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Eco-Entrepreneur Introduction

Eco-Entrepreneur Introduction

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Welcome to the Eco-Entrepreneur introductory presentation. Over the next few minutes you will hear some of the important highlights of this new eco-economy view and how you can apply it to your own career or business. After the presentation you will be ready to review more details about what becoming an Eco-Entrepreneur means to you.
  • In this short presentation we will cover the important basics of the Eco-Entrepreneurship model that will help you begin to align the way you live and work. This model will be important to understanding how to align your business and get the best results in the new eco-economy. We will also share with you some information about the Eco-Entrepreneurship course and Consulting options.
  • There are a variety of subjects that may have brought you here today. You might be here with a focus on health or health improvement, you might be ready to start a new eco-entrepreneur business, maybe you’re looking for some professional development for the new eco-economy or maybe you’re here for another reason. Whatever reason drew you here today will be applicable to the Eco-Economics model.
  • Back in the early days of humankind our earliest societal structures was something that was called “Hunter-Gatherer”. What this meant was humans were entirely subsisting off of the land. While this was a difficult way of living it was also completely sustainable. The Hunter-Gatherers couldn’t over utilize they resources they had available or they would die. In later human development we moved to what was known as an Agrarian model that allowed us to cultivate certain resources such as food. In eco-entrepreneurship we blend these two models to represent a way of living in harmony with the resources available but also carefully cultivating sustainable resources so that they will continually be available to us. What this means essentially is that we are working with the people and working with the land in a way that becomes synergistic and sustainable.
  • The way it used to work was that individuals and corporations took every opportunity they could to make a profit no matter what the cost. What this meant was if there was another demographic or geographically separated area these groups would come in and take whatever they needed regardless of the results and problems created at the other site. This essentially represented a class model where the ruling class of rich and powerful people took advantage of the weak and less powerful people. Over the years this model developed into what was assumed to be the default best model and our entire economy was formatted around this “take what you want, don’t worry about the cost model”. The FED and Wall Street are perfect examples of this model and all they’ve succeeded in doing was crashing our economy and messing up the planet.
  • But in the new Eco-Economy here’s how it’s working now. Individuals and businesses of all sizes are realizing that they have a mutual interdependence that goes beyond just provider and customer. In the new eco-economy everyone is relying no everyone else to create sustainable patterns of development, use and consumption. It’s a resource evolution that leaves behind the “take what you need, who cares about the costs” model. In other words…we The People are all Eco-Entrepreneurs.
  • Eco-Entrepreneurship represents some substantial changes in the way we relate and interact. Most importantly it is not a ruling class model like the days of old. Instead the Eco-Economy is an equality based non-ruling class model. In other words the hierarchy of people is replaced with a hierarchy of values.
  • Specifically, the Eco-Entrepreneur operates with a hierarchy of Sustainable values. What is important to notice about these values is that they are represented in an inverse pyramid form. Each of the higher values is balanced and built on the ones below. We each become responsible for taking care of ourselves before we can enter into connection with anyone else. As these values raise up to the level of manifestation we are interdependent on ourselves and everyone else in maintaining this balance. What that means is that our success is equally predicated on everyone else’s success and thus we have a vested interest in it. So instead of the old “take what you want” we have moved to the “what help can I give you” model.
  • This interdependence is best seen in this diagram. Families are economically pooled and linked individuals. Some families do business together for mutual support and prosperity and they combine to create a clan. Clans are often working towards similar goals. These clans pool the economic resources of inter-related families and create tribes. Tribes are not necessarily a specific geographic area nor do they need to encompass the entire area such as a large city. The connection is all about their interrelation. Only those families and clans that are related come together in a tribe and multiple tribes can exist in the same area. But since everyone is linked to the success of everyone else there still isn’t any need to steal resources – the are appropriately shared and built up.
  • Finally we come to perhaps the most important part of the Eco-Entrepreneur model. Eco-entrepreneurs base their actions off of 4 specific steps that will create long term viable sustainability and growth. It is easiest to remember them as a simple process of Create, Innovate, Sustain, Grow. These steps are designed to generate new sustainable resources from which growth can occur, trade our time for appropriate returns, build residual resources that can continually be reused, and then going out and helping others do the same through advocacy. It is this core model of Innovative Actions that sets eco-entrepreneurship aside from all other models
  • As you continue through the training sessions of eco-entrepreneurship you will be given the opportunity to identify your own sustainable values and create your own spiral of innovative actions. At the end of the training you will have an actual written innovative action plan that will begin to move you forward with your eco-entrepreneur objectives.
  • Eco-entrepreneuring is about the entire spectrum of life. Whether you’re focused on getting a job, building a business, improving health or new tools and methods for sustainable resources at home – eco-entrepreneurs are focused on the big picture and building long term sustainable growth that is maintainable and doesn’t reach beyond it’s own base. It takes away the fear that we can grow too-far-too-fast and have an economic collapse because every next step is about building new resources for the next step. Eco-entrepreneurs are focused on building resources and growing from there.
  • Thank you for taking the time to listen to this eco-entrepreneur introduction. We hope that this short highlight review has given you some tools and information to think about. To continue on with the opportunity to create your own Eco-entrepreneurship model click the button below, read the additional materials available and sign up for the next training session.
  • For full details please go to www.IdealsToIdeas.comGood luck and may you continue to build sustainable resources in your life from here on!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Eco-Entrepreneur
      Ideals to Ideas
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 2. About Eco-Entrepreneurs…
      Free introduction to a model that will alignthe way you live and work
      Align your Business and resultsin the new Eco-Economy
      Information about the Eco-Entrepreneur Course and Consulting
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 3. Why are you here?
      Professional Development
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 4. Eco-Entrepreneur is…
      Return to Hunter-Gatherer model of society blended with Agrarian Model
      Work with People
      Work with the Land
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 5. That was then…
      Take advantage of every opportunity
      Profit at any cost
      Class model
      The FED & Wall Street have crashed the economy & messed up the planet!
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 6. This is now…
      Mutually interdependent
      Resource evolution
      Eco-Entrepreneurs are The People!
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 7. Eco-Entrepreneur changes…
      Not a ruling class model
      • A non-ruling class model
      Hierarchy of people replaced by
      • Hierarchy of values
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 8. Sustainable Values
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 9. Clan
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 10. Innovative Actions
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 11. In the course…
      Identify Sustainable Values
      Create a Spiral of Innovative Actions
      Develop your WRITTEN Innovative Action Plan
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 12. What It’s About
      Finding a job ASAP because you need $$$ now.
      Developing a Sustainable source of Income, harmful to none, beneficial to all
      Moving to Innovative Action, personally & professionally
      Building a New Business
      Revising Your Business Plan for Eco-Economics
      Finding Useful Health Care Information
      Improved Health and Increased Vitality
      Help Recovering from Chronic Conditions
      Access to Specialized Herbal Medicines
      Recycling your Kitchen Waste into Vermicompost Soil
      Building Your Home Eco-System of Vermicomposting & Sustainable Gardening
      Preparing and Securing your Home & Resources
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 13. Next Steps
      Click the “Become An Eco-Entrepreneur” link
      Review additional material available
      Sign up for an upcoming training session
      Start your own Eco-Entrepreneur business!
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys
    • 14. Eco-Entrepreneur
      Full Details:
      Copyright 2009 by Angel True & Daniel Keys