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  1. 1. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYWe ‘measure’ up to your requirementsof quality and precision The need for high-precision measuring and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) reflect ourinstruments and gauges is vitally immense and commitment to Quality.varied. Every industry demands quality andprecision in measuring instruments. Besides manufacturing JAFUJI measuring instruments, we are also the largest authorized Over the last 60 years, Bombay Tools Supplying distributors of Mitutoyo, Japan for India as wellAgency, has earned an enviable reputation in the as, we represent other reputed companies likefield of measuring instruments. Elektrophysik, Germany, Wyler AG, Switzerland, Sylvac, Switzerland and Kroeplin, Germany. The concern for precision, the dedication forquality and the determination for consistent This catalogue presents the range of JAFUJIperformance find expression in the measuring instruments. Kindly identify the productscomprehensive range of MEASURING INSTRUMENTS of your interest from this catalogue, using ouroffered by the company. product code numbers and also from our Web site if necessary. In addition to this, if you have We export through “J R Sons” which is the export any requirements for hand tools and cutting toolsunit of Bombay Tools Supplying Agency. Our specific to your market we can examineproducts are well established locally under the procuring these for you. We also need to know forbrand name JAFUJI and are exported to countries which products you need samples to furtherlike Italy, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, U. A. E., establish our commitment of quality.Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah and others.. We alsoexport and market hand tools and cutting tools. We invite you to experience our range ofOur very own laboratory, which is certified products and wish to establish a long standingby National relationshipAccreditation with yourBoard for Testing organization. D. V. Shah, Partner B. S. Shah, PartnerWebsite : www.bombaytools.com 1
  2. 2. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencySteel Base Dial Indicator Stands & Comparator Stands Jafuji Dial Indicator Stands and Comparator Stands are of robust design and have accurate ground workingsurfaces. Rapid Adjustment of the Dial Indicator is possible by moving it along the vertical columns whichfacilitates measurements at any point over the table.Mini Dial Indicator Stand Mini Dial Indicator Stand Upright Dial gauge Stand(Carbide Anvil) Code No. - 1010 -Code No. 1040Code No. - 1000 Particularly suitable for quick This Dial Gauge Stand is Indigenously designed and and accurate inspection of small Compact and inexpensive.developed for special flat or round works. It is also Suitable for inspecting smallapplications. readily adaptable as a thickness parts on the shop floor. gauge.Clamping Stem Diameter : 8 mm Anvil Diameter : 40 mmMaximum Working Height : 100 mm Clamping Stem Diameter : 8 mm Maximum working Height : 20 mmMass Kg. : 2.8 Maximum Working Height : 100 mm Mass Kg. : 1.5 Mass Kg. : 2.8 Remarks : Lug-On-Centre Back Centre clamp 1000 1010 1040E-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 2
  3. 3. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYDial Indicator Stands Jafuji Dial Indicator Stands and Comparator Stands are extremely rugged and universally adjustable to anyposition. These gauges are well suited to inspection, layout, checking and lineup operations anywhere inthe shop. All settings are individually made without disturbing others. Quick height positioning of theindicator as well as adjustment in a horizontal plane is accomplished by a bracket holding the 22 mmhorizontal gauge rod. Individual knurled thumb knobs clamps on the base post in any position. Thehorizontal gauge rod provides length wise adjustment and each movement is having its own clamping knob.The grid type accurately ground anvil prevents work piece from sticking to it. Large Maxi Dial Indicator Watch Maker’s Mini DialMaxi Dial Indicator Stand Stand Indicator Stand-Code No. -1020 -Code No. -1030 -Code No. -1060 Robust design having anaccurately ground working This has similar features ofsurface. Rapid adjustment of the Clamping stem diameter : 8mm Maxi Dial Indicator Stand, pro-dial indicator is possible by Maximum working height : 50mm vided with large measuring table.moving it along the ground Fine adjusting range : 50mmhorizontal and vertical columns, Clamping stem diameter : 8 mm Mass Kg. : 6which facilitates measurements at Maximum working height : 300 mmany point over the table. Similar to 1070 with Anvil height Mass Kg. : 14Clamping stem diameter : 8 mm fine adjustment of 50mmMaximum working height : 150 mmMass Kg. : 7.8 1020 1030 1060Website : www.bombaytools.com 33
