approach; methodologies differ as well Despite all of this, Anger Management is generally accepted as a valid, useful form of treatment for anger.
    5. 5. What is Anger and Should it be “Managed”? Anger is an emotion – one of the basic emotions experienced by humankind The American Heritage® Dictionary: anger(n.) A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.anger(v.) manage (v) to take charge or care of (things/systems); to dominate or manipulate (persons); to handle or train (animals); be in charge (in business)
    6. 6. Management is for Systems – Not People Happiness is not managed – it is… Grief is not managed – it is… Expressed!Anger can be expressed; but we need the skills and the tools so that we can express it effectively, safely, and appropriately.
    7. 7. Anger Solutions™ Is about Anger Resolution – not Anger Management Draws from the most successful evidence- based practices for anger management: – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy – Solution-Focused Therapy (aka Brief Therapy) – Reality Therapy
    8. 8. Anger Solutions™ Philosophy Keep it simple Combine the best of evidence-based practices and therapeutic approaches The WIT Model (whatever it takes) – CBT – mean attendance 63% – Average success rate for those who complete: 70%  More on these numbers later
    9. 9. Anger Solutions™ Approach Simple and easy to understand Presented in a way that enables clients to assimilate their new skills Hands-on vs. theoretical Flexible to meet diverse client needs Deliverable in 1- hour format for weekly sessions
    10. 10. Anger Solutions™ Expectations Significant increase in self-esteem Decrease or discontinuation of use of drugs or alcohol as self-medication Self-reported improvement in overall quality of life of participants Improvement in quality of mental health Significant decrease in physical ailments and physiological effects of stress
    11. 11. Jeff Transform[ed]
    12. 12. Meet Sandra* 36 years old with two teenaged children (15 and 17) Married and divorced twice, and approximately 6 months into a new relationship Sandra says she has a temper and mostly takes it out on her children; however, she recognizes that her patterns are maladaptive and wants to change. GOAL: Change behaviour so that she can relate better to her children, and be able to have a lasting, loving relationship Peak physical condition, but has several stress-related health problems: nosebleeds, abdominal problems, headaches, and nausea. Unaware of the link between stress and her poor health. On a scale of 1 – 10 Sandra rates her anger on any given day at about a 6 or 7. She scores over 700 on the Holmes Life Change Units assessment (anything over 300 is cause for concern).  *Not her real name… but her story is very real
    13. 13. Sandra Transform[ed] Accomplishments and Shifts – Huge understanding of how and why anger develops – Understanding others’ anger and frustration – Learning how to diffuse my anger (and others) – Applying learned skills – communication – Overcoming some fear of speaking opinion because I learned how to handle negative responses without getting angry Skills Learned – Learned how to evaluate my emotions/development – Learned to pay attention to others body language and style – Still learning listening skills, but much better – I have learned so much about human action/reaction, control, tactics, communication styles Distinctions Understood – Difference between emotions – anger vs. frustration, disappointment, vs. Sadness, differences between aggressiveness and assertiveness – Understanding physical ramifications of unresolved emotions
    14. 14. *Doing her next Iron Man in 36 Days
    15. 15. Sandra Transform[ed]  “As you can see, I am not a small person and I just lost 20lbs in December when I was sick.  I used to weigh over 200lb and smoked like a chimney believe it or not!  Quit when I was 25 yrs old.  Did my first Iron Man 6 years later in 2001!”  “I believe we can do anything we put our minds to!  Including changing the way we behave, as you taught me.  You changed my life Julie!”
    16. 16. A Taste of Transform[ED] concepts
    17. 17. What is Stress? Richard S Lazarus: Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that “demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.”
    18. 18. The Physiology of Stress… Fight or Flight  Increased heart rate  Blood is diverted away from extremities  Blood thickens  Body becomes sweaty (to cool skin & muscles)  Excretory system shuts down  Hormones work to make body produce blood sugar  Oxygen is diverted to heart, lungs & muscles
    19. 19. Stress Less Strategy Take Response-Ability E+R=O Event + Response = Outcome It isn’t what happens to you, but what you DO about what happens that determines the outcomes in your life! Transform[ED] is about CHOICE Choosing to RESPOND rather than to REACT Choosing your outcomes rather than allowing them to be imposed on you
    20. 20. What are You Tolerating/Procrastinating? Think about it! – Write it down Talk about it! – How to make this negative energy positive…
    21. 21. Getting Past the PastMy storyYour storyThe process
    22. 22. Transform[ED] is… Transformational education Making decisions about your life and choosing carefully the outcomes you want Trusting yourself and others Learning to accept, forgive, and change A lifestyle choice – not a quick fix
    23. 23. Transform[ED] in Your Community Corporate Programs  Community Programs – Stress Busters – Anger Solutions™ – Overcoming Conflict, Programs and Negativity, and Anger Resources in the Workplace – Anger Solutions™ for – 90 Day Challenge Kids – NEW – Workplace Survivor – Anger Solutions™ for Youth at Risk – NEW
    24. 24. Resources  Anger Solutions  Anger Solutions at Work  Anger Solutions by the Book  When the Last Straw Falls  Getting Past Your Past  Top Ten Lists to Live By  Bullying is Not a Game  Overcoming Anger Conflict and Negativity at WorkAvailable at:
    25. 25. Let the Transformation Begin! For questions you may have after today, please e-mail me at: Visit my blog: