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Parquet sportivi-oradea-forum

  1. 1. Seicom gives top Rumanian sporters a treatAdvertorial Seicom (Italy) Sports complex in Rumania gets transportable floor Many large sports centres are becoming more and more versatile. They are being used not only for sports, but also to accommodate events, meetings, and conferences. This may seem an unlikely combination at first, if only because sports floors are subjected to extremely specific demands. However, this apparent problem has been solved in masterly fashion by means of a transportable sports floor which Seicom has developed for the Antonio Alexe Sports Centre in Oradea, Rumania. This sports centre can now be transformed into a meeting room in no time at all. Versatile infrastructure clear that not all floors are suitable for any Arena where Italy played the basketball Sports complexes are increasingly becom- and every sport. For example, it would final against Argentina at the Olympic ing more versatile, especially when they be completely unthinkable to organise a Games of 2004. Since then, this sports are built by order of some form of govern- dance on an expensive sports floor which floor has been re-examined and improved ment agency. The accommodation has to should normally be trodden on only by constantly by the Seicom engineers. be suitable for different activities, partly to those wearing suitable footwear. The so- Technically, these floors constitute a fine save space and partly for economic rea- lution? A mobile floor, of course, but that specimen of human ingenuity. The sort of sons. This is quite logical and we often see is easier said than done. One essential ex- wood used for the panels is hevea rubber existing sports accommodation used to pectation is that it must be possible to fit wood. This light, creamy coloured sort of house festivals, concerts, and conferences, such a floor and dismantle it again in a very wood comes mainly from South-East Asia whilst, on the other hand, existing event short space of time. To meet this require- and is very often used to make toys. The venues can be converted to accommodate ment, Seicom has developed the ‘trans- scientific name for ‘rubber wood’ is ‘Hevea sports events. In view of such versatile de- portable Bormio wooden floor panels’, a Brasiliensis’. The panels used to produce mands, it is undoubtedly the sports floor fine specimen of wooden floor artistry. this sports floor are 22mm thick and they which causes the most groans. Elsewhere are joined to each other by a metal lock- in this edition, there is a detailed account The transportable sports floor ing system. It usually takes no more than of the requirements which sports floors These Bormio wooden flooring sections 4 hours to fit a normal 600m2 basket- have to meet. That article makes it quite have been used, for example, in the Oaka ball floor. The floor in the Oradea Sports Centre was completed in 12 hours. Technical details As we have already said, this ‘system floor’ is the result of years of expertise and im- provements by the Seicom engineers. As regards versatility and durability, the Bormio panels score very highly. Floor Forum International 2712 visit us at
  2. 2. Advertorial Seicom (Italy) Seicom conquers Europe Seicom is an Italian company from Sondrio. Ever since the compa- ny was formed, it has specialised in manufacturing and fitting wood- en floors, for which only top qual- ity solid wood is used. Seicom has a whole shopping list of satisfied cli- ents. The company enjoys an excel- lent reputation and is renowned for its innovative products. The health, safety, and comfort of sporters are absolutely primary concerns in the quest for better floors. It is there- fore no surprise to learn that Seicom has been an official partner of FIBA since 1966. Nowadays, Seicom has dealers in various Central and Eastern European countries, includ-Fitting A durable floor ing Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Russia,The most important element of this trans- When the floor had been fastened togeth- Rumania, and Serbia.portable floor is the connecting element er, the basketball court lines were applied(locking system) which joins the panels using a waterborne polyurethane paint.together. This system facilitates a per- This paint has been developed by Seicomfect joint in no time at all. As soon as the in collaboration with an Italian companypanels are laid next to each other, all you which specialises in waterborne paints. The Oradea/ Rumaniahave to do is give the locking system half paint is top quality. It is clear that the floora twist using the key specially provided for in Oradea will enjoy a very long lifespan. Oradea (“Nagyvarad” in Hungarian)this purpose. Fitting such a floor into the Its thickness of 22mm means that it can is a city in the province of Bihor, inground is not difficult. However, so that be lightly sanded on a very frequent basis Western Transylvania. Oradea liesnothing is left to chance, Seicom provides and completely renewed each time. 7.5 miles (12km) from the Hungarianspecially trained fitters in various countries border and in July 1997 its popula-(e.g. Hungary and Rumania). These fitters tion was about 221,000. The city liesoperate under the supervision of Italian on the River Crisul Repede and is thetechnicians who make site visits to check capital of the province of Bihor. It is Floor Forum International 27that the floors are fitted perfectly and also an important economic, social, andto ensure that the rules of the International cultural centre. It has some industryBasketball Federation (FIBA) are observed (chemical-machinery construction), ain full. In the case of Oradea, the work new technical university, and attractswas supervised by Aldo Cammarata from some tourism (the Baile Felix spa re-Seicom. No fewer than 1100 panels were sort is situated nearby).joined together to construct the floor inOradea. visit us at 13