  4. 4. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyWatch Maker’s Mini Dial Mykrokator Stand Mykrokator StandIndicator Stand (CEJ Type) - Code No. :1090-Code No. :1070 - Code No. :1080 The ideal dial gauge stand for Ideally suitable and sturdy Fine adjustment screws at thechecking small components for stand for Precision Mykrokator bottom to adjust the height of therapid inspection settings of small Indicator. Anvil is provided with anvil. Shank Dial 8mm or 28mmcomponents, anvil is provided fine adjustment knurled thumb interchangeablewith fine adjustment by means of nut from bottom. Dial indicatorknurled thumb nut from bottom. bracket is provided with easy Clamping stem diameter : 28 mm/8 mm fine adjustment from the top of Maximum working height : 100mmClamping stem diameter : 8 mm upright post. Fine adjusting range : 5mmMaximum working height : 50 mm Mass Kg. : 6Fine adjusting range : 50 mm Clamping stem diameter : 28 mm/8 mmMass Kg. : 2.4 Maximum working height : 180 mm Fine adjusting range : 10 mm Mass Kg. : 11 1070 1090 1080E-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 4
  5. 5. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYDial Gauge Stands, Transfer Stands These dial Gauge Stands and Transfer Stands consists of a very stable, cast iron base and an uprightcolumn with a mounting bracket that features fine adjustment. The serrated anvil prevents the work piecefrom sticking to it. This rugged transfer stand provides a rigid, stable base with complete and constant accuracy. It is anUnique stand for sensitive dial test indicators to accurately transfer height settings from standard gaugesand gauge blocks.Dial Gauge Stand Dial Gauge Stand-Code No. 1100 & 1110 -Code No. 1120, 1130(Similar to Mitutoyo 7001, 7002) (Similar to Mitutoyo 519-109) This is a very versatile stand. It This has unique constructioneasily adapts to thickness element vibration when the standgauges and COMPARATOR is moved across the surfacework. It is compact and has plate. To ensure accuracy, thesturdy cast iron base. The rugged stand rest on three ground pads.bracket holds Dial Indicator firmly The sturdily constructed base andin place. It can also mount column allows complete rigidityDIGIMATIC Indicator and Linear when measuring. Fine adjustinggauges with fine adjustment range of 1mm for zero settings.range of 1mm for zero settings.Optional interchangeable anvils For Code No. 1120 :are also available. Clamping stem diameter : 8mm Maximum working height : 300mmFor Code No. 1100 -1110 : Fine adjusting range : 1mmClamping stem diameter : 8mm Mass Kg : 5Maximum working height : 125mm For Code No. 1130Fine adjusting range : 1mm Clamping stem diameter : 8mmMass Kg : 4.25 Maximum working height : 600mm Fine adjusting range : 1mm Mass Kg : 5.80 1100 & 1110 1120 & 1130Website : www.bombaytools.com 5
  6. 6. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyDial Comparator Stand Dial Comparator Stand Dial Comparator Stand-Code No. 1140 -Code No. 1150 -Code No. 1160 & 117090mm Sq. ANVIL (Similar to 110 mm Sq. ANVIL (Similar to Mitutoyo 215-501,Mitutoyo 7007) (Similar to Mitutoyo 215-402, 215-502) 215-403) These heavy-duty precision dial This dial gauge stand andComparator Stand consists of a gauge stand is provided with rapid This dial gauge stands and fine adjustment movement. Thevery stable, cast iron base and Comparator Stand consists of a serrated column has a knurledan upright column with a mount- very stable, cast iron base, with thumb nut which permits rapid uping bracket that features fine fine adjustment which consists of and down movement of indicatoradjustment. The grid type anvil a strong and rigid parallel spring bracket