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worlds favorite super heros worlds favorite super heros Presentation Transcript

  • We all love Superheroes, because they use extra­ordinary powers and they are called as super humans and we are supposed to be attracted by their costume and super powers. Superheroes use their powers to counter day­to­day crime and threats againts humanity by villains. Well, here a small report about our super heroes and heroin ....
  • Superheroes....  The world would be lost without them.  Who would leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Who would fought villains in battles for good vs. Evil? Its all our super heroes. Let's take a look at our favorite super heroes of all time !!! 
  • 1. Best Superhero - Superman The Man of Steel is an all-around good-guy. He's smart, totally upstanding and has just about every superpower there is - speed, flight, super-strength and more! He's also got one of the best outfits in the business! View slide
  • 2. Best Superhero - Batman Despite having no actual super-powers, Batman is one of the coolest heroes in the business. He's got more gadgets than Inspector Gadget and arguably has the best symbol of all the superheroes. View slide
  • 3. Best Superhero - Spider-Man His double life as a superhero and a bookish nerd makes Spider-Man that much cooler. Sure, he'll save a city from disaster, but he'll also talk you through your math homework! What's cooler than that?!
  • 4. Best Superhero - The Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk's temper was both his weakness and his strength. Sure, sometimes he lost it at inopportune moments, but he could usually harness his rage (and accompanying super-strength) to battle the bad guys. Just don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
  • 5. Best Superhero - Wonder Woman Wonder Woman's regal heritage (she's a princess, you know!), '70s-inspired outfit, invisible jet and "Lasso of Truth" all make her one of the kitschiest, most stylish, and all-around coolest superheroes out there. She can commune with animals, has superstrength, is resistant to magic, and is able to regenerate when she's injured. In fact, there's not a lot this woman CAN'T do - except have a bad hair day.
  • 6. Best Superhero - The Thing The Thing doesn't exactly blend into the crowd with his boulder-like body, which makes him look more like a villain than a superhero. Don't be fooled by his gruff exterior, though. The Thing has a heart of gold.
  • 7. Best Superhero - Daredevil Attorney by day, superhero by night - Daredevil stands up for the little guy. He may be blind, but his other senses are super-heightened, including his sonar-like ability to perceive objects around him.
  • 8. Best Superhero - Green Lantern Green Lantern's "Power Ring" gives him control of the physical world. Green Lantern was unique because there were actually several people who wore the Power Ring. Guardians of the Universe chose worthy candidates to wear subsequent rings and those individuals made up the Green Lantern Corps.!
  • 9. Best Superhero - Wolverine Not only is he one of the most intimidating superheroes around, Wolverine also has one of the longest lists of abilities too. He has an ability to regenerate, ages slower than others, has superstrength and stamina, resistance to telepathy, and best of all - those retractable metal claws.
  • 10. Best Superhero - The Flash The Flash is the fastest superhero around. The Flash's super-speed, super-reflexes, and ability to violate some of the laws of physics makes him a great superhero, but it's his wicked red and gold suit that secures him a place in our top 10!