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The title of the novel

  1. 1. The title Noli Me Tangere is a Latin phrase which means “Touch Me Not.”
  2. 2.  Rizal dedicated his Noli Me Tangere to the Philippines – “To My Fatherland.” His dedication run as follows: Recorded in the history of human sufferings is a cancer so malignant a character that the least touch irritates it and awakens in it the sharpest pains. Thus, how many times, when in the midst of modern civilizations I have wished to call thee before me, now to accompany me in memories, now to compare thee with other countries, hath thy dear image presented itself showing a social cancer like to that other!
  3. 3. Desiring thy welfare which is our own, andseeking the best treatment, I will do with thee whatthe ancients did with their sick, exposing them on thesteps of the temple so that every one who came toinvoke the Divinity might offer them a remedy. And to this end, I will strive to reproduce thycondition faithfully, without discriminations; I willraise a part of the veil that covers the evil, sacrificing totruth everything, even vanity itself, since, as thy son Iam conscious that I also suffer from thy defects andweaknesses.
  4. 4. The novel Noli Me Tangerecontains 63 chapters and anepilogue.
  5. 5. Major Characters Other characters Juan Crisostomo  Padre Hernando de la María Clara Sibyla Capitán Tiago  Padre Bernardo Salví Padre Dámaso  El Alférez or Alperes Elías  Doña Consolacíon Filosofo Tacio  Don Tiburcio de Doña Victorina Espadaña – Sisa, Crispín, and  Teniente Guevara Basilio  Alfonso Linares
  6. 6. Non-recurring characters Tía Isabel  Don Pedro Governor General Eibarramendia Don Filipo Lino  Don Saturnino Ibarra Padre Manuel  Salomé Martín  Sinang Don Rafael Ibarra  Iday, Neneng and Victoria Dona Pía Alba  Capitán Basilio
  7. 7.  Pedro Tandáng Pablo El hombre amarillo Lucas Bruno and Tarsilo Ñor Juan Capitana Tika (Rustica) Albino Capitana María Elena Hermano Pedro, Hermana Rufa, Hermana Sipa, Hermana Juana Sacristán Mayor Capitán Tinong and Capitán Valentín
  8. 8.  The Noli Me Tangere, unlike many works of fictional literarture, was a true story of Philippine conditions during the last dacades of Spanish rule. The places, the characters, and the situations really existed. “The facts I narrate there,” said Rizal, “are all true and have happened; I can prove them.”
  9. 9. Missing Chapter of the NoliRizal’s Friends Praise the Noli