assembly that acts as aprevents the work piece from assembly. safety device preventingsticking to it. accidental dropping of the Indicator bracket Assembly. TheClamping stem diameter : 8mm Clamping stem diameter : 8 mm final indicator setting is made byMaximum working height : 100mm Maximum working height : 180 mm turning a fine adjusting knob onFine adjusting range : 1mm Fine adjusting range : 1mm the indicator bracket.Mass Kg : 4 Mass Kg : 8 For Code No. 1160 Clamping stem diameter : 8mm (12mm)* Maximum working height : 260mm Fine adjusting range : Entire Stroke Mass Kg : 14.5 * When using a bushing (Standard accessory) For Code No. 1170 Clamping stem diameter : 8mm Maximum working height : 260mm Fine adjusting range : 1mm Mass Kg : 14.5 1140 1160/1170 1150E-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 6
  7. 7. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYBore Measuring Stand Universal Dial Indicator Universal Dial Indicator- Code No. 1310 Stand Stand (Light duty with For the quick checking of bores - Code No. 1440 bottom Vee)in small work pieces. Hardened - Code No. 1450 This extra heavy and ruggedanvil plate can be raised with the Universal Testing Stand with fine This is the most versatile andlever, thus moving test piece intoposition. The anvil can be adjustment makes quick and universal testing stand. It’s addedclamped at any height for accurate measurement possible feature is provided with “Vee” onchecking eccentricity. on surface plate setups. It is bottom surface of the base toClamping stem diameter :15 mm most useful for testing spindle run facilitate inspection over cylindri- out of machine tools, lathe work cal surfaces.Mass Kg : 6 etc., where the highest accuracy is required. The indicator can be Clamping stem diameter : 8 mm swivelled in all directions. It can Maximum working height :240 mm be used in many different ways, Fine adjusting range : 1mm e. g. on the surface plate in testing parallel surface of work Mass Kg : 5.25 piece. On machine tools for setting up pieces to be machined, with reference to already existing surface. It can be also be used with Bench Centre. Clamping stem diameter : 8 mm Maximum working height :250 mm Fine adjusting range : 1 mm Mass Kg : 5 1310 1450 1440Website : www.bombaytools.com 7
  8. 8. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyDial Indicator Stand-Code No. 1180 The dial Gauge Stand isprovided with serrated squareanvil. The serrated column has aknurled thumb nut which permitsrapid up and down movement ofthe indicator fine adjustmentbracket assembly.Clamping stem diameter : 8mmMaximum working height : 200mmFine adjusting range : 1mmMass Kg : 6 1180Dial Comparator Stand-Code No. 1190 This Dial Gauge ComparatorStand base is made from closedgrained cast iron castings,seasoned, stress releaved andaccurately ground workingsurfaces. With fine adjustingrange of 1mm.Clamping stem diameter : 8mmMaximum working height : 130mmFine adjusting range : 1mmMass Kg : 8 1190Micrometer Stand- Code No. 1660 /1670 Finely finished MicrometerStand can be adjusted to anyposition. The Micrometer Stand has anecessary clamping device, whichis meant for usage, when moreprecise measurements arerequired. Provides a desirablemeasuring position and angle forinside and outside Micrometersand many other instruments.E-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 8
  9. 9. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYGranite Base Dial Indicator Standsand Comparator Stands JAFUJI Granite Comparator Stands are made from rigid granite base which is free from burrs, pile ups,rust and deterioration over time. These stands satisfy all types of precision measuring assignments,including comparative measurement.Dial Gauge Stand Dial Gauge Stand Bench Dial Comparator- Code No. 1210 with F/A Stand - Code No. 1230 - Code No. 1260 Light duty granite Dial gaugestand. Horizontal arm is provided The serrated column has a knurled thumb nut which permits This Bench Type Dial Com-with fine adjustment. The Horizon- rapid up and down movement of parator Stand is meant for largertal arm built in with fine adjust- indicator bracket assembly and diameter components and hasment for easy Dial Indicator zero acts as a safety device, prevent- got a serrated column withsetting. ing accidental dropping of the knurled thumb nut with fineClamping stem diameter : 8 mm indicator bracket assembly. Fine adjustment dial indicator holdingMaximum working height : 180 mm indicator setting is made by bracket assembly. turning a fine adjustment knobFine adjusting range : ENTIRE STROKE on the indicator bracket. Clamping stem diameter : 8mmMass Kg : 7 Clamping stem diameter : 8 mm Maximum working height :200mm Maximum working height : 200 mm Fine adjusting range : 1mm Fine adjusting range : 1mm Mass Kg : 35 Mass Kg : 10 1230 1260 1210Website : www.bombaytools.com 9
