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Translate march 24, 13

  1. 1. EJERCICIOS DE TRADUCCIÓNTRANSLATION EXERCISES DR. JCDT Dr. Juan Carlos Díaz Torre Pediatra Neonatólogo (779) 100 - 40 - 26 1
  2. 2. FUN TIME DR. JCDT 2
  3. 3. Asking someone out:- I wonder if you would like to go for a meal ? DR. JCDT- I wonder if you might like to go to the cinema?- I wonder if you might like to go to the theatre with me? 3
  4. 4. - How about next Saturday?- Which night would suit you best? DR. JCDT- I was thinking we could go and see [name of the film or play]. But if you’d rather see something else, that’s no problem. 4
  5. 5. - Do you like Italian food? There’s a place I love and I think you will too. DR. JCDT- Would you like me to pick you up around 8 pm, or is that too early?- Great – I look forward to it! 5
  6. 6. Booking in a restaurant:- Can I book a table for two people on [date], please?- Is there a table available at 8 o’ clock? DR. JCDT- If there is no table available for that time: 6- When is the nearest availability?
  7. 7. - Is it possible to have a table on the balcony?- Is it possible to have a table by the window? DR. JCDT- Is it possible to have a table near the back? 7
  8. 8. - If you are not familiar with the restaurant:- Do you have a dress code? DR. JCDT- Do you serve wine with the meals?- Can I request a non-smoking table, please? 8
  9. 9. Talking to the waiter:- Can we see the menu and the wine list, please?- What dish and wine would you DR. JCDT recommend?- Can we have five minutes to decide, please? 9- Do you serve any vegetarian food?
  10. 10. - Is it possible to have this dish without fries / mayonnaise / mushrooms?- Can we have some salt, pepper, DR. JCDT vinegar and mustard, please?- Can we order dessert and coffee, please? 10
  11. 11. Having a conversation:- I see what you mean.- That’s very true. DR. JCDT- That’s interesting.- You have a good point there. 11- Do you really think so?
  12. 12. - I never thought about it that way before.- Have you always lived in [place name]? DR. JCDT- Why / when did you move here?- Have you been to [my city/ town/ country]? What did you think? 12
  13. 13. - Where else have you travelled to?- What did you do during the day? DR. JCDT- What do you usually do at weekends ?- What are your favorite films? 13
  14. 14. - What team do you like / support?- Who is your favourite player?” DR. JCDT- Are most of your friends from work / university?- Tell me a bit more about what you do. 14
  15. 15. - How are you finding the food here?- What do you normally like to eat? DR. JCDT- Have you tried [food type] before?- What have you got planned for next week? 15
  16. 16. - I had a lovely time tonight. Have you?- We should try one of your favourite restaurants another time. DR. JCDT- Maybe you’d like to go to the cinema sometime during the week? 16
  17. 17. - I really enjoyed tonight. Maybe I’ll bump into you again sometime.- Best of luck with [something the other DR. JCDT person is doing]. I hope it all goes well.- If you’re ever in [my city/ town/ country], look me up. Here is my 17 address and my phone number.
  18. 18. After the meal:- Can we have the bill, please?- Do you accept credit cards? DR. JCDT- The food was delicious, thank you!- The wine was delicious, thank you!” 18
  19. 19. CHILDREN PUZZLES:- What do you call a witch who lives at the beach? DR. JCDT - A sand -WITCH ! 19
  20. 20. CHILDREN PUZZLES:- What instrument do skeletons play? DR. JCDT - A trom-BONE ! 20
  21. 21. CHILDREN PUZZLES:- Which room does the ghost hate? DR. JCDT - The LIVING-room ! 21
  22. 22. CHILDREN PUZZLES:- Why doesn’t the skeleton like dancing? DR. JCDT - Because he has no-BODY to dance with ! 22
  23. 23. CHILDREN PUZZLES:Which are the oldest animals in the zoo? DR. JCDT- The zebras, because they are still in black and white ! 23
  24. 24. DR. JCDTContinuará…….. 24
  25. 25. Gracias por su atención DR. JCDT Dr. Juan Carlos Díaz Torre Pediatra Neonatólogo (779) 100 - 40 - 26 25