  10. 10. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyMaxi Dial Indicator Stand- Code No. 1220 This Granite Base Dial IndicatorStand has a Black Granite base.Vertical Column and Horizontalarm provides Maximum rigidityand convenience of measurementfor the entire indicator assembly.Clamping stem diameter : 8 mmMaxi working height :150 mmFine adjusting range : ENTIRESTROKEMass Kg : 8 1220Large Maxi Dial IndicatorStand- Code No. 1240 & 1250 Large Maxi-Dial ComparatorStands are ruggedly built forinprocess and final inspectionwork of large components. Theyare provided in two different basesizes.For code No. 1240Clamping stem diameter : 8 mm 1240Maxi working height :300 mmFine adjusting range : ENTIRESTROKEMass Kg : 14For code No. 1250Clamping stem diameter : 8 mmMaxi working height :300 mmFine adjusting range : ENTIRESTROKEMass Kg : 18 Centre distance : 0-200 mmUniversal Measuring Block Height of centres : 75 mm 1250 For checking concentricity, Centre distance of sine rollers : 300 mmparallelism, axial run-out, taperangle and taper from. Built-in sinerollers allow quick and easy taperangle and taper form measure-ments in conjunction with gaugeblocks. It may also be used forlayout work, in conjunction withindicator stands and surfaceplates. Removable centres, extra longparts can be mounted directly onV ways.E-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 10
  11. 11. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYGranite Surface Plates A crystallin rock, has a fine grained, nonporous which is mandatory on cast iron surface plate andtexture. It is crystallin throughout and the composi- with non-glaring satin finish.tion is hard and compact. Granite does not have the These plates are inspected through Electronicsoft in-between spaces and has therefore a much level Processing System of M/s. Wyler,higher wear resistance plus a higher degree of Switzerland, to ensure the accuracy and flatness.flatness accuracy. Plates are supplied with a calibration certificate The material strength of Surface Plate is three traceable to National Standards showing graphictimes greater than that of ordinary granite and is display of the fastness. The plates are manufac-super rigid. This Surface Plate has a very low tured by high precision lapping method providingexpansion coefficient (5 x 10-6 meter per degree), 450 champering at edges & corners to avoid chipwhich makes it least responsive to temperature off and cracks.changes. 100 per cent corrosion-proof and acid resistant. We can supply MS fabricated stand withNon-magnetic and easy to clean. No oiling required leveling screws for the respective plates. SIZES AVAILABLE Length Width Thickness Accuracy as per Approx. Weight in Kgs. IS-7327-1991 Grade ‘0’ 400 mm 400 mm 60 mm 4.5 um 30 630 mm 400 mm 80 mm 5.0 um 65 630 mm 630 mm 80 mm 5.0 um 100 1000 mm 630 mm 150 mm 6.0 um 295 1000 mm 1000 mm 150 mm 7.0 um 470 1600 mm 1000 mm 200 mm 8.0 um 1000 2000 mm 1000 mm 200 mm 9.5 um 1300 Different sizes are available on request. Surface grid (wyler)/philips/ISO 1101Website : www.bombaytools.com 11
  12. 12. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyGranite Square SPECIFICATIONS Two working surface and Dimensions in mmfour working surface available (L x B x H) Granite Square are used to 150 x 100 x 30check the squareness on 200 x 150 x 30machine tools or metrology room.Large models are provided with 300 x 200 x 40grip holes 400 x 250 x 50 Different sizes are available 630 x 400 x 60on request. 800 x 500 x 80 1000 x 630 x 100Granite Parallel Granite Parallel are supplied in SPECIFICATIONSmatched pair to the accuracies Dimensions in mmgiven in the table. Parallels willnot mark the surface of the (H x L x B )components being checked. 100 x 30 x 20They are extremely hard wearing 100 x 40 x 25and with normal care, will retain 100 x 50 x 25accuracy over many ears. 150 x 25 x 25 Different sizes are available 150 x 50 x 25on request. 150 x 50 x 25 150 x 70 x 50 150 x 80 x 40 200 x 100 x 50 300 x 100 x 50 Plain Setting MastersApplication : Specifications : As per IS 4349 : 19871. To set the dial comparator stand to required size. This Tolerance on diameter will eliminates the cost of Slip be + 0.001 mm lapped to high surface finish and calibrated at 20C. Gauges,2. To set a floating carriage, diameter measuring machine while checking thread gauges. Range : 1 .. to 150 mmE-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 12
  13. 13. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYHeavy Duty Highprecision - Code No. 3010Bench Centre Surface table and centre headsare made from closed grained ironcastings, seasoned, stressreleaved and finished on theworking face and reference sideedge of the table by handscrapping to meet with therequired accuracy’s as per ISIStandards. The centre stock spindlebearings are smooth lapped toensure accuracy of the spindleheight and relationship toreference side edge. The centresare hardened high carbon steelaccurately ground on the - Code No. 3030diameter and conical point. One centre is spring loaded toaccommodate small variations incomponent length. Tee slot at450 angle on the surface tableand teebolt through hole at thebase of the centre stocks toensure firm engagement withthe reference side edge of thetable. Each centre stock can belocked in any position along thetee slot by means of knurledhand knobs. Code No. Admit Between Height of Morse Mass Centre Centre Taper Kg. Casting : Grade 20 of IS 210-1962 with minimum 3010 300 mm 125 mm MT-3 48 hardness of 180 HB. 3020 500 mm 125 mm MT-3 76 3030 500 mm 160 mm MT-3 105 Centres : Quality steel of 3040 500 mm 200 mm MT-3 107 hardness of 750 HV. 3050 750 mm 160 mm MT-3 131 Co-ordinated clamping : Fine 3060 750 mm 200 mm MT-3 137 functional casting. Pre-loaded 3070 1000 mm 160 mm MT-3 138 spring with length adjustment by 3080 1000 mm 200 mm MT-3 142 a micrometric knob seasoned 3090 1250 mm 160 mm MT-3 200 castings. Spring loaded centre 3100 1250 mm 200 mm MT-3 202 on one side. 3110 1500 mm 160 mm MT-3 204 3120 1500 mm 200 mm MT-3 206 3130 1500 mm 250 mm MT-3 211Website : www.bombaytools.com 13
  14. 14. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyGear Test Attachment- Code No. 3000 This gear test attachment isideal and economical for checkingof gear pitch diameters. It isdesigned for easy mounting withbench centre.Mass Kg : 12 kgBall points and dial gauge notincluded. 3000Granite BaseBench Centre An innovation to the regularBench Centre. Granite BenchCentre is 100 percent corrosionproof, fast and easy to clean. Sizes available on request.Mini Bench Centre- Code No. 2010 The ideal Centre for checkingsmall components such aspinions, shafts gear blanks etc.,to the highest degree ofprecision. Centres are reversibleto provide either male or femalecentres or a combination of boththus giving great versatility. Theelimination of springs avoids thebowing or centre damage ofdelicate or miniaturecomponents.Admit between center : 150 mmHeight of centre : 75 mmWorking surface : 150 X 150 mmMass Kg : 10E-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 14
  15. 15. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYHardened V Blocks V Block Hardened (with clamp) The V-Blocks have means of All Hardened V Blocks arethe clamp so that the work can be supplied along with calibration Hardened and ground on allheld tight in the block. The certificate traceable to national working surfaces to an accuracyaccuracy of parallelism of the ‘V’ standard. within 0.005 mmwith the bottom, its squareness tothe two end faces and the Specification: Size : 70x50x60 mm (2.3/4” x 2” x 2.3/8” )maximum permissible variation in Model Clamping Range Size Capacity : 50 mm dia (2”)height between two V-blocks in a JV401 5-30 mm 50 x 40 x 40 mmpair, is within +/- 3 microns. JV402 6-50 mm 80 x 63 x 63 mm JV403 6-70 mm 100 x 80 x 80 mmMagnetic V Blocks It has total 3 magnetic surfaces From quality aspect the accu- Specification:i.e., the top and bottom each with racy for flatness, parallelism and Model Product Size (mm) Pull Kg.90 degree V angle and the end squareness is within 5 microns. JMV205H 6” Hardened 150 x 100 x 75 125surface is opposite to the switch. All Jafuji Magnetic V blocks are JMV205S 6” Standard 150 x 100 x 75 125All the 3 magnetic surface are supplied along with calibration JMV201H 4” Hardened 100 x 95 x 70 100accurately ground and care has certificate traceable to national JMV201S 4” Standard 100 X 95 X 70 100been taken as such to be to used standards. JMV203H 3” Hardened 75 X 75 X 56 75in dry as well as wet machining JMV203S 3” Standard 75 X 75 X 56 75operations. The permanent magnet ishoused in such a way that all thethree magnetic surfaces areactivated simultaneously during‘ON’ position of the knob. TheHigh power magnetized surfaceshold any ferrous surface.Website : www.bombaytools.com 15
  16. 16. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyMagnetic StandsHeavy Duty Standard Magnetic Stand- Code No. JMB101 - Code No. JMB102 - Code No. JMB103 (Similar to Mitutoyo 7010) This Magnetic Stand has Heavy This Magnetic Stand is almostduty main post. Two magnetic This Magnetic Stand has two similar to JMB 102, but finebakelite knobs with universal shafts with bakelite knobs. Ideal adjustment with hardened clampholders. Dial universal holder for for regular production use. and roller for quick setting.stem of dia 3mm to 11mm Accepts dial gauges of stem dia 8 mm & 4 mm Main Shaft : 12 mm x 180 mmDia : 18 mm Height : 240 mmLength : 235 mm Dia : 12 mm Base size : 50x60x60 mmHeight : 295 mm Length : 180 mmBase size : 50 x60 x 60 mm Height : 240 mm Base size : 50 x 60 x 60 mm Magnetic Stand - Code No. JMB106 On this Magnetic Stand the dial gauge can be locked in any desired position via centralized clamping. There is large radius of 260 mm. The clamping hole in intended for dia 6 mm stem and there is a dovetail clamp seating for Dial Test Indicators. Fine Adjustment has been provided. Base size : 50 x 60 x 60 mmFlexible Arm- Code No. JMB104 This Magnetic Stand is versa-tile model with flexible arm andlocking lever. Very useful forinaccessible areas. Its universalholder for dial gauge of stem dia4 mm to 8 mmFlexible Shaft : 300 mmHeight : 350 mmBase : 50 x 60 x 60 mmE-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 16
  17. 17. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYDial Calibration Tester This versatile instrument forperiodic calibration of Plungertype, Black Plunger type, Levertype dial gauges and BoreGauges. It is supplied both inimperial and metric system.Electronic also available.Models available :Model 1.Metric : Range - 0-25(L. C. : 0.001 mm)Imperial : Range - 0-1”( L. C. : 0.001 “) Shore Hardness Tester Shore tester provide a fast and block and manufactured ineasy to read method of testing accordance with specificationhardness on rubber, plastics, DIN 53 505, ASTM D2240,leather and other soft materials. IBO R/S68.Features include fast and easyreading portable enough to be Technical data :easily handled or mounted on a Graduation - 1-No.stand (also available). The Minimum area forhardness tester are available in measurement -18 mmeither Shore A or Shore D and Dimension - 110x65x30 mmsupplied with a range/reference Packing - Wooden box.DIGI-CAL Stand A versatile stand with swivelingclamp device for holding calipers.It is specially designed for usewith both digital and dial calipersof all brands. The stand is helpfulparticularly when measurement ofsmall components is required.Website : www.bombaytools.com 17
  18. 18. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyTensometer (Table model Horizontal TensileTesting Machine) Cap 2 tonne.The tensometer can be used totest a variety of materials such asmetals, plastics timber, ceramics,etc. in tension, shear, compres-sion and bending. Available withspring beams ranging from 300Nto 20KN (31 1/4 Kgf to 2000 Kgf)the latter in each case being themaximum load of the machine. A highly versatile testingsystem including tests for :1. Elongation and tensile strength.2. Shear and compressive strength.3. Flexural, striping and tearing resistance. most of the varied requirements. mm (W) x 230 mm (H) and weight 4. Hardness. The machine is compact, of 21 kg. versatile, accurate and relatively With the machine, there is inexpensive. It has a very high It can be powered or manuallychoice of over 100 accessories cost performance rating. operated on any small laboratoryand attachments-chucks, grips, or test-shop bench or table.flexural, compression and With overall dimensions ofindentation attachments to cover approximately 965 mm (L) x 235Push Pull Gauge Stand- Code No. 1710 Push Pull Gauge Stand is idealfor force gauge. Its loading levercan be set in any position bynine degree increments foroperation. It’s precisely ma-chined rack and pinion as well asdovetailed slide assure smoothand precise motion. This canmount force measuring gauge ortorque measuring gauge. Itsgripping fixtures are available onrequest to suit the application.This stand has wire terminal gripand dual-roller self fighting grip. Grips and Gauges are notincluded. Mass Kg : 17 1710E-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 18
  19. 19. QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND VALUE FOR MONEYSurf Test Stand- Code No. 1810 The base is made from pre-cisely lapped black granite stoneand most ideal and economicalstand for checking surface finish.Top end of the vertical column isprovided with fine adjusting knobto facilitate easy heightpositioning.Base Size : 400 x 250mmVertical column height : 220 mmVertical column Diameter : 38 mmMass Kg : 22 Universal Surface Gauge The base is made from case-hardened steel, ground on the bottom and at one end. The adjustment is made by a knurled thumb screw which is located at the end of the rocker. The rocker runs the 2/3rd length of the base and pivots against a stiff spring 1810 located at the rear end of the base. Size : 300 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm, 1000 mm Base : hardened and groundPrecision Sine bar For accurate measurement andsetting of angles using, gaugeblocks. Manufactured with highquality steel, hardened, groundand precision lapped. Furnishedin fitted wooden case.Sizes : 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mmWebsite : www.bombaytools.com 19
  20. 20. Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyPlain Plug GaugesApplication : To check small and big bores.Range : 0.3 to 1000 mm.RANGE TYPE0.3 to 15.00 mm Reversible pin type fixed in collets15.01 to 35.00 mm Reversible cylinder type- our standard design35.01 to 65.00 mm Disc double ended & design as per IS-6244 : 1980.65.01 to 100.00 mm Disc single ended design as per IS-6244 :1980.100.01 and above Plate single ended. Design as per IS-5388 : 1983.Gauge manufacturing & tolerance : As per IS-3455 : 1971, BS-969 : 1963Plain Snap GaugesApplication : To check small and big bores.Range : 0.3 to 1000 mm.Application : 1. To check thickness and with, 2. To check OD. 3. To check grove diameter.Available in 2 types- single ended & double ended.RANGE TYPE2.5 to 300 mm Single ended - our standard design2.5 to 100 mm Double ended - our standard design5 to 100 mm Groove type snapGauge - as per customer’s design and requirement.Plain Ring GaugesGO & NOGO Rings, Master Setting RingsApplication : 1.GO and NOGO rings gauges are used to check the OD of shafts. 2. Master setting rings to set dial bore gauges to the required size.Range : 3.00 to 300 mmSpecifications : As per IS : 3485 : 1983 Ring Gauge areprecision ground, lapped to high surface finish andcalibrated at IS 200C.Measuring Pins & Pin SetsThread Measuring Wires 2. Thread Measuring Wires IS 6311-1978, two wiresGear Measuring Wires or three wires sets are normally available ex-stock. Range as per IS. Loose wire sets also can be1. Measuring pins-pin sets. supplied.Range : 0.3 - 20 mm 3. Gear Measuring Wires.Available in standard sets of 01, 02, and 05 mm.Assorted sizes sets also can be supplied. Pins can These are normally available in pairs (two pins O.D.be supplied with knobs also. within one micron).E-mail : jafuji@bombaytools.com 20
  21. 21. Calibration Lab & Service Center - Hyderabad (NABL Accredited)Bombay Tools Supplying AgencyHead officeT. G. Shah Building, Pydhonie Junction,Post Box Number 3334, Mumbai - 400 003Tel. : 91-22-23426495, Fax : 91-22-23401933Email : info@bombaytools.com Website : www.bombaytools.comSales Office50, Nagdevi Cross Lane, Mumbai - 400 003Tel.: 91-22-23421326,91-22-23420877